Important message to Paladins Community

  • If you play ranked, you have to know this is a LUCK based game. It has nothing to do with skills, just like some people advertise. It's not skill based, it's luck based. It all depends on the matchmaking, and we know matchmaking works in a voodoo style way, it just does NOT work. Ranked games are purely based on luck, and I actually don't know if it's luck, or if it's marketing.. They put good players with bad players so that bad players keep playing because thx to good players they win every now and then. and possibly pay for in game purchases, while good players keep playing because they know they can climb, but the matchmaking doesn't allow..yet, they re good players so they buy in game purchases.
    This game has NOTHING to do with e sport, because sport must be fair. This game is not fair, so it has nothing to do with e sport. They just advertise as e sport so they get more people in, and gain more purchases.

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