May Happy Thread

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    Andro!... damn - nerf him! Just following your lead πŸ™‚ My previous post above here I was against an Andro protecting the Kinessa and my team couldn't figure out why I was having a problem flanking her.

    That second match, tbh that's why two fronts have an advantage most of the time. Even if you stagger the fronts they still have point presence.

  • I just wanted to thank Hi-Rez for this amazing champion, Corvus. A healer full of obscure mechanics and little bonuses that opens a new realm of possibilities in team combinations but most of all...

    A HUGE jackass, so full of himself and so deeply flawed that makes you wanna slap the shit out of him... and never stop playing him. Indeed, you have my 10/10 on this one, you made an evil character with minimal redeeming features that is so deep, no one even cares. Bravo!

  • My new khan loadout, its been working pretty dam good.


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    Double Mark Corvus gets really good healing.

    Double Mark heals like crazy.jpg

  • #SerisOP

  • @KicsitCsicska well, at least you are happy in this game.

  • @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:

    @KicsitCsicska well, at least you are happy in this game.

    Absolutly πŸ˜€
    Maybe once I will reach the half of your Seris levels πŸ˜…
    I still don't use the most trick you wrote about in her guide πŸ˜… I just concentrate to the positioning...
    Your Imani guide is also impressive! I read it, but it takes so much time πŸ˜„
    I read the ice trick on the first part million times before I was able to do it πŸ˜‚ Is it still in the game, or is it the burst what have been removed?

  • @KicsitCsicska If you talk about Frost Bomb trick, it was removed this patch :((((

    Imani can still work really, really, really well. The key to win with her is to avoid using Ice Stance. It does feel weird not having half of your kit utilised even when you would want to, tho.


  • @TTraw Thanks! Do you recomment to use Affinity (Q cd reducer card) for switch back to fire faster after using Frost Bomb?
    Why don't use write a balance post how would you recommend to buff her Ice stance and describe why it sucks? I find fire Imani realy similar to Sha Lin. Is it a problem? If it is which shoud be changed and how?

  • @KicsitCsicska Since I don't use Ice Stance anymore (literally rebinded my Q so that I don't press it accidentally) I don't find it very valuable.

    But if you are stance switching, I would say Affinity 2 is enough from my experience. I personally think stance switching is the worst build you can run, because you with it you want to invest in some CD cards and thus lose on HP/Shield cards etc. which are very valuable for Imani.

    With season 3 changes, Ice Stance was almost close to being even with Fire Stince ever since I found out that tech, because it solved problem of downtime you get from casting Frost Bomb by fixing it. Now that's it gone, I don't see a lot of uses for her Ice Stance.

    You're losing on DPS, on kill potential, on better clearcast, and then you have trash clunky 18s CD ability on top of that? With root now only being 1s you cannot even fit 2nd Ice Bolts on rooted enemies anymore (which is what I requested before they butchered the Frost Bomb tech - +0.25s root duration buff and ice would be flexible and strong).

    The only thing you gain from Ice Stance right now is good spam damage, which just like Grohk works well with deployable based teams. That's it. You can also counter raums F ability and that's about it.

    So yeah, go for Mana Rift + Fire, invest in some HP cards so that snipers don't counter you as much (it's her main issue), grab RMB Speed and Mana and you're good to go.

  • @TTraw Wow, you absolutly don't use ice. What if it would have twice as fast travel speed and +5% slow effect? And only a second RMB could early blow up Frost Bomb, so you could use LMB and other skills meanwhile. Maybe it would be solid, and I think it could open some more tactics as well! E.g. Activate frost bomb, get cover, switch stance, blow it up (with a second RMB), step out of cover, and instantly start Fire Cannon (with a third RMB) πŸ˜‰

  • @KicsitCsicska I don't think higher travel speed, especialy double speed, is a good suggestion because Frost Bomb would be way too hard to avoid at longer distances.

    And the thing you suggest was literally the Frost Bomb tech which allowed you to do 1 ability while casting Frost Bomb. Just bring it back dam.

    Anyway, maybe I should create an Imani thread (again) to discuss her place rather than post in Happy thread about how grabo her ice stance is, lol.

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    Yessss now I have 5g internet! Is it my luck month?? (Hope I won’t get corona)

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    Dark Gifts has potential. Brings some nice shieldng too. Might be better than 2Mark... maybe.

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    @TTraw My Dark Gifts match was trash but I was being hard flanked. I likely need to give it more of a chance.

    Just curious, which did you place the mark on the most and why?

  • @Vaporized I literally spammed mark off-cooldown to apply the shield card to whoever needed it. It worked really well. I guess that's the advantage of Dark Gifts over Spreading Influence - if you have 2 targets at once, you will have trouble spreading the shield card.

  • Good news, Seris will get a buff.
    Bad news, it will probably make Mortal Reach a must pick again. Yay....

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    @TTraw What's the buff?

  • @Vaporized Mortal Reach doesn't increase heal duration but healing per cast apparently will be the same (or similar?).

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