To our Champions, Regarding Servers

  • @U1322272759 I'm pretty sure all those character bugs you mentioned are related to the server issues. I say this because I play Imani, Tiberius and Term all the time and have no issues on NA servers. I mean, I get it, I'd be pissed too if the servers were bad in my region. But you don't even consider those are an extension of the server issues? You don't think someone relaying a positive experience could be honest and in a different region than you? I don't get attacking someone just because their experience diverges from your own.

  • @Dalarki I was playing on NA exclusively and got all of those bugs there, before the recent lag issue. Let's see here: "dalarki" on paladins Guru played Imani 8 times ,Tiberius 3 times, Terminus 2 times. Hmm.

    I play Imani, Tiberius and Term all the time

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    @tren1ty @U1322272759 @YouSmeIlNice @justaboss @PacoScarso

    * I said "before"

    (yeah I hope it'll be visible enough this way, kinda miss old forum letter size change option in these moments)
    guys can you even think for one moment? ya know I suppose, even tho you might be shut ins, covid19 ? yaknow how it can cause problems
    they freaking warned and gave reasons for server instability over the past 2months
    before that it was fine, after that, it'll be fine, it's already fine, none of my friends got any lag issues since the earlier change

    one day people will read what I say day...

    I have played for more than 2 years, over 3k hours
    the game never had fewer bugs than now, just remembering andro, term, pip, and so on, half the champs were so buggy you wouldn't want to play em
    most character bugs right now were due to lag (andro's ult delaying for exemple, or jumps)
    you don't see people stuck in the floor, walls, wherever anymore
    you can respawn after crashing (and god knows it crashes way less than before, I actually don't have any deserter nor bot game in the last few months, which is actually impressive considering it was everyday a year ago
    I'm pretty sure all these people who answered me have only started playing recently
    any veteran player will know

    apparently everything seems fine according to people I asked
    and of course, I'm not including you in my previous rant, surely you know what I meant

  • @TangAce said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    one day people will read what I say day...

    You can help us out right now by learning to speak English. Aren't you from NA, or something? It's really hard for an English-third-language third-worlder like me to read and comprehend your word salads.

    you know that before their server changes

    Specify the changes in question, and why having lag after those changes is supposed to be acceptable.

    it's already fine, none of my friends got any lag issues since the earlier change

    Cool story, bro. Guess they don't even need to do any maintenance today, works on your machine.

    just remembering andro, term, pip, and so on

    Andro reversal still bugged, Term still bugged, Pip Weightless doesn't always autojump on activation, ultimate randomly fizzles.

    you don't see people stuck in the floor, walls, wherever anymore

    Saw Khan stuck in the sky after Io ulting him upwards about a week ago.

    you can respawn after crashing

    Wow. It's almost like that's supposed to be a basic feature.

  • @TangAce you've got to be joking. I honestly can't take this essay seriously.

  • I refuse to log into this game until the servers are fixed. Just played a match and NOTHING has changed from earlier today.

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    dude, english is my second language and I'm fluent, if you don't understand then you should go learn proper english

    dude they explained countless times why, I also said it, if you can't read not my fault

    works on my pc, works on 20 of my friends pc, everything is damn fine so stop complaining over nothing

    andro reversal bugged yes, more or less, it's more of an hitbox problem than a reversal problem actually, so not really a bug
    term has maybe one or two bugs remaining, he's playable without any issues...but surely you never saw what an unplayable term or pip is ^^'
    they even fix bugs people are reporting after patches really fast, I remember reporting a bug on their discord, it was acknowledged by romanova and transmitted to dev team, fixed in 2 days

    there are still some bugs, rarely, a year ago, you would get stuck in a wall every single day

    there was also a time where you couldn't respawn after restarting your game under certain conditions

    none of you played long enough to know what buggy means, nor how far paladins has come from in terms of bugs, nor the enourmous amount of work they put into fixing bugs

    anyway, regarding lag, nothing can be said, it was always fine, beside extreme situations

    you guys can only complain, if you want a boring and polished game, go play OW and shut it
    you don't even try to understand the whys and hows, you just wanna btch about whatever you can find to btch about

    honestly if I was a dev, I would not even want to try and fix stuff for a*sholes like you guys
    sure I'm mad at a ton of things about this game (mostly matchmaking and autoban, and eventually founders pack and vip mount) but damn we do have devs trying their best, and romanova is doing a pretty insane job talking to this toxic and disrespectful community (yeah I'm toxic too, but I'm also nice)

    if I have to get a thousand downvote for saying this then let it be, at least I'm saying the truth, and I hope, truly hope, people open their eyes and stop saying sh*t

  • @Romanova is this affecting players FPS too? cause I realized I am having FPS drops in my case which was not something that happened to me before.

