Champion Concept: Neville (Frontline)

  • Frontline Champion: Neville, A Master Chemist

    Lore: As a successful alchemist under the Magistrate, Neville was often told tales from his old masters as to how the Magistrate was slowly turning possessive even before the golden age; the crystal discovery was a catalyst to their desire for power. He was at first reluctant to join the Resistance for fear of his reputuation. However, his contrbutions to, the unanimously inhumane, project Terminus was the last straw tolerating the Magistrate's misdeeds. The Battle at Crosswind Hold came and went but after some time, he was ready.
    Currently, he is a part of the Resistance but this time, the Magistrate's hypocrisy shall be their downfall by his hands.

    Health: 4000
    Ammo count of Pulse Gun: 8 Ammo/1.1s Reload Time
    Movement speed: 350


    [LMB] Pulse Cannon
    A cannon that charges a large projectile and releases it for up to 360 damage every 0.8s. Pierces enemies when the weapon is fully charged.

    [RMB] Heat Signature – (6 sec cd.)
    Select a target within 100 ft. Your next weapon shot will slow down and seek that target for 3s. Normal projectile speed will resume afterwards.

    [Q] Chemical Defence – (14 sec cd.)
    Throw a flask that leaves a cone-shaped, jelly-like substance around the point of impact absorbing enemy ranged attacks for 1.5s. The jelly then solidifies to make a climbable 6000 health deployable that lasts for 4s.

    [F] Frictionless – (13 sec cd.)
    Drop a flask of speed underneath you. For 1.3s, your movement speed increases by 140%.

    [E] Solution X – “Let’s test it out, shall we?”
    Hurl a viscous solution that cleanses allies and silences enemies in an area for 4s. Only allies caught in the area upon impact will also be healed for 70% of their maximum health over 1.4s.


    [Default] Enhanced Cannon
    Your weapon now has infinite ammo with no reload. Your next weapon shot now deals 480 damage during Heat Signature.

    [Level 2] A Chemist’s Stockpile
    Chemical Defence now has 2 charges but its cooldown has increased by 4 seconds.

    [Level 8] Slippery Venture
    During Frictionless, leave a trail that lasts for 3s. Enemies caught in its trail become crippled and are locked in the direction they entered the solution in for 2s.

    What do you think?

  • Switch

    i love reading champion concepts like these, this is a champ that sounds like a lot of fun to play... But i do think his main weapon is a little to similar atlas...

  • You're right about it being like Atlas. Maybe something new and different from the cast.

    "Changed the weapon from 620 every 1.4s to 360 every 0.8 s."

    This way he feels like a point tank who mini-snipes for point control and less of an off-tank.
    Imagine Sha Lin's weapon except its not a bow and can pierce at full charge.

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