Atlas needs work

  • First of ll he's a front line character with a lot of game changing abilities, yet when you use him you only get 30,000 damage and nothing else, even though your shielding your team for most of the match. This needs to be changed because he's such a good character but people won't play him because you look like you've done nothing all game when in fact you will have shielded your team for over 30,000.

    Atlas and his ult, an amazing idea for objective games, but the fact they just stand there and you can't do any damage or the ult itself dose no damage is awful.

    Good character need changing with his ult and the fact he dose nothing other than damage even though he shields all game.

  • @adamcoco6 I agree, not only his shielding stat looks bad no matter how good you play (since it doesn't count as shielding at all) but he's the only champion with a chargeable weapon that can't hold the charged shot (cf. Sha Lin, Imani, etc.) making his cannon feel terrible to use and his damage inconsistent. Plus, most of his talents have some flaws and that makes him even less fun to play. I made a thread about talents (including Atlas') some time ago but I don't know if I can link it here...

  • I have been playing Big wall Atlas, and i have to say.... There is not ever going to be a reason to pick any other talent over this one. I think it should probably just go right into the base kit.... Its fun to use has a horrible cool down, but over all its the best part of playing atlas in my opinion. I have tried all the other talents and they just dont do what atlas is made for and that is control the battle and the map. With big wall he is pretty strong but without it it he seems very weak on most maps. The shielding options and how you can use it are just flat out fun to experiment with.

    Shielding a maeve way in the backfield is very rewarding and splitting choke points is just fantastic.

    I think he does need some work on his base weapon, the spread when not charged is to much. I think they should give his weapon 500 damage base with not allot of spread when you just fire it, But charging it up will provide more damage up to the 750 on full charge.

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    @Shadowpuppy said in Atlas needs work:

    I have been playing Big wall Atlas, and i have to say.... There is not ever going to be a reason to pick any other talent over this one.
    I think it should probably just go right into the base kit....

    I have tried Temporal Divide and while it does work, it requires your team to play around the barrier to get the potential value it has out of it, and in my opinion at least ends up a little worse than Deja Vu. Also, you're pretty much forced into rushing Chronos because of the long CD. When I ran TD, I even had Phantom Pain V in it and the consistency was still not all there. Which is what Deja has over it because you don't have to deal with a 21s base cooldown on your shield that's hard to reduce because his base rewind is pretty terrible. Not to mention Atlas not really having the sustain to properly and the map dependency it can have. Like it kind of sucks on maps where you can't really utilize it, like Frog Isle, due to a lack of width, or on maps that are too wide like Jaguar Falls where it's easier to go around.

    But the talent has its advantages, like being a counter (theoretically) to the likes of Burst Mode Viktor and Strix who's entire game plan is to output from mid to long range (and neither have vertical mobility, which is an important factor as well), and giving your flankers a nice hefty speed boost from Beyond the Veil which I think is probably core to really make the talent shine over Deja. It's also just absurdly obnoxious to deal with.

    In my opinion at least Deja's consistency slightly outweighs the teamplay potential of TD.

    As for going into the base kit, that would be highly problematic. Not just because of the size, but because the cooldown making it inconsistent. I think his base barrier is actually fine. The issue is that his F cooldown, at base, is 18 seconds long and he has no mobility. I don't care if it's a really powerful ability, it can easily put you out of position, it's countered by roots/cripples/stuns, and it's very easy to misuse. I think it should have a longer cooldown but 18 seconds is a bit much, especially when it's his main way of sustaining. I also still strongly believe he needs a CDR on elims card. I mean most other tanks have one, but not Atlas? You know, a character with really long cooldowns with little way of reducing? Also I just think Atlas should be more focused on his potentially very strong utility more than anything.

  • @Dusklicious I stopped running the cool down card. Its 5 seconds, not really worth the points... I maxed out health and extra 750 heal on rewind. I use the barrier like really early in the point fight, first 3 seconds maybe. Im looking for who on my team is pushing agressive and i shield the crap out of them in what ever angle helps them most. That normally ends up with them controlling that side of the map.

    This also makes it so the healer is healing everyone but me for that entire first part of the point fight. Which makes a pretty big differnce. Once the shield drops i start taking damage and doing things and i rewind to full health. At this point either my team has done some stuff or they suck. But its been doing pretty good even with medicore players.

