Darkness and Dragons Battlepass Competition

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    @TTraw No, I was doing 2 matches. I'm back up now.

    EU region, room is "Forum Challenge", pass is "furia"

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    Ok I'm going to continue with this tomorrow, probably around 5pm BST.

    So far we have 3 winners.

    See you then!

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    Could you possibly do it on Wednesday? I can't play tomorrow or Tuesday and I'd really like to win a pass.

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    Sorry everyone! I won't be able to finish the event today, but I promise I'll do it tomorrow.

    Thanks for your patience

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    Alright, we are back! Left it a bit later to hopefully allow different timezones a chance.

    Room is up, name is "Forum Challenge", password is "furia"

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    Ok, guess we're not too busy tonight. I'll try again tomorrow. Around 4pm?

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    4pm which time zone? @Peinzius id really like to win one today

  • How do I sign up for the giveaway?

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    @looperbop Peinzius will give info here when he will be doing new custom game 😄 You must wait amigo

    The darkness, it's spreading.

    I don't have much time left to contain the Abyss, it's power and influence is out of control. This Magistrate scum Corvus is worries me. How many poor creatures will be destroyed by this new vessel? How many peoples will be annihilated?

    I only hope it's not too late. Pyre, give me strength!

    Alright everyone, I think we've had enough time with the new patch so it's time for a little giveaway!

    I have 5 Battlepasses this time to give away, but we're gonna do another fighting competition, been a while since the last one.

    I'll be fighting 1v1's and I will be playing as the lovely Furia. We'll play on the Thrones map (from the old Rise of Furia event) in the TDM game mode. The first 5 people to win will get Battlepasses!

    The rules and structure!

    It will hopefully take place tomorrow, Sunday 10th May. Probably around 3pm BST.

    We will play in a 1v1 custom match. I will leave the region as Europe. I have terrible connection anyway, so any players from other regions, don't worry.

    I will post a password here in a new post whenever the custom game room is up. It will be available for all platforms so console and PC players alike are welcome.

    This is a Pyre vs Abyss event, so you must choose an Abyss related champion. This could be Androxus, Corvus, Dredge, Raum, Seris or in this case, I think some Abyss skins will be fine. Those would be Abyssal Lord Drogoz, Demonette Maeve, Deathspeaker/Banshee Ying or Knightmare/Sanguine Fernando. I'd highly recommend sticking to the 4 Abyssal themed champions though, just to keep it in theme. If I'm missing some just let me know.

    If you lose (highly unlikely), please wait a little while before trying again to give others a chance in case it's busy.

    I think that's everything, if you have any questions, let me know.

    Good luck, champions!

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