Double kill freezeing

  • Recently started playing Paladins. When ever I get a double kill or a kill announcement happens, the game will freeze for half a second.

    Gpu: 980ti
    Memory: 16gb
    Cpu: i7 6700k
    Installed on SSD

    Tried on low and high settings, D3D11 enabled and disabled, fullscreen, borderless windowed, and windowed. All drivers and Windows 10 is up to date. Disabled Steam overlay. Nothing is helping, anyone got a fix?

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    Sounds like a bug then, try following these steps to report it.

  • I have the same issue.
    Game was working just fine until the 08/08/2019 patch.
    Now, whenever I double kills or simple kill too near to an ennemy or when I respawn with an interface oppen then closed, my game is freezing for 2-3 secondes. Very frustating.
    If I can get to the end of the game, the end game screen appear with unlabeled variables and leaderboard, then it freeze 2-3 seconds and I got disconnect from the Game.
    So it's not just a little problem but a big issue that make the game unplayable whatsoever.

    Gpu: 1050ti
    Memory: 8gb
    Cpu: pentium g4560
    Installed on SDD.

    I also tired with various settings and all of my drivers and Windows 10 are up-to-date.
    Should I also write a ticket to the support or is it the same issue ?

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