Decidere, The Crypt Keeper

  • Switch

    The Crypt Keeper
    Frontline, 4100HP
    Base Speed 365

    LMB: “Crypt Claws”
    Slash in front of you every .5 seconds and deal 600 damage

    RMB: “Crypts Call”
    Turn into a shadow on the ground allowing you to climb up walls and not get hit for 5 seconds, You move twice as fast while using this. 11 Second Cooldown

    Q: “Bandage Barrier”
    Create a barrier 15 units around you in a circle that absorbs all damage for 7 seconds and heals allies inside of it for 200 a second. Goes onto Cooldown as soon as finished. (Can be cancelled) 7 second Cooldown

    F: “Otherworldly Grasp”
    Target the an enemy of you choice they will take 500 damage over 5 seconds and take 20% more damage. 11 second Cooldown

    E: “Reapers Call”
    Create a 20 unit circle on the ground that will insta-kill the enemy closest to the center and lower all other enemies healing and damage by 50% for 3 seconds.
    “It’s your time” Enemy/Self
    “The crypt calls” Ally

  • @Miniiwolf I think this is a pretty strong champion maybe a bit to strong.. like he can kill an Evie in 1.5 sec

  • PC

    @HighPriestess2020 1.5 is a long period for killing the champ with the lowest hp..

  • @NoMemeNoLife it's not, considering that viktor burst mode (highest dps in the game: 1650), would take 1,1s to kill an evie, which is almost the same as that tank. Tanks shouldn't have a dps of 1200, that much mobility, have an infinite healing shield that can also heal.
    This guy litteraly has a makoa shield, which works like atlas' stasis field, PLUS it can heal allies and himself inside. He's got Ruckus' vertical dash, but he takes no dmg whilst doing it.
    He's got the best dps of all tanks, healers and flanks (andro with cursed revolver has a dps of 1200 too).
    And his ult basically is a better Corvus ult, even better than tyra's fire.

  • PC

    Health Pool: 4100 is a very odd number. 🤔 Could just lop it off to 4k.

    LMB: Too much DPS. Definitely too much DPS. 1200 DPS is stupid even on a damage. I'd say to keep the feel I think is being went for, while not making it not do very little damage per hit: 400 damage every .6 seconds. After all this is a frontline. Though I kept it high because I'm assuming this is melee based on the wordin, and my suggestion for this would be melee as well.

    RMB: Whoa wait a minute. Invulnerability for 5 seconds on ability cooldown on its own is just not okay. And on top of that adding wall-climbing? That's downright insane. It's like 2 abilities in one slot. Oh and doubled movement speed because why not too. Looking at the rest of this kit, I think what you could do is to rework this into a dash. I can't really advocate for keeping a random and kind of insane movement speed steroid either, and a point tank like this seems to be really doesn't need that kind of mobility. Also I guess add 400 damage to it for good measure as well.

    Q: Another VERY broken ability. I mean with this and the concept of the Q you'd literally be damage immune for over half the game. True this one is positioning dependent, but people already complained about Atlas barrier back when he was good and it has twice as long of a cooldown, doesn't just heal allies because why not, and it's only placed right in front of him in a line. I could see this ability being a very interesting supportive twist on a tank shield though. Give it a limit (maybe 4k), and a much longer cooldown (maybe 12 seconds). It seems like this character would be a supportive point tank, but the supportive part of this should probably be made into a talent.

    F: Weird timescales, but this ability is definitely the worst, and simultaneously most balanced part of the entire kit, with also the most applications. From the naming I think a good path might be to make this into a tether that maybe slows and grants the bonus damage. At the end of the tether (probably 2s or so) if they're in it still , double the bonus damage and stun the enemy for 1 second maybe.

    Ult: This sounds like a big nope from me. For a few reasons. You combo this with the F on an enemy and they die with nothing they can do about it, and it's already a free kill as is. I do have a suggestion for this though. Make the size of it larger (20 units is pretty small), the first part needs to be totally removed, and the second part needs nerfing/tweaking. I'll go over an idea for it that I would do myself later, though I'm not sure if it fits the intent of this character's kit design.

    So just going to go over my ideas for revision:

    Max HP: 4000
    Base Speed: (Same)

    LMB: Slash in front of you, dealing 400 damage every .6 seconds (probably around 14 unit radius, maybe).

    RMB: Turn into a shadow, and blink forwards (25-30 units?), dealing 400 damage to any enemy you would collide with. Cooldown of 10 seconds (shortened a little).

    Q: Create a circular shield around you (no top, I imply), with 4000 health, Cooldown of 12 seconds.

    F: Tether a target enemy. While they stay within 60 units of you, they are slowed by 40% and dealt 20% more damage from allies. Channels for 2 seconds or until the target escapes. If an enemy is unable to escape the tether within those 2 seconds, they are stunned for 1 second and while they're stunned by this ability they take 40% more damage from allies instead. Cooldown of 11 seconds after the channel ends.

    Ult: Channel for 1 second, and then slam your arms into the ground, creating a 75 unit ring around yourself. Enemies within the ring are slowed by 50% and take 12% of their maximum health in damage per second. This ring lasts for 8 seconds.

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