Makoa and what's wrong with him currently

  • I bring this up as it has struck me how underpowered some of Makoa's aspects are, such as his weapon and his shell spin ability. I am hoping that he will get some buffs, because he currently stands as a frontline that can only do well when his teammates are 10 feet away

  • @SauceOfTheMind

    I think you're selling McCuddles a bit short but he could definitely use some love.

    Talent wise 2 out of 3 are good, one's (Leviathan) pretty useless. Now , one talent is for hook, the other for shield I think Leviathan should be Shell Spin cool down is reduced by 4 seconds. That could open up a pinball death Makoa.

    Also I think his Cannon could use a small buff and drop cool downs by a second or 2, on Hook and Shell Spin. But overall Makoa's great I think.

  • For most of the game's existence, this character was too good. Everyone is tired of him. And now he is not bad with talent: "Midfield" and almost infinite shields, but the range of the hook, HP and damage, he lacks, but it is for the best.

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