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  • Hi!

    I just fund out a simple system what maybe could make some more money for Evil Mojo.

    Every ranked splits would have 3 boss champions in a certain order. These champions are locked for you in ranked, except if you own the Battle Stage level where it stands on.
    Steping onto a new Battle Stage level is costs 250 crystals. You keep on this level until the battle pass lasts, after it resets. You can play all of those champions on ranked who's position you reached on Battle Stage.
    These champions are still able to ban, but it certainly won't be happen so often. So if you want to play the champion on ranked you could buy crystals for it and it certainly won't be banned or stolen, so you have better chanse to play with it.
    Playing with an own boss champion on a not-bot games could garant 50% increased champion exp for some rewarding 🙂

    The battle stage bosses in the certain ranked split / battle pass are:
    3rd: Khan
    2nd: Makoa
    1st: Maeve
    If you bought two Battle Stage levels you can play with Khan and Makoa on ranked as well.

    Inviting a new friend into Paladins and playing 10h in party with him/her could give you a free Battle Stage level once per ranked split.

  • @KicsitCsicska hi.... Could you explain a lift bit further your system? I would like to have some more tips... Thanks in advance

  • @i-xperts Hi!

    You know, ranked splits are distributed by soft resets. This is the time, when the new patch comes out. So the ranked split has the same period as Battle Passes. I suggested to add a third event to this period: Battle Stage

    It would contain three popular champions in a certain order, for lock them if you buy their Battle Stage level by crystals. It would encurage many players to buy crystals for play their champions on ranked.

    They also could recieve benefeits, coz these champions gain 50% more exp, these would be less often banned or stolen on ranked, so they could get their champions easier.

    The free Battle Stage level for playing with a new friend would incite players to spread the game 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska said in Making more money:

    It would encurage many players to buy crystals for play their champions on ranked.

    No. Nope. I already purchased the champions with gold/crystals to play them. Making me force to buy them AGAIN and only with crystals just so I can play them in ranked is an absolutely terrible idea that would cause huge uproar among the community.

  • @TTraw I know that it would something take away instead of add, but at least it could offer something for the players who doesn't skin lovers. And make money for fixing bugs.

  • I've bought this champion pack once that said to unlock all champions. It would be like stepping back from this if some champs are blocked for ranked.

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