Is Corvus costume Pyre Lord Magnus is a different character.

  • It was just a thought because Corvus was obsess with the abyss. When you put the Magnus costume, it didn't say Corvus but says Magnus, like Pepper would plus the Pyre is the total opposite of the Abyss. So I was wondering, is Magnus more than just a skin? I think it will be cool because except Furia, there is no true Pyre Warrior (Archangel Tyra is a skin and so is Drogoz (Pyre warrior says Drogoz) . What do you think?

  • PC

    I think so. The way I see the skin it's an alternate universe skin where Corvus instead harnesses the power of the Pyre instead of the Abyss. In a sense you could say Pip's is if he were a she and apparently obsessed over 80's arcade games.

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