To our Champions, Regarding Servers

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    "paladins isn't the only game having issues since covid19, far from it, that had to happen"
    What other games? Are you sure it is player count related? How do you know? Hires hasn't posted anything about it. They're talking about ping spikes in England and server backups. Nothing about player count and server load. Which is a strange problem to have when AWS and other hosting providers can scale your server needs dynamically, on the fly. Who has server capacity issues in 2020? Do you think they have servers in their basement and need to go out and buy a couple more?

    But you are right. There has been an increase in players march and april. New players new revenues. But they're not staying. Last 30 days have seen a sharp decline.

    "game in beta" You don't get to hide behind that label when you have monetised your game for over 3 years.
    But ok. It's beta. How about some minimum of communication. Nope. They're not even acknowledging the problem.
    If they did, it would make it easier to wait for a fix. But they don't. They talk about lag spikes and how they fixed it. Which I'm sure they did. But that wasn't the problem. The problem persists.

    "then gtfo and go play OW or whatever" Yes. That is what people will do. Not because you told them to, but because the game is unplayable. Until the game has to few players to be financially viable for hires and it shuts down. Which means you want have a place to fanboy anymore. Do you want this? I don't.

  • @TangAce

    TangAce says almost nothing i can agree with but this post is spot on. If the game sucks so bad just go play something else.

    • Either its got you hooked so badly that you cant leave it even when its running like trash

    • Or you just like to cry and blame all the lost games on bad lag

    Either way its not a job and you do not have to show up to play. I would like some of the things fixed and i agree that there are some issues, however crying post about Hi Rez not giving a shit is not going to help any one.

    Then there is the fact that i play the game with no issues. How can it be laggy for someone in my match and not for me if its Hi Rez servers issue as we are both in the same match on the same server?

  • @Shadowpuppy said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    I agree, just go play something else. It's not like you've invested time and money on this game. Or used time on being part of the community by writing guides or making videos. It's not a job buddy.
    And it is free to play, so if you bought all the battle passes and skins because you liked the game and want it to financial succeed, that's on you buddy. Just go play something else.

  • I put up with Paladins because its flat out the one of the most fun FPS games i have ever played.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:


    TangAce says almost nothing i can agree with but this post is spot on. If the game sucks so bad just go play something else.

    I mean since this whole thing I've personally picked up TF2 again, but I definitely still play Paladins when it isn't nearly unplayable. Of course I complain when it is nearly unplayable, but I'm not going to act like my life is on the line over some server issues. Nonetheless, doesn't mean it's not an infuriating issue that should be resolved.

  • I direct hit an enemy 5 times with Drogoz and none of my rockets did damage ❤ ❤ ❤

  • eu full of lag teleport and miss shots alot unplayble

  • Just played a game in NA today and the gameplay was god awful. This was on the switch version, and it wasn't my internet or account. The servers are STILL this bad. Hi-Rez should've NEVER changed the servers. They're still so bad that some matches can't be played because of the constant issues with aerial characters and the sudden gravity issue that keeps ruining the gameplay, along with delayed hit detection, where some hits are NEVER registered when they have directly hit an enemy. I'm not playing on these servers until they're ACTUALLY fixed. For God's sake, put a long-as-hell maintenance for the bugs and servers and I'll be happy. You don't exactly have a time limit, just take your time and fix this, please.

  • @CaptainRyuji Vex30 recommends to play on the Latin server if you are in the US, he says it's actually in Florida so ping is no problem.

  • @Romanova said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    We will be transitioning away from the cloud servers within the next few hours.

    Excuse me, it's been about 230 hours, and NA servers are still lagging. Could you un-"upgrade" the servers, please? Un-"optimize" EU and SEA servers too, while you're at it. I hope I'm not distracting you from doing absolutely nothing about it.

  • I play on a wired PlayStation 4 in North America East Coast with no issues. I don't speak for everyone but myself.

  • the game dying and they do nothing , 2 month in max and we say was great game for 4 years 😞 hope you guys do somthing about it so sad

  • @Conrad_Max said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    I play on a wired PlayStation 4 in North America East Coast with no issues. I don't speak for everyone but myself.

    I play on EU server (PC) and the last few days were fine. No server lag.

  • I can play like 4-6 matches and after that, every match including all my teammate(random people soloQ) have lag, Normal ping but most of the times our skill, damage and movement are delaying. Sometimes no damage even we do direct hits to the enemy and nothing happens when we want to use skill even it's on cooldown. (South East Asia server)

    btw today 26 May 2020 I cannot log in into paladins. I always stuck at the "loading vendors" or at "completing login" screen and it has been 7 hours. (Steam client)

  • I play NA no lag. PC steam

  • @Romanova plzzz fix this soon iam having so issues with can we hope it gets fixed in this month or you will even loss the players you have now i dont want this game to be dead and plzz can you tell me how many days the fallen bundle gonna stay?bcz i dont have enough crown only-773🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    @t755uytttt Are you sure that you talking about Paladins? 🤔
    Cuz you know, this is Paladins forum.

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