Game Crash on Nintendo Switch

  • Hello! This is my first time posting something onto the forum and I wanted to talk about an issue with the game crashing. I began playing the game on PC which worked perfectly fine, but am now playing the game on my Nintendo Switch as it is more accessible. There have been times where I am loading into a match or am in the middle of a match and the game will crash, where it then closes the game and leaves me on my switch home page. When it does so a message will pop up saying there was a problem with the game. When I log back into the game/the match, it takes a long time where in some cases the match will end or I have lost a lot of progress. I'm not sure if the problem has to do with my switch or the game but I thought I would bring it up as it happens frequently and ruins the fun of some intense matches.

  • Switch

    I also play on switch I know what your talking about it has happened many times to me and my brother I have tried fixing it several times to which I have had no progress I have just dealt with it if you have any progress please dm me

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