May Happy Thread

  • @KicsitCsicska Since I don't use Ice Stance anymore (literally rebinded my Q so that I don't press it accidentally) I don't find it very valuable.

    But if you are stance switching, I would say Affinity 2 is enough from my experience. I personally think stance switching is the worst build you can run, because you with it you want to invest in some CD cards and thus lose on HP/Shield cards etc. which are very valuable for Imani.

    With season 3 changes, Ice Stance was almost close to being even with Fire Stince ever since I found out that tech, because it solved problem of downtime you get from casting Frost Bomb by fixing it. Now that's it gone, I don't see a lot of uses for her Ice Stance.

    You're losing on DPS, on kill potential, on better clearcast, and then you have trash clunky 18s CD ability on top of that? With root now only being 1s you cannot even fit 2nd Ice Bolts on rooted enemies anymore (which is what I requested before they butchered the Frost Bomb tech - +0.25s root duration buff and ice would be flexible and strong).

    The only thing you gain from Ice Stance right now is good spam damage, which just like Grohk works well with deployable based teams. That's it. You can also counter raums F ability and that's about it.

    So yeah, go for Mana Rift + Fire, invest in some HP cards so that snipers don't counter you as much (it's her main issue), grab RMB Speed and Mana and you're good to go.

  • @TTraw Wow, you absolutly don't use ice. What if it would have twice as fast travel speed and +5% slow effect? And only a second RMB could early blow up Frost Bomb, so you could use LMB and other skills meanwhile. Maybe it would be solid, and I think it could open some more tactics as well! E.g. Activate frost bomb, get cover, switch stance, blow it up (with a second RMB), step out of cover, and instantly start Fire Cannon (with a third RMB) πŸ˜‰

  • @KicsitCsicska I don't think higher travel speed, especialy double speed, is a good suggestion because Frost Bomb would be way too hard to avoid at longer distances.

    And the thing you suggest was literally the Frost Bomb tech which allowed you to do 1 ability while casting Frost Bomb. Just bring it back dam.

    Anyway, maybe I should create an Imani thread (again) to discuss her place rather than post in Happy thread about how grabo her ice stance is, lol.

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    Yessss now I have 5g internet! Is it my luck month?? (Hope I won’t get corona)

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    Dark Gifts has potential. Brings some nice shieldng too. Might be better than 2Mark... maybe.

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    @TTraw My Dark Gifts match was trash but I was being hard flanked. I likely need to give it more of a chance.

    Just curious, which did you place the mark on the most and why?

  • @Vaporized I literally spammed mark off-cooldown to apply the shield card to whoever needed it. It worked really well. I guess that's the advantage of Dark Gifts over Spreading Influence - if you have 2 targets at once, you will have trouble spreading the shield card.

  • Good news, Seris will get a buff.
    Bad news, it will probably make Mortal Reach a must pick again. Yay....

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    @TTraw What's the buff?

  • @Vaporized Mortal Reach doesn't increase heal duration but healing per cast apparently will be the same (or similar?).

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    @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:

    Dark Gifts has potential. Brings some nice shieldng too. Might be better than 2Mark... maybe.

    Potential? Maybe I suppose with the right composition where you have characters that can utilize all of the benefits of it (which in your example, the Andro could). But Spreading Influence is pretty much straight up better. Grand Design applies on both marks, Healing comes out to 80% of the base heal on the heal target between both over 55% for 1 mark (though Shadow Tribunal exists and works really well with it, so you end up with potentially 100 healing at max rank), and all you get for Dark Gifts are stats that aren't all entirely useful on most of the cast, and a card that makes it significantly harder on you to heal the rest of your team. Probably factored into Raum's stats somewhat, though if not it could then be said that your 184k partially came from using it on him. Only two advantages I can think of with Dark Gifts are the shielding card being easier to use on who you want to use it on and the fact you don't have to keep track of two marks at once, but all the latter requires is understanding of micromanagement to get around.

    My personal 2Mark Corvus build that I've not really seen too much success with thanks to feeders (though when it's allowed to it works nicely):

    Priority Targets 5 (May lower it to 3), Grand Design 5, Battle-Ready 1, Condemnation 1 (May replace either filler with rank 2 or 3 of The Price of Salvation), Shadow Tribunal 3 (May raise it to rank 4).

    Personally I think they should focus just on the CC Reduction (maybe make it like 25%), and maybe buff the heal/sec to something like 80. This would make it a good counter talent to the likes of BK and less just scattered all over the place.

    AoC was more on the ball for meeting 25 with suggesting things the community actually wants. Much better than the last 2. Hopefully they keep that up. πŸ‘ But now I have a different target for my anger that I believe could be empathized with (Don't want rage to bleed into the Happy Thread, so not going to get into it.)

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    Now a pretty much entirely legit Mastery 100 Barik. (Only bought level 70 because of dumb jokes) πŸ˜›

    Took 1243 matches...

  • @Dusklicious I don't think Dark Gifts healing is far off spreading influence, and whatever healing is missing as you can see can easily be offset by the amount of shielding it can put out.

    So the discussion would be whether one more person with 25% Life Steal that heals you is better than Dark Gifts bonuses. I like having more self sustain to frag more, and 2Mark is easier to do, so I guess I will probably stick to the meta talent.

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    I found an interesting idea for a Terminus build that may make Crush possibly even competitive with Decimation. Totally destroys it in a 1v1 scenario. Have to test it out myself. 😏 Though this build will very likely not be viable against comps with good range.

    EDIT: Testing it out and f*** the mobility on this build is so stupid... 🀣 Using It Follows 5. πŸ˜‰

    Build is: It Follows 5, It Waits 4, Hulking Monstrosity 3, Strength of Stone 2, Powerslave 1. Also rush Nimble, but that's a normal Term thing anyways.

  • @Dusklicious There is a video of KamiVS where he uses this build. I tried it myself and it's kinda fun to stun someone and then blast all the charges in.

  • Playing Corvus as a dmg is so fun

  • @TTraw Why are you still waiting for Seris buffs? What kind of buffs?

  • @KicsitCsicska I want Agony buffs and Io heal treatment. Ez

  • @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:


    Where do you know from that Seris will get new buffs to Mortal Reach?

  • @KicsitCsicska jay flare video.

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