    I think they reason its working is because im on point for a long time and i dont need anything from my healer really. I do rush Chronos, it just does so much for you.

    One thing that might help is turning side ways and putting your shield down long ways on the map. You can put a diagnal shield down a lane you want to push through. Really strong on maps that are hard to get through that final choke point. I was running the rewind thing but once i started really trying to aim the thing its not that hard to hit.

  • They just need to copy the Smite scoreboard at the end.

    • credits earned
    • credits per minute
    • player damage
    • damage taken
    • damage mitigated (counts shields, power siphon, stasis field, and dr)
    • object damage (damage to shields, deployables, etc)
    • player healing

    This will show Atlas players how much impact they actually had. Bonus for Io players because it'll show the amount of damage they mitigated with Goddess Blessing. Yeah the enemy Io is cute when they outheal you with Life Link, but did they mitigate as much damage as you did?

    I should make a thread about what they need to take from Smite, because yeah...

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    atlas is not a good solo tank he only got 1 dmg atk and its his primary fire all of hit kits are just time no dmg his the only tank that is easy to get killed rewind self is ok but its just a gamble skill also his enemy rewind can destroy your team enemy kills it happend to me 1 of my atlas team keep rewind enemy i almost kill to full HP

  • Better base speed, slow on charging atacks, removed while firing, making sure the slow does not feel cumbersome during firing, and not impactful when tap fireing consistantly.

    Slow while firing should take him to his base speed, then say 7-15% additional move speed when not fireing, allowing him to sacrifice firepower take position faster.

    Slightly better weapon damage, like 800, just so fully charged head shots deal 1200 damage. Or some utility to the effect of hitting a fully charged shot in order to create a better frag state on a foe.

    Slightly better charge time.... 1.4s is still very long for a potential of 750 intant damage to a single target. I wish charge time was 0.4s per rank over the current formula 0.5s for the first two then 0.4s for the last..
    Totalling a 1.2s charge time with a 0.3s holding time to adjust to defencive ability deactivation rather then perfect timing it always.

    Consider that atlas clunky firearm does not provide him with an easy to read dps stat, and its lockout times after each attack cut into the impact of his atttacks at lose quarters. I beleive atlas should be a ranged tank, but that said his ability to adjust to applying damage at range is not that much greater then that of other frontline class.

    And that is just the gun....
    Don't get me started on the rest.

  • @roiwtto999 His weapon is trash but that rewind skill as amazing. You cant jusdgr it basded on stupid people using it wrong.

  • Atlas could really use a lot of QoL changes:

    1. Let him use wall while charging/firing LMB and Setback
    2. Let him cancel charging LMB with reload
    3. Make his shield appear the moment he presses the button
    4. Make his shield extend downwards a little so he can't be shot at on slopes without big wall talent
    5. Reduce overall delays in his kit slightly
    6. Reduce self-slow during ult
    7. Reduce his charge time from 1.4s to 1.2s (from 312 to 340 DPS) but make him hold his max LMB for 0.3s
    8. This might be OP, but maybe reduce banish to 2-3s, but let him use his abilities while he is ulting?
    9. Cut Unstable Fissure detonation in half, make it also reduce CD of setback or make it destroy all shields like it used to.
    10. Increase his HP to 4000

    I am not talking about all of it at once, because it would be obviously overpowered, but some of them would help the character AND make him funnier to play at the same time.

    Atlast is currently one of the lowest winrate AND pickrate champions right now, it is ridiculous and he deserves some very big buffs.

    Out of all buffs, I would avoid buffing his initial damage tho, noone likes being deleted by a tank from range. He's utlity/control tank and picking him for his damage kind of doesn't make sense.

  • @TTraw His ultimate is so slow to activate... It does no damage and i have been killed from full health before i could fire one round... Yes i was in a crappy spot but thats kinda what ults should do. Turn crap into something. When your ult can only be used when younhave a wall and your want to shoot peoole when your wall is up.

    Only way to really use it, is at range... your a sitting duck... Khan is a duck as well but his ult kills one person pretty much 99 percent of the the time.

    They should just triple the duration and make it one shot and activate quickly.

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