Yeah, So what do i do if this buggy trash heap crashes then claims I'm a deserter?

  • Just trying to play so that i can level up the battle pass, but then the game just up and freezes and promptly crashes. Now I'm stuck as a deserter for 30 minutes because the game cant even work right? Things like this make me not want to play anymore

    1. If this is a buggy trash heap, why ard you playing it?

    2. Do, or play, something else for 30 minutes. That's what I've done the three or four times I've been hit with deserter.

  • @Conrad_Max A buggy trash heap can still be a good game. That's how bethesda has been around for so long. But to be forced out of a game for so long by something the developers can fix seems pretty dumb.

  • I'm glad that I rarely have that issue. Like I posted, three or four times.

    I suggest that each time you have this issue, contact Support and give them details as to what was happening before the game crashed/froze on you and you were marked as a deserter.

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    Creating threads to purely to complain certainly won't help. If you have any instances of crashes or bugs, report them following these instructions.

    Otherwise, for posts like this, please use the rage thread.


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