Remix Strix

  • Could you please add a remix skin of Strix in deal of the day? I've been waiting for a long time. (I always check it in deal of the day but I never found it. ==)

  • PC

    @giftednut remix strix is a limited skin you have to wait on a new event chest for the remix skins event and wast it their if you got lucky

  • I don't remember if the Remix skin is limited or not, but all limited skins are only available for a short time and are unobtainable after that time. There is an exception, though. Limited skins can be earned or rewarded by contributing to a sponsored charity during a promotion period. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to donate to a good cause when an official announcement is made.

    There will be more limited skins available in the future. Just keep watching.

  • Switch

    Redux strix is limited remix is not

  • @roiwtto999 wait, it isn't. I've already checked,Below the skin's name,it said "exclusive" not "limited" ( about the golden edge of the skin's name , I used to see remix seris or remix pip on deals of the day.)

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