Esmerald, the dessert sentinel.

  • Sorry I’ve not been active for a while anyway here’s my champion concept I came up a while ago.Feedback is appreciated, tell me if you don’t understand something.

    Main weapon-Guardian’s blade-his main weapon is a fuel sword (a sword with a blade on each side with the handle in the middle) He only shoots out of one side for his main atack, anyway he shoots a grain of sand every 0.05 sec and deals 40 dmg per grain. Has a 66 ammo capacity and a reload speed of 1.7 sec.

    Right click-emerald orb-turns his sword around and shoots a chargeable ball/orb which deals 150 dmg and stuns for 1.5 sec. The more you charge it the bigger the radius. The maximum charge is 2 sec. has a 8 sec cooldown.

    F-Sandy Aura-you spin your sword above you causing a veil to appear around you for 5 sec. reducing the dmg you take by 30% and increasing your movement speed by 30%. Has a 10.5 sec cooldown.

    Q-Guardian’s Secret- split your sword in half so you have two small swords, throw one as a boomerang which circles in a ovalish motion dealing 150 dmg and bringing the enemy which it hit with the boomerang back to you, once he gets back you stab him three times with your two swords each hit dealing 150 dmg.
    Has a 17 sec cooldown.

    E-Sand Storm- Whip up a sand storm which causes all enemies in a big radius to receive 100 dmg every sec and increase the damage you and your team mates do to the enemies in the sand storm by 50%.

    Default talent:Deathly SandStorm-your E charges slightly slower but now also reduces healing by 35%
    Rank 2 talent: Enchanting Stun- the stun from emerald orb lasts 1.5 sec longer.
    Rank 8 talent: Skillful huntsman-For 5 sec after getting a killing blow your main weapon does 25% more damage.

  • @HighPriestess2020 2025 health? thats new, why not 2020? xd
    He seems kinda underpowered ngl, way too big cooldowns on underwhelming abilities tbh.

  • @Carlolrac555 I changed the cooldowns a little bit

  • @HighPriestess2020 the lvl 8 talent looks kinda underwhelming too, having only 20% movement speed after a kill seems like a card, not a talent. You can have more fun with these champs, make them a bit op-looking, ure the first one to make an underpowered kit, but its not bad for sure

  • @Carlolrac555 ok I changed the rank 8 talent and increased some damage on some of his moves.

  • @HighPriestess2020 yeah he seems pretty good rn, yet I'm not a huge fan of cards that give benefit when they kill someone (maybe the more consecutive shots he hits, the more it will deal over time f.e.: 40 dmg for the first 5, 45 for the next 5, 50, for the next 5, until 70) I personally find reset cards okay, if they trigger on your own Hp or reset cooldowns for important abilities upon kills. In a scenario where 1 gets a kill, the other 4 will probably follow, as youre left with a 5v4.

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