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    , meaning that at the very start of the

    You obvously dont know how to use warders field. Like not even remotely at all. Its field is massive you dont need to place it in bariks face. It comical to see post like this when its increadably easy to get value out of the totum when places correctly.

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    Dia+ only, Inara, Mother's grace 88% pick rate and 50% win rate
    TG is only picked 10% of the time so the 57% WR obviously due to lower sample size.

    There are 2188 matches with TG at Diamond+ so the 57% WR is probably significant.

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    @maczerofun said in Choosing a Point Tank:

    Dia+ only, Inara, Mother's grace 88% pick rate and 50% win rate
    TG is only picked 10% of the time so the 57% WR obviously due to lower sample size.

    Yeah because that can be gleaned from what exactly? Plus the source of this data doesn't agree with you in the slightest. The confidence interval of the graph says that at the lowest its winrate in D+ would be likely to go down to with the data is 54%. A talent in general somehow being bad when it has the second highest winrate in D+ is laughable anyways.

    Also, 50% is really low in D+. The average is around 50% so what you say about MG being really good and Inara being better than Barik or Term point wise is utterly ridiculous since both have way higher winrates overall. Heck all three of Terms talents have a higher winrate than MG and both of Barik's talents have fairly high winrates, with Architectonics having the highest winrate of all tank talents in the entire game at Diamond+.

    I'm not even go over the rest of the posts because there's just too much laughably ridiculous nonsense there. Like worse than this bad. I mean yet again a post that says Inara is better than Barik in and of itself is downright ridiculous, so... It doesn't help your case that you seem to believe your utter nonsense so much you're willing to go after a perfectly fine post because "it doesn't match my opinion that's clearly fact REEEEEE."


    And yes although these statistics don't always present an accurate picture of the game, they do present the closest it can with a single statistic. It does, for example, contradict mine and from my experience the popular opinion that Term is the strongest tank in the game, but it also seems to say people play the meta talent and don't understand the character. Which just proves to me he's more mechanical than he appears to some people who just say "he's broken and super easy" when that simply isn't the case. Not to mention anyways that none of this is based on fact nor do I pretend it to be, and there really is no objective way to say anything on this topic even if there's some opinions that make no sense whatsoever. Like Inara somehow being better than Barik and Term both. With MG that has a significantly lower than average winrate nonetheless. And all the large sample size proves to me is that it's situational at best but somehow extremely popular.

  • @Dusklicious The opinion that the Crippling Warder is bad comes from the pro-player content creators I think. Vex30, RandomNoob and so on. The MG winrate jumped to 52% btw. In the end it's probably situational. Against Burn Monster the Warder is not so strong while Mothers Grace can counter it. Against running Raum the warder is great.

  • @Shadowpuppy sorry, I don't see an argument at all, you can't assume that I don't know how to use it.
    What I'm saying is: I know how to counter it.

    @M3RC3N4RI0 I'd rather go with the higher sample size but OK, too bad we can't see the composition of those teams, it's probably a team with io/inara where inara is an off tank most of the time.
    @Dusklicious Don't even go there.
    I'm not forcing my opinion, I just laughably destroy each and every TG inara I see in my games, I outlive Barik on the point, I outlive Terminus on the point, what can term do? flash his siphon in my face while I wait for it to go away? 2 seconds later he's dead.

    I don't watch content creators, I just play the game and by defeating those enemies I learn what is good and what is bad.

    I didn't just use statistics to cover up my reasoning, I explained what happens to the obelisk late game and that's that.

    Just go into a ranked game as Inara and pick TG, see what everyone thinks of that.
    It's not a personal opinion so stop thinking your own opinion is right and mine is wrong, they both are opinions, I just back up mine with examples.

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    Not a good game, but it does show how to use the Cripple talent correctly and how to use it incorrectly.

    First time i placed it i just stuck it down without thinking and bomb king destroyed the crap out of it with no effort. 0:52

    Second placement 1:05 i place it in the open but i walk in front of it to protect it.

    1:40 I place it to make bomb king easy to target, i walk forward to protect it

    2:12 bomb king again place it before the door way, no way he can target it

    2:26 total panic placement, its screws koga but not a good placement

    3:02 defensive placement to keep koga from killing me

    3:22 i placed it and i did not walk forward, Vik and bombking should have destroyed my ass right here but vik fired all his rounds at my totum because he is already annoyed as fuck by it. 2v1 killed a viktor with a bombking right next to him and took no damage. Bomb king was just trying to get away from me ... lol These guys did suck but you see the choice, in that moment the correct choice would have been for them to try and blow me up instead of the totum. To be honest this was a panic placement as i was like im screwed.

    3:35 placed it where no one can shoot it but it screwed the path to the best high ground defence locations

    3:52 panic placement, i was about to die before the bombking ult.

    4:19 no real though other than i want to kill this bomb king.

    Allot of my placements where not that great as im not super great at Inara, she was level 12 last week so i just started really learning her skill set.

    It has allot more potential than most people even use.

    ... I was playing off tank once i get a point tank version, i will upload that and talk about what i did right and what i did wrong.

  • You play her more as off tank than point tank. As off-tank the crippling warder is a must. Btw. Grohk is using a Totem while Inara is using a "warder".

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