* * * Scroll IV : The Clone Question * * *

  • The Clone Question is an unfinished additional patch for The Silver Age extension season .

    It would have featured new characters , new modes and maps.

    In this patch, all the characters in Paladins would have been able to crouch via button and to perform a melee attack/throw chosen from the emote panel and activated in game by pressing a key/button

    ( Base attacks would have been free ,some more elaborated combos acquired with gold and crystals )

    Lore : With the Clone Crisis ( see The Silver Age ) the Realm is once again split into factions - favorable or hostile to the clones. Meanwhile, in the Committee , corruption is rampant. As the boundaries between realities start to fade away , It looks like dark forces are converging to the Realm, a feeling both shared by Atlas and Genos.

    New Mode Map : King of The Bridge

    A 17th century kind of bridge, with a citadel in the distance, built on top of a cliff. Dragons flying in the air .

    Control various areas along the bridge without falling out of the map .

    Bridge has side towers , footbridges going under the regular way , small walls along the way to reduce traffic and control stations

    New Mode Map : King of the Mist

    A necropolis, older than time itself, half in ruins. Giant burial vaults with stone angels , humid crypts w/ torchs. And a mist that makes player nearly invisible ( and muffle sounds) , almost everywhere, except in the objective areas.

    Siege Map : Underworld Inferno

    A volcanic isle. Escort a raft full of explosives , floating on a river of lava, down to a complex of interconnected caves.
    Giant glowing mushrooms ,ancient city ruins combining human antique, skaven and ska'drin architectural elements, statues of antediluvian beasts and monsters, immobilized in stone, swarm of bats flapping their wings high above.



    Lore : Valera 's elder brother. Has the highest rank in elfic magic, belongs to the group of Elders.
    Came into the Realm to help her sister resolve the Committee crisis on the question of the clone rights .
    But Valera discovered his incubation cocoons. Now she has mixed feelings about him.

    2 Appearances

    • A elfic Shiva. weapon : a giant bow shooting energy arrows
    • A winged Abyssal Ska'drin who shoots explosive red arrows

    LMB : Rapid Shots / Explosive shots in the altered form

    RMB : Platform Shield

    • allies and enemies can TP to the platform. Twinkle before disappearing.
    • Another shield can be put on the platform . Ash's shield can fall from it.
    • TP on ground acts as a device . Has an HP pool. Can contest & capture point but can be destroyed

    Q: Incubator pod.

    • Shoot a germ that takes 24 s to grow into an translucent incubator cocoon with an altered version of Jata inside.Germ can be placed on wall & roofs ( careful it can be destroyed)
    • Pressing Q after 24 s : Jata teleport to the pod and awake as an altered version of himself .
    • Altered Jata has an indigo skin, golden tigron eyes, horns, bat wings on his back and his bow now shoot red explosive arrows.

    F : Tsunami Wave

    • In his wake, allies benefit from speed
    • Slow enemies

    E : Rain of arrows

    • Good synergy with Seris and /or Evie's Ults.


    • Tsunami has a surf/ backwash effect. Also enemies are displaced following the tide.
    • Each enemy hit with the explosive arrows gives JATA more time in Altered form
    • P Shied can be shot just some inches above the ground. Enemies caught in are paralyzed

    NOTE : Jata appears in both Paladins and Smite



    Lore : Skel is a skaven, in other words, an humanoïd rat creature who lives underground and joined the battle in the surface as a mercenary . But what are his real intentions ? And those Ska'drin artifacts he makes use of, where do they come from ? and his telepathic abilities ? and that rumor which makes him the rightful heir of the Skaven Kingdom over many pretenders to the throne ? With Skel, nothing is clear and everything is possible , but ,in battle, he is damn smart and damn effective.

    Weapon : Ska'drin flute / Blowgun

    LMB : Ska'drin Flute
    Fire a series of shot from his flute.
    Tap to land shot by shot
    hold LB for continuous fire

    RMB : HP exchange
    One blow has the effect of exchanging Skel's HP with those of the enemy for 0,5 seconds.

