Reduce the xp per level in battlepass

  • So this pass is due to end in a day or two and despite playing daily for a hour atleast I'm still stuck around 60, I do all my dailies and finished all but one challenge (the 150k shielding one) but that wasn't enough somehow. I couldn't get the pass but wanted to grind it and buy towards the end though it's impossible to do with how long matches last vs how little points they give specially without boosters.

    Please be more realistic and cut the points per level by about half so those who can't play 24/7 (or don't want to because of how unstable the game is) can still get something done by playing moderately enough to not want to delete the game and go play Valorant instead, thanks.

  • Nah, they have to make the game grindy and boring. They have to make the game feel like a god dam chore.

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    I used a booster every match for 60 ish lvl of the bp, first off, you need around 3 games for each lvl with the bonus, I used around 100 boosters and still haven't finished it...
    I mean sure when I was playing 10h per day I had no problem finishing it, but cmon, even by playing 1hours everyday, without boosters you wouldn't be sure to finish it

    BP lasts 60 days, has 80lvls
    3normal games of about 15-20min per lvl
    so you gotta play around 1:30+ hours everyday (accounting for queue times and draft) to be sure to finish bp, that is using boosters, not using boosters you'd need around 2+ hours per day
    how is that normal lmao, how and that is for people purchasing BP, for people not using boosters nor'd need around 3hours everyday...
    and don't tell me quests and challenges, quests give 1/10 of a lvl, challenges takes you more time than just playing in terms of time/xp ratio

    anyway I've always felt like BP was a bad design
    it's good for monthly crystals, but if devs want BP to feel like a progression or something (cause that was what they said when they first released this system) a battlepass is stupid, if it's too long people playing casually won't finish it, if it's too short, hardcore players will only need a few days to end it
    just create an other system lmao, chests were good for skins imo, and actually chests need something more, veteran players have tons of useless chests sitting dust (but like don't just put BP skins in chests lmao, too expensive for what BP stuff is, seriously, who made sand myth BP? I only bought it for talus emote xD worst Skins and other cosmetics I've seen in the game so far)
    monthly crystals can be given depending on playtime
    and you could make monthly quests for free sprays and stuff we get in BP

  • It's the most benefitial for the hardcore players. Others can spend even more cristals for the cool skins. I think it's an acceptable business policy.

  • @jocasela I don't understand why you got down voted when what you said is the harsh truth, people can't play the game for fun if they want to grind the pass, and being forced to do things you don't enjoy for very little in exchange is how you make someone get burnout and leave

  • @OriginalEquinox I get downvoted instantly whenever i post sumfin. Reputation system works like China's citizen point system. Sadly forum is controlled by mods on payroll list and fanboys. They really dont like when someone points the truth.

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    @jocasela said in Reduce the xp per level in battlepass:

    mods on payroll list

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Payroll? What is this? xD

    Tbh I usually only remove spam from bots and toxic threads/posts + I try to help. The community creates this forum.

  • @jocasela It's more the opposite. You mostly post things that are exaggerated, very difficult to agree with or just not true at all especially with a more than toxic tone. Like for example, saying mobility is not a form of self-sustain when it is and then comparing Evie's self heal cards with a champ that has a much lower mobility like Skye with the overbuffed healing vapors card which is still not that great nor is it a must have card outside of her Smoke and Dagger talent. A champ with very high mobility should not have the amount of self heal Skye has. What had me lost is when you made this statement: "Evie player has to use the map and Evie's skills very efficiently to get a kill while a Andro can get a kill with just pew pew pew. Very balanced." Andro requires both good mechanical skill and a skill floor. His mobility has to be managed to get value out of each consecutive use of them. He also has to use the map to win some of his harder match-ups. Andro is definitely not a braindead champ. Your first post to this thread is one of the few that is arguably true if not the only one that is. And no, the mods are well what @Lukash369 said, they arent fanboys on a payroll.
    @KicsitCsicska thats very debatable considering the game doesnt have too many micro transactions and the battlepass can still be completed without spending money if you grind enough and at the same time playing the game for an hour a day for the battlepass is not really that less of a grind.

  • @SNIper-poTAto Grinding in Paladins is just play the game as you like it. I don't realy call it grinding at all. Grinding is like when you play an mmo, and killed stupid two program row intelligance mobs for hours.

  • @KicsitCsicska It is called "grinding" if you are trying to "unlock" sumfin or reach to a level. And that is what battle pass is. Grinding. When u buy battle pass you are actually buying permission to grind for things. Then you will be spending your time to unlock those things so your money wont go waste. You have to get that 600 gems back right ? You have to reach the max lvl b4 time ends. Eventually it will end up like feeling like a chore. That is not fun. And now they increassed the max lvl. More grinding. This is a marketing scheme of hi-rez trying to manipulate players into buying "time savers". They know not everyone have 10 hours to play the game.

