Moji's ultimate still horrible

  • Anyone else think Moji's ultimate is horrible? I've been playing this game for years and her ultimate still feels pointless to me. If you're not EXTREMELY accurate with who you are targeting it's a waste of an ultimate ability. I kind of feel like her ultimate should be similar to Pip's where it turns multiple champions into the treat so she has at least somewhat of a better chance of not wasting her ultimate move completely. Maybe I'm crazy, but she would be better if her ultimate didnt feel so useless.

  • @Kitkatyumm her ultimate is worthless... the fact that you cannot damage a cookie is bull shit.. I use it to turn a sniper into a cookie so i have time to get close to them..

  • Just point blank cookie a tank. ez munch

  • PC

    her ULT is worthless yes, insta kill yes, moji is easy to get killed while chasing a cookie 50-50.

    to me they should make moji invulnerable for 2s once she activate an ult to balance her survival on chasing a cookie

    drogoz ult is a one hit kill but he can find cover in the sky and he can chase in top speed but for moji is suicidal and need to get in close range to get a kill

  • @roiwtto999 its so easy to miss the cookie, like the hit box is about as small as it gets. If her dash didnt take years to spin up it would not be so bad. The champ is total garbage. Only way to play her is to be pocket healed. Which is pretty crappy to play against a protect moji team.

  • TIL an insta kill ult is horrible

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    @Shadowpuppy moji is good on close range 1v1 but suck in range also his ULT is suicidal drogoz ult is suicidal but he can rocket jump in the last second to avoid barrage damage while moji is just playing cat and mouse of 50-50 who gets killed first

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    Moji would honestly be as bad as Lex if she didn't have absurd burst. It's not just her ult. She has no poke, she has a massive hurtbox for a flanker, and to top it all of her only way of protecting herself has little effectiveness unless the idiot chasing her shoots into it, chases her into her range, and lets her get a free kill on them.