Pressure Guide


    Using damage and presence to force the other team to attack from specific lanes of approach or retreat.

    Pressure is a key element missing in many peoples bag of game winning tricks. I will discuss some very specific examples to give you a better idea on its effects, however i cannot cover every possible event in game. I would not read this as a how to as this is intended to give you the understanding to better use this tactic to achieve goals in game. Those goals must be set by you.

    Point Pressure
    There are two types of point pressure but they both revolve around 1 key element. Capture Time

    • A front line from each team on point is not pressure as the capture time is not moving
    • Damage being applied to point is not to kill the tank but to get him to step off the objective
    • A front line from one team is pressure as he is capturing the point

    So capture is the pressure so what does it do?

    • A team cannot allow the other team to capture so it forces them to come to the point.
    • Applying zero point pressure will result in the other team running around like team death match.
    • You cannot win a match if you cannot keep the other team somewhat contained.

    I cannot elaborate how critical it is to force the other team to go to point.

    • This is what opens up positional play and tactics. Position is nothing in team death match.

    • This is the critical element of frontline on point, however they cannot do it alone.

    Everyone seems to be under the impression that a frontline on point with a healer healing them is all that is needed and this is so far from the truth.


    • Front Line needs to contest it, this opens up flank routes and is the base that the team stands on.

    • Damage needs to suppress other damage attacking point.

    • Flanks need to draw attention from the flank routes

    The damage and the flanks are both doing the same job. Only they are accomplishing it in a different way

    • Damage Dealthers are keeping people from shooting at the point
    • Flanks are keeping people from shooting at the point

    Damage that is not shooting to suppress the other teams damage, are failing to reduce point pressure
    Flanks that are not drawing fire or attention, are failing to reduce point pressure


    Supports can negate point pressure in several ways. Knowing which way to use is pretty important and is what seperates a healer from a support.

    • Healers do not understand what pressure is and just believe that increased HP wins the battle.
    • Supports understand that the team achieves the goal not one person.

    Healing the damage so they can continue to suppess.
    Healing the flank so they can continue to draw attention.
    Healing the fontline so they an contine to contest
    Firing at the damage to suppress them

    All of these options reduce point pressure, picking the correct option is what makes a great support. You can not out heal Dredge or Drogoz damage. You can heal the front line over and over and over again and he will still die if you do not prevent them from being shot at.

    In heavy cauterize it can be a total wast to keep trying to heal the frontline that has cauterize on them. Keeping your damage up and shooting will help keep them alive better than your 25% healing will. If your font line drops cauterize with a shield or retreat then that changes.

    The thing is that everyone needs to be able to stay alive without the support doing any healing. If you die its not the supports fault it is all on you. The first element to improving your game play is understanding that supports put you back in the fight sooner.

    Ok we have shown how all players in the match are trying to reduce or increase pressure on point.

    • When you are playing you should be asking yourself, how does this action reduce or increase point pressure.

    Lian Game Play
    Ok so in this match i wanted to point out a good example of what pressure does.
    At the end of the first point push you will see me shoot kinessa and then wait.
    I am listening for her to fire, you can see how long she did not shoot because she was looking at me only.

    Now you could see it the other way as she was keeping me from shooting because she was zoning out that sight line and that is true. But I was watching my tank push the cart uncontested waiting for that last minute attempt to stop the push.

    Had i peaked this corner to try and mess with kinessa we would have likly not pushed this in as i would have been half health and likely would have died rather than making that play.


  • PC

    not as bad as I thought it would be
    I guess it'll do for non experienced players

    but that's not really what pressure is, nor how it's applied, nor why it is so important to put pressure on the enemy team, and so on

    what you wrote isn't wrong at all, but it's more about how you basically are supposed to play the game (but it's too narrow minded cause you can't just always play like this) and your role (kinda and kinda not cause there are meh things about roles here but anyway) than what pressure is what it does and how to apply it

    I'm not sure you (and most players actually) understand what pressure actually is, and it's something that imo would be hard to put in a guide or to really explain

  • Pressure....

    Pressure is a big Dynamic to discuss as it varies from situation to situation.

    Put simply, Pressure is inducing "The Threat of Being Killed" into the mind of the enemy.

    It is up to player discression on how to abuse this.
    For distraction is a reasourse if used correctly.

    If you have to stay out of the major sightlines due to the puch of sniper fire (Pressure)
    If you can't walk on point due to floor being lava (Pressure)
    Can't walk around corner due to projectile suppression (Pressure).
    And so on and so forth, the idea being the wise use hostile effects to give cause for other players to alter thier actions without being able to return the same Pressure.

    Pressure is a good way to guage the hostile threat balence of each champions offencive tool kit.

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