Time for me to move on from Paladins

  • Hi all, I first joined shortly after OB64 a couple years back, got hooked because of unique and interesting characters like Maeve as well as the level of customisation we had on top of the fair f2p model, supported the game until they removed parts and pieces making me lose interest in buying skins but continued to play and defend the game even during Overwatch's glory days when people were jumping ship or calling it a cheap rip-off because I always knew this game had the potential to be SOMETHING. But in true Hirez fashion, for every step forward they manage to stumble back twice as far, even a year or so after official launch they continue to strip the game down to it's bare bones with the promise of better quality and performance, something I personally am yet to experience.

    After some thought I decided there's no point hanging onto something I no longer enjoy hoping it'll get better, I still believe it can and maybe under the management of a more competent team it will but that isn't Hirez. I hope the rest of you will have your patience rewarded someday but I've got none left to give them so, bye.

  • You made the right decision. No need to hang on to this loser game, that can't even provide functioning servers where your abilities work and your damage actually registers Unfortunately I'm not ready yet to leave this game, cuz it's still fun when it works.

  • Sadly I am also in the same boat. I took a few months break hoping it would get better and what I came back too was a game that was almost completely gone. I've spent countless hours playing and definitely spent way to much money but alas Paladins is not the game it once was. Games are always changing but I can not adapt to this new Paladins. Things such as per champion leader boards and kill of the game l, my favorite champ since he was released (Dredge) feels nothing like he was, and the game has catered to the ones who complain with 0 experience about the 8ssues they complain about. It's been fun but time to let go.

    P.S. servers are down for maintenance.... Hurry so I can get back on and play..... 😉

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    yep, I'm barely playing anymore, just doing BP and scrims cause I decided to join a team for some reasons

    killcam removal did nothing, they promised to improve tutorial and stuff, nothing, MM is still garbage even tho everyone complains about it (and we all know a few things they could change to make it better like stop looking at account lvl or raise ranked requirements and such) the current battlepass is a joke, 600 crystals for longer time than previous one, it was supposed to be crystals from daily log in, so why is there still 600 crystals for 50% more uptime of the BP? old chests are sitting dusts since forever, there are still stupid bugs not fixed (yaknow stuff like andro or evie) and worst of all, the current meta and balance is absolute trash, why do you change something that isn't broken nor anything wtf

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    I play less paladins right now too

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    Yea I've never really played Paladins for the past month.

    Been having live D&D online with my crew more than playing Paladins at this point...

    Makes me sad. This game really had something.

  • The day im utterly done i will test my luck and trow ranked matches because the gold chest reward seems more worth it than trying to enjoy the game.

    Still, good luck

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