I have a bug where all special abilities that requires visual effect on allies/enemies, such as healing heroes where a green cross is displayed on right instead of the place where they had to go.

  • Hi, I’m a ps4 player who has recently started playing this game and as far as I know is a very good game and I love the mecanics, but there is a bug that has been since I started that I think it’s really annoying. When I try to play some heroes like healers as I’m a main healer, the green cross that should appear on allies for some reason appears some distance to the right of the character, instead of where it should go. It also happens with all the champions that have abilities where some kind of reticle appears around the enemies/ allies, such as the new hero’s (Corvus) healing mark, or jenos’s scorpion mark. If somebody could tell me if it’s an error or an option which I can fix through the game options please answer me, because it’s something that bothers a lot at the time of playing hero’s like IO where the reticle is at the right so it’s really difficult to heal. Thank you so much

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