    Q : Reveal
    Works like a scope. Has the ability to see clearly his preys in the distance.
    When scoping, LMB delivers now single shots and not a series.
    Can deliver Bubonic Plague from far away

    F : Bivio Itineris
    An escape/reposition ability. Skel uses his 4 legs for greater agility.

    E : Bubonic Plague

    • Blow a special dart that create inflating balls pumping out the flesh of the enemy, dealing damage every second. It must be a full time job for the enemy healer to cure the plague.


    • Bubonic Plague takes 2 seconds to declare, meanwhile the infected enemy can contaminate his allies
    • The preys revealed are marked for 4 s, take more damage and can be seen for allies , even hidden behind a wall
    • Skel's passive leaves an invisible poisonous track behind him


    Lore : Shanu is the last avatar of Jenos . Born in a Ska'drin colony after The Great Exodus . She will walk the realm 10 000 years from now. Atlas bended space and time to force her to appear alongside our champions . Combined with Jenos , they both incarnate the binary stars supposed to bring back an eternal peace into the realm.

    Appearance: In her aspect , Shanu's a mix between tibetan and aztec culture, with a silver hair . She has a golden tubular ringed armored reinforcement wrapped over each forearms but otherwise , she fights with her bare hands .

    LMB : Ghost Fist/ Shadow Boxing

    Moves her hands so fast they become blurry whereas the enemy is punched in the distance.

    RMB : Heal up ( 3' )

    • Push with the palm of her hand a energy glyph to an ally ,giving him a healing effect

    • When high in the air, glyph is wider and can effect many allies

    Q : Superjump

    Double tap for Doublejump

    F : Quetzacoatlan Armor

    • Clenching her fists surrounds her with armor .

    • Armor makes her heavier and slower. She cannot Superjump with armor on.

    • Every punch now takes more time to deliver, but produce a laser/fire ray which combines in one hit the amount of damage dealt with a series of regular punches.

    • Double tap F to break the armor and disperse the armor points to allies nearby

    • Use right after Superjump to perform a Superhero Landing.

    Superhero landing : Weighted by the armor she hit the ground at full speed , breaking her armor and dispersing her armor points to allies nearby in a super large area ( still for 3 ') whereas enemies in the zone are pushed meters away

    Power Take of
    Break your armor and activate Superjump at the exact same time get Shanu faster and higher in the sky.

    E : Ring The Bell
    Shanu after charging her fist , hit an immaterial giant buddhist bell .
    For the enemies in the area, the bell sound shut down any other sound information. The ringing slowly reduces over time.


    • 1rst punch has a cripple effect
    • Breaking the armor disperse core metal parts to enemies nearby
    • Parts of the armor gather together around one ally who can now benefit from Shanu's full armor kit


    Aspect : A small round brunette girl wearing huge glasses. Kind and positive. her left hand support a sketchbook, her other hand hold a pencil with a curious luminescent cube floating around.

    Lore : Studied The Realm history with Torwald and is currently taking engineering classes with Barik.

    LMB : Graphite darts

    Shoot darts from her pencil . Works like Skye's primary.

    RMB : Eraser

    • Seize the floating cube with which she can erase allies and some elements of the architecture ( even the payload )

    • Allies or elements erased turn invisible for a limited time

    Q or Via com wheel : Healing Spray

    Spray on any surfaces, ally or enemy the picture of a healing device / station. Effects last 3 s

    • On a surface, the picture heal allies in a radius
    • On a ally , the ally is an healing station who benefit himself from the heal
    • On an enemy, your allies benefit from his healing in a radius whereas the enemy does not

    Passive : The more the same ally is healed the quicker he'll recover his HP on the next healing

    F : Draw/Redraw

    A 2 part ability

    • Target an ally or an element of the environment
    • Press F 1 time to draw it down to the sketchbook


    • target a zone or a area
    • Press F a 2nd time


    • The ally or element comes to life in the targeted area. If it's an ally, it creates a bot of the ally .

