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  • Hi, I'm on Xbox and I like playing paladins, and I noticed the refer a friend page but it doesn't work. Seems to be only PC friendly which is really really annoying. I have three friends who I could have referred but I couldnt and then they got the game anyway. I have one more friend to refer but I can't. Can you please make it console friendly. Seems to be a problem with finding my friends in the game.

  • @MrPenguin121 i dont think this feature has ever worked. there are threads dating back to 2016 with the same issue. i have it as well. i have invited 2 others and it is well past the point it would ever work now and we could have gotten many of rewards for the hours we put in. It's sad to have a feature if it isnt going to work and they dont do anything about it.

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    A few months ago everything was working fine on PC (I checked). Now if someone has problems they have to send a support ticket, especially if they are playing on the console.


    Also please don't necro old posts.


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