May Happy Thread

  • @Dusklicious There is a video of KamiVS where he uses this build. I tried it myself and it's kinda fun to stun someone and then blast all the charges in.

  • Playing Corvus as a dmg is so fun

  • @TTraw Why are you still waiting for Seris buffs? What kind of buffs?

  • @KicsitCsicska I want Agony buffs and Io heal treatment. Ez

  • @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:


    Where do you know from that Seris will get new buffs to Mortal Reach?

  • @KicsitCsicska jay flare video.

  • @TTraw Thanks!
    Mortal reach is still her most popular talent. Why this will get a buff instead of Agony?

  • PC

    @Dusklicious said in May Happy Thread:

    I found an interesting idea for a Terminus build that may make Crush possibly even competitive with Decimation. Totally destroys it in a 1v1 scenario. Have to test it out myself. 😏 Though this build will very likely not be viable against comps with good range.

    EDIT: Testing it out and f*** the mobility on this build is so stupid... 🤣 Using It Follows 5. 😉

    Build is: It Follows 5, It Waits 4, Hulking Monstrosity 3, Strength of Stone 2, Powerslave 1. Also rush Nimble, but that's a normal Term thing anyways.

    This build has a few, pretty massive problems that make it situational. First off, you can't really use your charges unless you don't want the MS from It Follows so you won't have any range. Secondly, you can't really utilize siphon all that much because you don't have any way of regenerating it. Though the rewards outweigh the risks in certain matchups. It's a VERY good build for mirror matchups (it also makes Barik unable to really do much of anything as long as you pressure the objective), though 1v1 It Follows wouldn't work out very well for you. Also thirdly, the build has a harder time than usual generating ult charge. Which means a lot less sustain, and a worse time against the likes of Drogoz and Guillotine Zhin.

  • @KicsitCsicska idk. AoC asked for Agony in base kit but it was denied.

  • @TTraw Lol it would be broken af 😂 Except on high elo. But if the charge requirement was reduced to 3 it would be fine.

  • @KicsitCsicska yeah, imagine SC with Agony. Broken af

  • PC

    @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:

    @KicsitCsicska idk. AoC asked for Agony in base kit but it was denied.

    I could see how that could become a problem if left at its current values. That addition would make Soul Collector builds utterly absurd. I could imagine it making her into a maybe too good off-support with pretty much everything she needs to wreck any given backline. High sustain, good damage close-up, and a free stun for any DPS to follow up on. A 1.5 second stun may not seem like much but you can theoretically stack orbs on top of them when the stun would end and then just extend it even further, while also making your health pool bigger and bigger.

  • @TTraw Maybe the devs should read more this forum instead of cencentrate to AoC.

  • @KicsitCsicska I think the issue is with current AoC members.

    They are supposed to be voice of community, instead they are voicing their own opinions even if communiy disagrees with them.

    Z1 is something else. It feels like he only suggest changes so he can have more fun with his andro.

    Nerfing jenos range because he complained about him hiding behind walls? Lmao this guy doesn't even play supports. Jenos doesn't have tools to not hide behind walls all game, reducing his heal range isn't going to change that, and if he played supports well enough, he would know that heal range is key factor to good feel of supports. So his changes do jack nothing and reduce his fun factor if there were any in the first place.

    Nerf for bulkup buck? Really? I saw his video at s3 patch where he complained about him a lot, despite his comments disagreed with him. And yet he forwarded this nerf suggestion lately and for some reason devs agreed with him. What a joke.

    Last but not least, Z1 created a list with cards that proc on deployables/Shields and asked devs to remove them, conveniently not listing Andro's cards, probably becuase it's his fav champion.

    No matter how good of a player he is, it's just blatantly obvious that he's very biased on balancing the game for his favs. Where's the "community" in it?

  • I think the other problem is that the balance changes are mostly just about the most busted and the weakest objects in the game. E.g.: Seris got nerfs on her OP cards, but her kit is still unbalanced, just her meta changed. Bane and Dusk Walker are still trash, while Veil is still meta and Umbral Gait is also a must pick card. Lian is still a one talent champion. I think Viktor's lifesteal card will be nerfed, but the other three busted cards I suggest to nerf won't be touched, so his new meta loadout will be the same with lower lvl of lifesteal. Evie probably will stay untouched, so Flicker V, Teleport V, Swift Witch III with two fillers will stay meta for ever.
    Balance changes should be more comprehensive and change much more things.

  • @TTraw If you think jenos keeping a heal on a flank in the enemy teams backline from your own backline was balanced then that just highlights your bias.

    I dont really care for Z1 but these request all had merit.

  • @Shadowpuppy And that doesn't really change. Can't wait for them to rework this talent into something else.

  • @TTraw said in May Happy Thread:

    No matter how good of a player he is, it's just blatantly obvious that he's very biased on balancing the game for his favs. Where's the "community" in it?

    The question is if pro-players are very good ambassadors for normal players. After all over 99% of players are not pro-players.

  • @TTraw It does change, now Jenos will have to move up to point in order to apply his heal to someone sitting in the enemy teams backline, or the flank will have to come back to jenos to get the heal again. Have you ever even played jenos with max range marks ?

  • No matter how good of a player he is, it's just blatantly obvious that he's very biased on balancing the game for his favs. Where's the "community" in it?

    You know what is funny about this statement. If you have ever watched a Z1 video you would see him quite often say that as a flank he loves having jenos keep marks on him. His healer of choice to have on his team because he can do so much work in the backline without ever having to leave.

    You guys needs some objectivity, you say that he is only trying to help him self, but your the ones that are not looking outside your healer lense to see the whole picture.

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