How do you get support?

  • I got the Epic Free Bundle promotion in March but never received the Promotional Items. Did all the troubleshooting and even took screen shots of my link accounts to add to the ticket when I submitted it to Hi-Rez on the 9th of April.

    Submitted a ticket with Epic, and in the time it took me to receive 2 updates and a resolution (Issue's on Hi-Rez's end) I got NOTHING from Hi-Rez aside from an auto generated e-mail.

    So I submitted an update with the resolution to Hi-Rez a few days ago and haven't heard anything.

    Since it's kind of a bug with the promotion I hit up the Discord server a few days ago, no response... I even waited the 6 hours to see if I had to add any information in the hopes there was some sign of support from Hi-Rez. Nothing at all.

    So I'm the guy on the forums asking how to get support. The promotion was broken. If they can't deliver free stuff why should I spend any more money on it? If they can't be bothered to reply to a fairly common issue and don't support the players then why should a player support the company? It's gone past the swag at this point, it's about Hi-Rez needing to show some professionalism.

    Am I SUPPOSED to be bitching on Facebook for visibility? I've been telling people to submit tickets, but that doesn't seem to work.

  • @JackXombi Re-Resubmit the ticket maybe?

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    If you correctly linked your accounts and you clicked on "get bundle" button (or something like this, I don't remember), you can just send new support ticket.

  • I did that (and included screenshots thereof) with the original ticket though 😞

  • I have 2 tickets in looking for my 600 crystals back from the outlaw spoils chest bug that took 600 crystals from me because it showed there was 1 outlaw spoils chest available to me for 300 crystals. I clicked and double clicked to be minus 600 crystals with no reward. I want the 600 crystals back but all I received is a response that we are busy with a lot of tickets.

  • Has anyone gotten any support from an actual employee for anything since Covid started?

    Still looking for even a "is this still an issue" reply. Ticket's gone nowhere slow for months.

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