To our Champions, Regarding Servers

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    cause covid19 wasn't clear enough for you?

    Servers are immune to non-digital viruses, I'm afraid. They weren't physically maintained by EM employees in the first place, everything is controlled remotely, that's how server hosting works. It doesn't matter if the dev is at home or in the office. COVID19 is not an excuse for most of the servers being broken for over two months.

  • @TangAce just because the game is fine for you doesn't mean it is for everybody else. Its lagged so bad for me its unplayable and the 'server optimization' has caused it. No doubt your internet routes through different paths then mine and lucky for you its OK but its not for me and many others.

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    Tbh I don't have lags since new update. Only in some matches there is a problem with jumping. Tomorrow I will probably check if something has improved.

    Remember to report matches ID in which there are problems!

  • i play in EU server and i can say that i've had lags for months now.
    can't jump, delay in healing, shot's don't register
    and there are some bugs that are still there even after 3 or 4 patches .
    visual bugs that i died bcs of them like khan's grab or terminus' shatterfall.
    spawning without a horse but moving with the speed of a horse and the way to unmount the invisible horse is to get shot at.
    i've been playing since 2017 so I've seen hell in this game but they don't even fix these gamebraking bugs.
    i respect them for releasing skins bcs this is a f2p game and it's not p2w, i've supported them even if i wasn't playing.
    i love this game and i want to see it live so i can continue loving it.

  • @Romanova What exactly is the timeframe of this being completed? I am having the same issues (ping spike to 4k, etc.) 7 hours after this post (NA server). So I know if it is worth the tech support ticket or if the servers are still being worked on.

  • Every single time i log and try to play a game it freeze and the only thing i can do is to turn off the pc. Even trying to close it via task manager is impossible. I tried like 4/5 times today and a couple yesterday, i wasnt logging in for weeks before this and now the game is litterally implayable. Already reinstalled the game and verified the files in steam, nothin seems to work.. i use to roll this at 300fps no problem, so its not about my pc stats.

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  • Thanks for making an awesome game evil mojo! I’ve played it for about a year and a half, and I love it! That being said, I would love to see some buffs and nerfs spread around to a few characters as well as skins for people who you haven’t released skins in a while for. Maeve doesn’t need more skins. Seriously. Io, Evie, Torvald, Atlas, Makoa, Buck, Inara, Drogoz, Moji, and Dredge are in desperate need of attention as far as new skins. I detest the fact that Atlas and Terminus don’t get shielding credit for the time wall and vortex shield. Atlas, Terminus, Evie, Makoa (please god buff his cards and reduce his cooldowns), Torvald, Cassie, Buck, Kinessa (make a card that reduces the charge time of the charged shots and she’ll be fine), and Moji are in need of a buff (some more than others). Especially Makoa! Nerf Koga’s everything, Skye’s poison darts (percentage damage is bs), Vivian’s damage output needs a slight nerf, Tyra’s ‘burn monster’ talent needs to just be removed (that fire should not be capable of crippling, but if it just slows or cauterizes that’s fine)(percentage damage is bs), Corvus’s ultimate shouldn’t do percentage damage (percentage damage is bs) but instead should be a constant damaging field (it should be wider though and should heal allies a bit), Victor’s ‘Cardio’ talent needs to be removed or his sprint needs to have a limit, and Talus’s damage.

  • I play Paladins on Xbox One and I have been running into a few really annoying glitches that I have seen a few of my friends having as well. One of which is when I get notified of new skins or other similar rewards, it gives me the notification repeatedly and never stops until I close out of Paladins entirely. That’s happened to me and many of my friends countless times. I have also encountered a bug dealing with equipping skins and emotes that I have unlocked. I love the unimpressed emote for Khan, but I can’t equip it despite having unlocked it by spending diamonds on a chest. I literally paid cash for those diamonds only to find out that I couldn’t even equip any of the things I got from it. Please fix this glitch

  • @TangAce What planet do you come from to say things like that? 99.9% (0.01% it's you) of the players have problems with the servers. Either you're very lucky, or you're part of Hi-Rez and say fakes.

    @Lukash369 No Report match ID, ALL MATCH HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS, when will you understand that ???

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    I'm not the only one without problems, I'd even say most people don't have problems, it's just that those having problems are making too much noise so they think they are 99% of the people playing paladins 🙂 beside the past two months I never got many problem lag wise that wasn't related to my own internet
    and I play with wifi and live in the mountains

  • I play a crap ton of paladins and i only had issues yesterday.

    For those having consistant issues its likly you hardware. If you are using a modem provided by your cable provider i would advise looking into the make and model.

    16x4 modem means 16 channels for downnload and 4 channels for upload.

    Csble. companies like to issue 8 channel modems as it saves them badwidth... You csn double your speed or more as all the people with the 8 channel modems are on the fisrt 8 channels bogged down.

    While people with 16 are flying down the empty last 8 channels..

    Buying the super internet speed package means they would. come out and install a better modem.

    Its worth the money for online gaming.

    Edit: not the super internet package dont buy that... Go by your ownn16x4 modem..

  • @Shadowpuppy You're thinking about NA. EU and SEA (and others that I have no experience with) were lagging for months. For every match that only has a bit of delay, there are two matches that are an absolute lagfest. All MY NA friends complained about the latest lag on NA and quit playing or moved to Latin America North server, but I've had the exact same experience on EU and SEA before I started playing on NA.
    It's not a hardware issue, and it's not a connection issue (unless you're giving advice to Evil Mojo 😃 ). I can play on Latin America North server right now with decent connection, aside from bad ping caused by being in EU. That's until they "optimize" that one too.

    @Romanova said in To our Champions, Regarding Servers:

    We will be transitioning away from the cloud servers within the next few hours.

    It's been a whole day now, and the server is still very much broken. Could you get someone to fix all the servers that were broken for months while you're at it? Or is it too toxic of me to ask?

  • @U1322272759 yea i cant comment on those servers as im an NA guy. Sorry

  • server still pretty bad
    match ID 979812425 EU
    cannot ride in normal speed, last round I cannot deal dmg

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    @Waschbaerchen It will be better if you will send this ID in support ticket.

    If you are still experiencing server issues after this, we encourage you to submit a technical support ticket ( with your match IDs so we can further investigate any ongoing issues.

  • Omg a ticket for what ? U do nothing to fix bug. U take cash and no more else. No new map no new style game only change some costume and some new characters (we dont need it !) We need a game without fukking bug !

  • How, just how can you fuck up so bad... it's has been so long and servers are still shit...

    Wish I could get my money back, I spend because I wanted to support this game...



  • ^ Yeah, do that.

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