This Week in the Realm | 7/22 - 7/28

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    Happy Wednesday, Champions! Hope your week has been going well so far.

    Following the AOC Summit last week, the Evil Mojo team is hard at work locking down our framework plans for 2020 with your feedback in mind!

    Speaking of future plans, our tech & art teams are putting the final touches on the next patch, which you'll be able to check out for the first time in an Update Show on the 14th of August.

    • Mark your calendars! Our next Double Battle Pass XP Weekend Event will be on August 3rd & 4th!


    • 4AM ET | Free Champ Rotation: Fernando, Kinessa, Evie, Ying

    Weekly Wisdom with the Design Team, featuring our new addition to the team @Neco: Creating your own card loadout can have a massive impact on how you play a Champion or in how you are able to specialize your own playstyle for different situations or team compositions. Feel like you're just not healing effectively enough as Grover? Try maxing out his Verdant Expanse card for an increase to his Blossom area!

  • I am really excited about Update Show on August 14th. New mode and new Battle Pass, yay.

  • Just curious, it's Thursday at approximately 6:30pm est, and Ash, Grover, Tyra, and Skye are still the featured characters on xBox. Does this change separately based on platform and I'm just not seeing that info posted?

  • @CrookedParadox Thanks for the heads up, something was wrong with how I scheduled that event, it should be fixed in around 10 minutes on all platforms!

  • @Molly awesome, thanks for the heads up and honesty. Looking forward to the new group. 😃

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    When will there be the next crystal storm?

  • @EinMeister said in This Week in the Realm | 7/22 - 7/28:

    When will there be the next crystal storm?

    Looks like never.

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    @xXNeoRaiderXx Aww maan

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    Hello dear managers of this forum and game Paladins. I am the leader of the Russian community in your game and I with other leaders want to become partners. In our community at the moment 8600 people and the asset is also not bad. Unfortunately your affiliate program on your site probably does not work, because I created a post there and wrote in the fields of information, but in response I have nothing to get. Further, I write to all admins as the server, they said that managers are not related. Next, I write to the managers themselves, unfortunately I could write only one and the answer I as always did not receive. Next, I write to all employees of the company on Twitter, I wrote a lot of messages and comments on this topic, and there I again did not receive any response. Writing in support, I was told that I can contact the managers through this forum and through the redit. Link to redit doesn't work for me so I have the last exit only here. I am one of the leaders of the Russian Amino paladins. So far, the contests we do through our own money and as you know, the money is not enough for this as we try to pay for advertising. There are a lot of active and kind participants in our community, they are praying now and hope that you will give us a green sign in this regard. My mail - [edited by mod] names in the game of our leaders: I Daniel - Bolt107, Nikita - KlayxGames, Valeria - LazyAihara and Anastasia - Tevanka. Our community leaders closely followed the developers Paladins and all the information, we immediately move us in the community to inform about the news of the participants. Also in our community there are so many active chats where the party to find allies in the team. Contact us please, re-write soy e - mail- [edited by mod] Our community (Amino Paladins rus) - Sorry for the grammar mistakes if there is, I don't speak the language and the message I had to write through a translator. Also sorry, I don't know about this forum

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    @Bolt1078 Please do not share emails here. I have already forwarded your case to EvilMojoMolly.

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