    Short story, long : Battle pass is awful.

  • @jocasela What could be better?

  • It's not a grind if you are enjoying playing the game.

    I allot myself a couple of hours or a certain number of matches each morning.I don't mind not completing a battle pass, but if I'm only a tiny amount of points, only minutes or inches, from getting to the next lever, I will make the extra effort. I play for the fun and challenge of playing with or against others. Any acievements or rewards are only the icing on tne cake.

    I'm a gamer and I play several games every night/morning. I don't have the time to dedicate half a day to one game.

  • @jocasela battle pass is optional, you do not have to buy it at all. How can you possibly complain about something you do not even need to play the game. If you dont buy it you still get free crystals from it for nothing but playing the game. It is free crystals at minimum and a bunch of free skins at max. Some people will complain about anything.

  • @Shadowpuppy Battle pass is not optional. How it is optional. FFS. There is no option such as "i dont want battle pass i want old weekly crystal system that was actually better than this shit" or "i dont want to grind for skins i want to buy them directly from shop". Is there ? The only way to avoid it is not to play the game. You dont gain free crystal by "playing the game". You need to grind. You will get nuffin if you play 2-3 matches a day. Do you remember the days you could get 75 crystal weekly by just playing casually, without worrying about grinding ? I didnt need to grind for crystals. I was just playing the game and it was giving me crystals. Maybe you have time for grinding but there are ppl who dont. Maybe u like grinding but there are ppl who dont like grinding. maybe you are a fanboy But i am not. I just play the game for fun. Battle pass and challanges killed that fun.

    I bought the first 2 battle passes to try it out and it fukin put stress on me. It turned the game into a chore. It turns into a race against time. When you buy battle pass you have to reach the max lvl before time ends or your goes waste. How fun. Of course you can buy boosters or battle pass xp if you dont have time. Right ? It is not like battle pass is another shitty marketing strategy.

    What could be better ?
    Old weekly crystal system 75 a week was better. You didnt grind at all.
    Direct buy from shop is vastly better than chests, battle pass, events or bundles whatever. Instead of buying permission to grind for skins i would rather to buy it directly. I dont want to grind to reach lvl80 so i can get the skin i want. Screw that.

    Btw i stop playing the game. Cuz of bad balancing, lags, bugs, shitty business practices of hi-rez, removal of kill cam which did nuffin but encourage cheaters.
    And there is this disconnect during loading which apperantly hi-rez cant fix. i am playing smite too. which also has that problem still. i have beeen playing smite longer than paladins. So i dont think they will be fixing this any time soon.

  • @OriginalEquinox yess yesss

  • @jocasela oh now your real complaint comes out... Hi Rez is not giving me free stuff the way i want them to give me free stuff. lol

    Do you remember the days where people could get free crystals for not playing the game.

    I love that i dont have to long in every day for no reason. It takes 3 matxhes to get a 100k and a level... Its not hard at all..

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    @jocasela ??? Playing the game is optional which makes everything else optional. On top of that the game is absolutely free if you choose not to buy anything. Sounds like a lot of optional to me.

    I didn't pay for the BP or grind anything and I still got over 500 crystals. I didn't fulfill most of the challenges either because I don't care if I do. I don't have a problem with the current scheme.

  • Now, not only do you get free crystals.

    You get

    • Diamond Chest
    • Gold Chest
    • Flair Chest x 4

    Just played for 4 hours and i am 5 levels half way to level 6 ... This was 14 matches ... This is hard to complete... I have 91 more days...

    I could probably play an entire weekend of paladins and get to level 20 in two days if i wanted to marathon it. If you never have any extra time to put into playing some paladins then maybe the battle pass is not for you.


  • Hi-rez fan boys still keep denying this battle pass is nuffin but grinding. Hi-rez made it grindy deliberately so ppl will buy "time savers". Also they reduced the weekly free crystals to zero. Short sighted greedy company killing the game slowly.

    Wow i just realised how terrible fan boys are givin false information and trying to hide truth. And attacking ppl. Real complaint is game is grindy and bad business practice but the fan boy says "oh you just want free gems hur hurr."

    The guy says reached bla lvl in yada hour but doesnt mention there are total of 120 levels and the reason is "fast" lvling is actually cuz of the easy challanges like play 1 match or deal 25k damage. Those provide a boost at first but after all the challenges end you gonna end up grinding.

    There is no diamond chest on free track. Can you bother to check at least.

    Shortly: battle pass is nuffin but a bad marketing strategy. Makes the game grindy and boring.

  • @jocasela Fan boy here, as you can see its not hard to level this up!


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