    • The clone bot is receptive to coms wheel indications such as : Protect the objective / Go right, left, center/ Help( protect ) me

    E : Sketchbook Of Magic ( 10 s )

    • Allows Molly to flip the pages on her sketchbook and to create with F as many allies or elements she has drawn.

    • Every season a new device is created , which device can be acquired with crystals. That device can be include in the sketchbook's pages and used during Molly's Ultimate.


    • Graphs sprayed are wider
    • Graphs can be erased , reducing the CD on graff
    • Graphs deal damage in a radius, Darts heal allies


    Lore : Max was born with an orphan disease. Her bones would break like glass. Her father brought her an expensive exoskeleton so that she would continue to live a normal life. But it wasn't sufficient . Until one particular day, the day an uncle of her returned from an exotic country, bringing with him a living fur .
    Max felt immediately a connection with that living fur and one night, in secret, they sealed a pact.

    Appearance :

    • Max, the maiden, is a brown & white haired young woman who look like an adventurer. She carries a wooden box strapped on her back.
      On each arm, a hand crossbow. She has 2000 HP

    • Maxx the Beast is a white massive yeti like creature who runs on its two trunk-sized arms like a gorilla. It has 4000 HP


    LMB: Double crossbow shots

    RMB : Grappling hook
    Target an element of the architecture then launch a hook from her left crossbow from which she can swing. She can continue firing with her other crossbow when swinging .

    Q : Roll
    To any direction

    F : Switch to Maxx
    Maxx surges from the box and surrounds Max pretty much like Venom to Eddie Brook.


    LMB : Slap party
    Delivers a series of powerful slaps with his clawed hands

    RMB : Grab
    Grab an opponent and smash him on the ground

    Q : Jump
    Q + LMB : Big Slap
    RMB+ Q (upright) : Jump grabbing the enemy and throwing him in the ground before landing on him.

    F : Switch to Max
    Split Max from its mouth whereas the Beast get back in its box

    E : Freedom Found
    NO CD for 10 's allowing Maxx to change into Max and vice-versa


    As Max :

    • Hook & F makes Maxx performs a high jump, dealing damage when landing on the ground.

    • Roll & F makes Maxx roll on itself making damage in the rolling

    • Hook + Roll + F : makes Maxx roll in the air, being CC immune, before landing on the ground .

    • Note :Maxx bounce when rolling to a wall.

    As Maxx :

    • Slap + Q : Pushes Max in the direction of the Slap ( a kind of speed boost )

    • Grab+ Q ( when the enemy is not thrown down yet ) makes Max to fall down under the weight, still grabbing her opponent, but , in a fluid move, she roll on her back and it is the head of her opponent that hit the ground.

    • Jump + Q make Max perform an incredible high or long jump as she weight less.


    1/ 2nd of choice ultimate when on Max :

    • E : Protect the Camp

    • Maxx surges from the box, in his fur form (all flat ) .It stretch his fur ,round its back and make a natural vault to protect Max. It turns left to right depending from where the damage is coming.

    • If Max moves elsewhere, Maxx stay on the initial point

    2/ Max weights less, Maxx more and deal more damage

    3/ Maxx has a furry version of Max's grappling hook


    Lore : Skye's clone decided to live a life on her own. In a decade, she lead numerous revolts inside the Realm against the Originals. Ultimately, she got captured but freed later on, due to the Realm's subjects pressure and the newly established Clone rights Convention. Retired from battle, she would live in the mountains with the original she felt in love with, with two twin babies on the way, one of them she would name Atlas.

    Appearance : Same face as Skye but with something harder yet wiser in the eyes, a more muscular body with larger shoulders . A long & strict hair cut. Something that makes you realized that she and Skye are definitively not the same person. Eye patch. No apparent weapon.

    LMB : Blades

    Two 22 ft large plasma blades surges from her wrists with which she slashes her enemies at middle range.