  • @TangAce Your text style changed to something that sounds like you're jumping out of your pants in your whiteknight rage.

    dude they explained countless times why, I also said it, if you can't read not my fault

    Why what? I asked you which server changes you were talking about. Why did you go and write an entire new word salad on issues unrelated to the topic of this thread? Mods should step in and clean up your flood. 🙂

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    Lmao but maybe dial it down a bit @U1322272759 .

    Glad they're finally doing something about the servers🤸

  • @TangAce Whiteknighting a company KEKW
    Playing since 2018-01-06 is not an achievement, you don't need to get on a high horse for that, I've been playing for longer 🙃

    Delay, another server issue, was present for about 10 months. You might have not heard or experienced it as you and your friends seem to be in a playing in a immunity bubble. But hey, it was always fine, besides a 10 months extreme situation.

    The server issues were already present early march, right after so called "server optimizations".

  • I believe in you guys!! , I saw alot of improvements since the last update and today was the only day since then i face any problems and you just explained it for me , thank you ❤

  • How about, next time, you make the effort in actually letting your players know before hand. Pathetic.

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    cause covid19 wasn't clear enough for you?


    then maybe change your internet, I live in the mountains and got no problems
    I should mention that I also got more playtime than you

  • @TangAce I have quit this game at the end of 2018, because of lag issues and bugs. It simply made the game unplayable.
    Now I came back and... Nothing changed. Literally all the bugs I remember from 2018 are still the same, frostfangs is still saying the same thing about the game being broken. Nothing changed. Nothing. Oh sorry the added FURRIES, yes thats what we need. OH and more skins yes ima buy them all... Tbh if the game went down for a week, if there were no skins for half a year, but they fixed the servers and bugs at least a little bit, I would consider coming back, but now... This game is unplayable and was like that since I remember.
    I dont have the best pc, I dont have the best internet, and im not skilled at all, but I see that i have about 60 fps in Paladins but 80-90 in VALORANT, a game that literally comes out this year, and I have about double the ping, and lag spikes more in Paladins.

    I dont want to offend you but there is no way you can defend Paladins. The game is just broken, and the community knows it. As long as the devs dont take care of the problems the joy is gonna go away, and players will keep leaving.

  •   ( sorry for my bad english im french and trying to do my best )

    @remek1207 Man im so agreed with u on all the line except one point:

    • Team who made the skins and the team who made the bug fix , is not a same .

    So we can't blame Hi-Rez for trying to get some money , because if u forget it Paladins is 100% free-to-play .

    But for the rest i can't no agree with u , since too much long time same bugs and glitchs still here and they do nothing for fix it , so some players leave the game and it's sad because this game is really cool and appreciate to play him , i came from overwatch when i discover this style of gameplay and i love it , so i hope the team of Hi-rez and Evil mojo makes big efforts for keep their community .

    Big love u all champions

  • @RedLemonIce I agree, different teams work on skins and code BUT evilmojo has one bugdet and they could easily transfer a few dolars from the skins team to the bug fixing guys. I dont want to flame anyone but they need to have the game performance as the priority, or the game is gonna go down REAL FAST.

  • @TangAce said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    cause covid19 wasn't clear enough for you?

    Servers are immune to non-digital viruses, I'm afraid. They weren't physically maintained by EM employees in the first place, everything is controlled remotely, that's how server hosting works. It doesn't matter if the dev is at home or in the office. COVID19 is not an excuse for most of the servers being broken for over two months.

  • @TangAce just because the game is fine for you doesn't mean it is for everybody else. Its lagged so bad for me its unplayable and the 'server optimization' has caused it. No doubt your internet routes through different paths then mine and lucky for you its OK but its not for me and many others.

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    Tbh I don't have lags since new update. Only in some matches there is a problem with jumping. Tomorrow I will probably check if something has improved.

    Remember to report matches ID in which there are problems!

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