Kaimana-The floating mermaid

  • So I love champion ideas so I made one ( I made another which I would love for you to check out)hope you enjoy!
    Role: Support
    Quick note: Kaimana’s upper body is human shape but the skin is blue.

    Main weapon:Water Beam-Her main weapon is a pearl in a shell that shoots a chargeable beam which deals from 400-700 dmg depending on how long you charge it. The max charge is 1.5 sec.
    It has a 6 ammo count and and a 1.25 reload speed. It cannot get headshots.

    ZL/Left Click:Wave-Shoot a water projectile which deals 650 dmg and if it hits an enemy, it will turn into a wave the enemy is forced to ride uncontrollably for 3 sec. Has a 13 sec cooldown.

    R/F:Dive-Gracefully dive into the ground as if it was water and stay under for 5 sec then pop up, you can press R/F again to pop up before. You cannot be harmed while in dive but can be tracked by illuminate. Has 13 sec cooldown.

    L/Q:Oceanic Justice-This is similar to jenos’s astral mark but instead of healing directly the targeted ally heals for 80% of the damage you take. This effect lasts 9 sec. it has a 6 sec cooldown which starts counting down once the effect is gone.

    Ultimate:Overflow-The entire floor/ground of the map turns into water which heals you and your allies for 500 per sec and you and your allies are able to go under water for as long as you want. ( The going underwater works the same as dive but lasts longer) This effect lasts 9 sec. Keep in mind allies only get healing if they are touching the water/floor.

    Safe waters-heal for 20% of your max health while in Dive.
    Riptide-Your ultimate now also damages enemies for 200 dmg per sec.
    Waterfall-If you or your ally which has oceanic justice on dies while Oceanic justice is active then a waterfall dealing 500 dmg will hit the killer, also a waterfall will fall on a random ally ( could be you) which heals for 500.

    Lore and Loadouts I won’t be covering but hope you enjoyed. follow me for more champion ideas. If you made it this far and enjoyed it than look at my other concept please?

    Please Respond so I know you saw this

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    this is just some constructive feedback, don’t take it personally.

    • her heals seem like they would be pretty bad I get it if you like in a big team fight but if you aren’t being dealt damage then you healing is useless.

    *How would your allies dive would it take up an ability slot, how would it work?

    *The talent riptide is completely broken dealing 500 DPS for 9 sec is 4500 damage you you activate it and get a team wipe maybe if you change so it only does 200 DPS so it’s only 1800 damage.

  • @Miniiwolf. Thanks for the feedback. I changed riptide to 200 dmg per sec and the dive in the ultimate could be double jump to go down and if you’re a Maeve than triple jump.
    Also if the heal is bad then maybe I can change it to 80% of the dmg you take, I know it suffers from the same problem but, well tell me what you think.

    Also I think Kaimana wouldn’t be a champ to go on streaks with so it’s ok if she does for an ally, I mean obviously you don’t want to die but still.

    And last but not least I think Kaimana should be played with another support in the match, sort of like Torvald is better when there’s another frontline in the match.

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    I think the heals are much better than how they used to be she would be a great character if she was played with maybe a Seris or Jenos. I think this is a really good character concept over all.

  • @Miniiwolf thanks so much!!!

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