    RMB : Scales

    • Crosses her arms before her . Red chitinous scales surges upright from her forearms to her shoulders . Charge.

    • Extends suddenly her arms to throw the scales . 1rst Talent at disposal make the spread scale to explode after a short time after being thrown.

    Q : Mental

    • Put a finger next to her temple to delivers a electrifying series of hits pretty much like Skye's primary. Sounds organic , like a frenetic heart pulse.

    • When canceling Mental, Roche benefit from a speed boost

    F : Barrier

    • During 1,3 s , runs so fast that she transforms herself into a transparent barrier/fence which can act as a shield or block the enemy's movements depending on talent .
    • Barrier lasts another 1,3 seconds after retransformation, before fading away from the 1rst solidified move to the last.

    E : Ambush

    • For 5 s, no CD
    • Solidified psychic energy / materialized weapons like Blades, Scales and Barrier are invisible to the enemy's eyes
    • Barrier is the equivalent of a full stealth mode as Roche becomes herself the Fence/ Barrier


    1/ Barrier act as a shield

    2/ Scales converge/ focus on 1 point to deal maximum damage

    3 / Barrier can go through enemies . Immobility for 1, 3 s


    Some examples of melee/Throw
    ( some can be countered by LMB but mainly by pressing the Melee/Throw button at the exact same time )

    Androxus : A series of 3 TKD Flying quicks hitting the enemy in the air

    Ash : Lands a series of punches with her launcher attached to her hand

    Atlas: One punch make the enemy fly away , rewind him and smash him down with a punch with the Chrono hand

    Barik : Push with his boot a turret into the enemy's feet making him fall, then jump and fall down to the enemy like a wrestler

    BK : Delivers a series of exploding punches moving like a pro boxer

    Buck : Strangle the enemy with his carbine, then spin on himself to throw him away

    Cassie: Somersault on the enemy's shoulders, her legs around his throat, then dive to the ground , making the enemy to fall heavily . Next to a wall: use it as a trampoline to land on the enemy's shoulders. more damage

    Corvus : Walks toward the enemy while his knife is slicing enemies around

    Dredge: His weapon extends his tentacles and whip, grab and throw away the enemy

    Drogoz : Punches the enemy furiously. When stunned, uses the W.Y.R.M to throw him from above

    Evie : Spin her stick before hitting the enemy in his balls with her frost stick. Then, simply push him away with her fingers to make him fall on the

    Nando : Shield bash the enemy. pierce him with the sword, the spin on himself to throw him away .


    A Realm Divided

    • In A Season In The Abyss , The Abyssal entities find a way to corrupt the Magistracy , intensifying the war within the Realm
    • War extend and cover other battlegrounds, such as the merchant countries in the West in West of The Realm
    • There's war everywhere, even on seas . Admiral Dredge is sailing the oceans, looking for the Kraken Pirate Lady he felt in love with

    The Ska'drin Solution

    • A wrecked Ska'drin vessel is found in the Desert . Inside : unknown artifacts and technologies which proved to be effective against the Abyssal Entities, putting a term to the Civil War.

    The Coalition

    • The Magistracy and the Resistance share mutual interest but have not be unified yet . Strange events appear within the Realm until Androxus and his Detectives find the truth. The exact same mage who unleashed the Abyss has stolen the Ska'drin artifacts and is making an army of Clones.
    • karne and Valera defeat the Clone army and for the 1rst time, fight under the same banner. Which is a 1rst step toward the creation l of The Committee

    The Committee

    • A period of peace, A Silver Age, with small threats : The Sabotage Fairies and the Underground war between the 100 and the Dolls
    • The danger come from the Clone's rights which hasn't been stated yet , leading to a massive series Clone Hunts within the Realm.
    • The Clone Question is , once again dividing the Realm. Corruption inside the Committee is rampant.
    • Clone factions emerges , The most extreme being the Alternatives, lead by Roche... leading to a 2nd Clone War which last until The Clone Right Convention approval.