Seris Rend Soul Reveal Dynamic

  • Why not add a momentary reveal of 1 - 4s or 0.5 - 2s on Targets hit by Rend Soul, with the duration dependant on charges stacked before detonation.

    While posessing little control utility on the base ability, the additional of reveal would open more options to seris aggression through exposing combat information. Thus gaining more enemy awerenes around terrain would combo into her stealth and high ground mobility as well as utilization of ult around terrain more effectively.

    The only issue I can see is increased defence vs flanks due to a potential 4s reveal if not detonated in time, but that is a matter of discussion. On average, Base CD of Rend soul is 10-8s and a potential 1-3 players hit by this reveal dynamic for upto a potential 4s, sounds pretty fiar for aggression to me.

    There is currently no support in the game whose form of CC is the threat of active reveals, it would an interesting buff to base kit without toying with damage numbers.

  • @AYYDIMITRI the ability heals you for 15% of your max health per stack..... 60% or more heal on activation is not enough? silly the ability is strong already...

  • @Shadowpuppy

    Consider that Seris has a somwhat insane self heal potential with everything in her kit combined.... she has more self heal options the most supports.
    If no one is hunting you, you are pretty much chip proof if you can maintain spacing.
    She can take a beating, regenerate safely regardless of this rend soul being up or not.

    But in order to utilise rend soul, seris has to be exposed to deal damage, thus she has a self healing flaw of potentially being under the influance of cauterise, severly reducing the overall effectiveness of the ability unless you decaut or fight in a moment where you do not take hits.

    She can shadow travel and get out of combat healing regardless of other healing dynamics.
    Through cards she can gain healing while healing, she can gain healing while untargetable, she does not need so much self healing imo.

    If she was designed to heal herself with restore soul refracting off an ally in close quarters, she would not need as much off of rend soul at all.

    I feel, allowing rend soul to be used in an aggressive control sense, not just damage mitigation and self sustain in the face of conflict, would greatly improve seris supression dynamics, make her less of a heal bot, given what potential utility can be gained with reveals throughout the game.

  • It actually used to be an effect of a card. Dark Sight gave team reveal of 1s/lvl.
    It was removed along with the other reveal cards because people didn't like them.

    Once upon a time a suggested getting it back since it would be a unique utility aligning with her theme of oracle, but in the end it had huge backlash because people reaaaally don't like reveals. As a result, don't expect to have huge support with your suggestion.

  • @TTraw

    Ok... well consider at that time Low Rez had a major issue defining the strength and dynamics of reveals. As well as, when it comes to the community providing critisism on the state of the game, many are whining baby men who only berate design without willing to discuss its dynamics, faults and feel in game, we all know the kind.

    You can sort of see it right there with how they went about balencing Dark Sight giving team reveal... altering it to only reveal to self and reveal foes through stealth, that it was probably removed to streamline reveals as a whole.

    When you consider you could gain 5s of reveal time off of one charge of rend soul, and one orb and pierce a crowd...
    Don't you consider that just a bit too free of a reveal application for power of that duration.
    You are pretty much transforming the ability into something completely different at that point.

    They had tyra, strix and vivian with these light up the whole team forever revel card combos.
    This power being applied far to freely for its overall power in game.
    But a reveal support is a need, seris is capable for it.

    If you think of reveal as a form of damage and control through a debuff...
    A simple kit card cannot posess that ammout of damage power to create team wide ambush pressure.

    However... in base kit in a balenced format,... with a duration dependant on charges stacked, seris would spend 1.2s (+ projectile travel time) of sustained fire in order gain maximum duration of a reveal ability.
    YOU ARE LEGIT TRADING EXPOSURE FOR EXPOSURE... and this is wonderful on a foe piercing supressor with stacking charges like seris with that kind of escape.

    As long as this reveal has a max cap somewhere between 2-4s it should be not too hostile to work around.
    Anywhere between 0.5s - 1s per rank would be suitible for the game.

    Personally I think a 2s reveal is fair enough considering you can net more then one target.
    I just think Seris does not have enough time to perform with it.

    I am aware that a max of 4 is massivly overtoned for a concept here... its more to prove the dynamic is possible and that seris could use it.

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