Shooting range party

  • Hi!
    I would have liked to try out many thing, but these needed to change chapions. It's just a waste of time to start custom matches, champ selection time, lock time, map loading time, 50s spawn time, riding time to eachoter, test the thing, exit and do the same all the time with other champions. It would be million times simplier to enter into shooting range in party. We just need something - e.g. a new circle - to switch side for test ally and enemy stuffs too.
    E.g. Does Splitting Ice' bounce cauterize effect? Or does Essence Rip effected by cauterize? Or does Resillance help against Spite? How many Koga shots are countered by Zhin's Counter? There are tons of things what doesn't have descriptions.
    And it would be much simplier for friendly practicing anyways 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska Yes 100% this is a great idea.

  • ngl, this is what Ive been thinking about for some time already and I thought they were gonna implement it in the game. I think they should make customs so that you can make the rules f.e. being able to change loadouts and champions, being able to remove all cooldowns, ultspam, everyone gets 250 passive healing and item bans, being able to have 5 makoas on your team, this would be awesome and I think not that hard to implement into the game, just add a lock that says enable cooldown reduction or disable for example.

  • I also have a question, thats hard to test out, Does Corvus' dmg reduction on healing work for all allies being healed, meaning the marked targets too?

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