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    @kr1pteya Instead of this let's add an agreement section. Something like this would pop up every time you join a non training Q:

    If they don't check all the boxes they can't join the Q.

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    @Vaporized Put this masterpiece in your signature.

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    Nah, those things should be in a player's mind without an agreement.

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    @Vaporized I know. But some people are stupid.

  • This is like a vicious cycle, you want surrender because of bad matching but then you dont because it will encourage trowing more often. Hence, people just dodging on both modes just to send a big FU to everyone else

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    Yeah it's clear the OP is exactly the kind of person who's why this option should not exist.

  • It scould have surrender option like Smite. Making others suffer just because you have challanges/quests is selfish. And sometimes you can realize game is lost because other team is actually better they organize and focus on objective and your team mates are imbeciles running around ignoring objective, doing their own agendas. Surrender option wouldn't hurt the game at all. Yes some people may get butt hurt if team rejects surrender. But not to forget people go afk if they go butt hurt. (like the imbecile Torvald who thinks he is not getting enuf healing or the imbecile Furia who refuses to heal cuz team lay out is not to her liking) Those people already exist in the game, this already happening in the game.

    In the other hand matches take like 10-20 minutes so i dont think it will worth bothering to put it. And i am sure it will bring more bugs. It is hi-rez after all.

  • @roiwtto999 haha how many hours do you have on Paladins? 1,5k here. I've seen enough to disagree, i play in LATAM and BR and rankeds are just TOUGH. Filled with trolls and toxic players.
    Yes, i do want to win but i also want to lose if i'm not performing correctly, i feel like i deserve it. BUT losing a match because your teammates are just trolling or refuse to play to win and not being able to do anything about it but post here? That my friend in my eyes is a mistake. The surrender OPTION is something that should be seen as a option just for the whole team to take, not to take advantage of.
    Of course there will be always people taking advantage of features inside the game (map heights, op loadouts, etc) that is a constant but i don't think it will break the game, the reward system (because the winner will take the W so...) and finally the game flow.
    As mentioned before matches are 10-20min long so if you "loose" your chance to get your precious reward go play the next one. Just know that maybe your team will be filled with trolls, afk's and i would love to see how you get past that without being able to do anything about it hahaha

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    @kr1pteya surrender is a prime example to increase player to rage quit i never played to surrender even i got 2 afk player i keep playing until we got a push it happend to me on some match we won.....toxic player are the only player who want to surrender if you want to surrender do ALT F4 with that its instant surrender and you can relax about 20 to 30min

  • @roiwtto999 "toxic player are the only player who want to surrender". Well no, toxic player want to see you tilted and doesn't add any good to the community.. and that doesn't make the game enjoyable also IMO
    I dont consider myself toxic if i want to quit a nonsense match..

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    @kr1pteya adding surrender is just a way to increase player to give up who dont know haw to push.......haw many online FPS you know got a surrender none why add a surrender on this is beyond stupidity this is a FPS game not a MOBA game
    its like saying add surrender on a 4 or 3 or 2 team on a battle royal cause your losing

    if you want to quit on a nonsense match then close the game......its just toxic with extra steps

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