The actual feedback sistem is bad and this makes the game developers fix the wrong things

  • First of all, I'm not a native english speaker, so there may be a few typing errors or some phrases that make no sense, if that happens, please tell me so I can correct myself to be as clear as possible.
    I'm from Brazil and I know that many of us Brazilians are not satisfied with the current state of the game. We all love to play it and we all would hate to see the game dying because of a few mistakes.
    On the end of this post I will give some ideas on how to fix somethings, because as I said, I don't want to see this game dying.

    The crashes: My game used to crash a lot a few months ago and you've made it better. Of course it still crashes sometimes, not only mine, but from everyone I made contact before writing this. That's bad on a casual match but terrible on a ranked one and almost always means a defeat for the team that crashed. We would love to see this fixed, but it's not the worst thing in the game rigth now, it rarely happens so no need to focus on that.

    The newer players and older players: I understand the game needs more players and it would benefit a lot to have a larger player base. I loved the new changes on the Battle Pass and don't mind at all the changes on the damage numbers and the sounds or the new mvp screen, I believe many of us don't really care about it or even liked it. With that being said I must also say you must find a way to keep the older players playing. I know the deal with Epic Games was really good for Paladins, brought a lot of new players and there's more people playing it than ever, but you still are not thinking about the older players, just remember the discussion about the new/old vgs and how you were forced to add the legacy option (you even said you wouldn't add it) when it should have been an option since the announcement of the new changes. I don't know how to keep the players on the game but this (and also bringing new people) should your #1 priority.

    The bugs: I won't discuss too much about the bugs here, there's another subforum for that, but do not tell that a bug has been corrected/eliminated when it still happens

    The matchmaking: I know everyone hates the actual matchmaking and adding peoples ELO's or mmr's and making an average ranking is a terrible idea, it won't work because beginners and experienced players will be on the same team and the experienced ones will get angry about the bad performance of the new ones and the new ones will be completly destroied on the game and will not feel pleasure playing it, just frustration.

    The bots: I know the bots should be worst than the players, it's only fair this way, but do they really need to be stuck on spawn? I mean, if the team somehow managed to win a 5v4 and went on a zoning they should be able to leave the bot on the mid and go zone the enemy, but the bot is stuck on spawn jumpping on his horse and somehow the team needs now to win a 5v3 (because one of them is stuck on the mid) to keep the zoning

    To help with the biggest problems I have a few options...
    The matchmaking: Assign a team just for that, focus on fixing the matchmaking even if it takes 3 or 4 minutes to find a game. Every game usually lasts for 10 to 20 minutes, so we won't bother waiting a few more minutes before playing if it's a good match... No one likes 4x0 stomps

    The other stuff: Instead of choosing 4 representatives (I'm not sure if it's really 4, please correct me if I'm wrong) let us say what we think. You can even make a google form document and ask us what do you think that your priority should be on a scale. For example: "How important is a fix on the matchmaking for you?" or "How important is a short time on a line to play a game?" "How important is a balance change on [insert champion name]" "How much do you like the game now?" and one open space to type anything they would want, like "I would really appreciate if grohk totems had higher areas because no one uses the totemic ward" (of course you should ask people to choose their elos to know how every kind of player thinks and someone's (please do not take someone away from support, the waiting time is terrible, don't make it worst) job should be only to analyse our feedbacks and pass to the rest of the team the most commented or wanted change. You can make separated documents like one for bugs (and I mean map bugs, skin bugs, bugged interactions, everything), one for champions and balance (I actually like the balance between champions now but you never can be too safe) one for gameplay (like matchmaking, ranked, waiting time) one for the battle pass or skins, just do something.
    To make sure everyone answers that you can give small rewards like a small amount of cristals, a skin, boosters, a chest, anything.
    Look, I know you are happy with the players that are coming, but you should be worried about the ones that are abandoning the game, because they are the ones with a louder voice and with more experience.
    I'm only posting this because with the this new game that's coming it's possible that Paladins loose a lot of players because of bad decisions, so please, try to listen what we have to say because apart from a few toxic/troll players, most of us want to help.
    I hope this generates a discussion because I would love to read what you have to say