Enough of cheaters!

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    We keep giving him, a new unexperienced player, reasons as to why they don't have to be cheaters and how instead of automatically thinking that they are there can be multiple explanations, and he keeps babbling about how there are cheaters in every game


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    @Gao-Shun said in Enough of cheaters!:

    Also, don't forget we have crossplay, and console player does use aim assist

    (No one wants aim assist though)

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    You can turn it off and console players still have worse aim than pc players

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    After 2 years playing this game I probably played vs 15-20 cheaters at most and most of them were snipers or viktors

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    totally agree
    I came across some cheaters, most are strix, some vik, but I saw lian also with cheats
    and yes console have worst aim than pc

    also I got called aimbot while playing reso ying so...how to say it...uh? think one min before calling for hacks seriously

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    @TangAce and that was with resonance talent, imagine what they would have said if you took the other dmg talent that relies on aim heavily lmao.
    I dont like the healing talent on ying or grover. I havent played her lately but I love root grover is really fun and effective

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    I had a friend that complained about the enemy always using cheats. They would say this whenever they died unexpectedly or couldn't win their 1vs1.
    Least to say I don't play with them anymore because they are annoying.

  • Many times when players encounter unusual game play or wins or losses, they immediately start accusing another player of cheating or hacking. The thought never crosses their minds that one or more players may be using wifi for gaming or that someone may have multiple programs running at the same time.

    A few years ago I tried the wifi route for about a month and got accused of cheating when I never have. Then I hardwired my system and the accusations immediately stopped.

    I play a wifi online game on my tablet where accusations are a common thing, including the loss of character control, running into and shooting into walls. Wifi is not optimal for online gaming.

    There may indeed be people cheating, but I'm sure the number of cheaters is a lot smaller than the number of players having connection issues and using wifi for gaming.

  • Aimbots still are in the match. I just encountered one. NA server btw. Before the match someone already said: "Oh not this guy, he uses aimbot"; and indeed, he has 100% headshots with Tyra. Surprisingly ineffective judged by the stats in the end. Either a noob or he was holding back so it's not too obvious.

    I will watch his account at Guru and see how long it takes till he gets banned.

    Ranked winrates at Guru:

    Viktor: 93%
    Tyra: 92%
    Lex: 76%
    Seris: 38% 😎

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    @M3RC3N4RI0 Well, of course there are cheaters out there, like in every game, but the point of this thread is that it's not as common as op believes

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