I've made this semi-exaustive list of semi-original ideas for 32 talents that I'd like to be more or less changed.

  • link to the list

    What do you guys think ? I'd like to get some feedback...
    [Sorry for the link, I didn't know how else to share a pdf here]

    Edit: (updated the link)

  • I see I'm not the only one who misses Wekono's Curse and Retaliation... I swear, two fun talents and they took it away...

    Anyway, I like most of your ideas. Especially Luminary Aura sounds very interesting - would love to see it in action. I'm not sure if Scuttle nerf would be enough, to be honest. I have such bad experiences with Dredge that every time I see him on the other team, I prepare myself for spam. It really annoys me that he can run straight into my face, spamming bombs and reload and kill me without even messing his beard. I think he should receive a lot of damage from his bombs... But maybe I just hate him a bit too much.

  • @nayakri I know but I didn't want to go too hard on any nerf: at the end of the day these are my points of view, so I might be biased and I don't want to risk proposing any unfair change

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