Unable to submit support tickets.

  • I have been trying to submit a support ticket multiple times now, over the past couple of days and each time I am met with a blank blue screen with no indication of anything being sent or verified. I have had this happen to me before around four months ago during the last Battle Pass with an unrelated issue that was never addressed and as a result I missed out on the Mr Realmwide title. I am willing to accept that I have missed out on that at this point but that is not to say I am happy with the service I have received considering it is additional content I chose to pay for.
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    I noticed that the email address that is linked to my account is yet to be verified so I am not sure if that may be causing the problem in some way? I have been unable to verify my account as I am currently not receiving any emails regardless of how many times I have clicked the "please verify your email address" button via my account page.

    I am not sure how to proceed beyond this point. It is rather frustrating that I seem to be unable to request support regarding the game in any way. Is there way to contact customer support directly that doesn't involve going through the support ticket system?

    Any information regarding this would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Have you tried using another browser or incognito mode?

  • Thank you for the reply.

    I have tried using incognito mode on Chrome and I am still getting the blank blue screen when I hit submit. I have even resorting to trying it through the dreaded Internet Explorer and nothing. I was unable to bypass the captcha service on Internet Explorer regardless of how many attempts of proving I am not a robot. I cannot login on there to try it at this time. I have also tired using a different IP Address to rule out potentional conncetion issues with the same result. I believe that the issue I am experiencing is account related and nothing to doing with my connection/browser I choose to use.

    It should not be this difficult to request customer service. All support links lead my back to the same point of having to submit a ticket of which I cannot do.

    Is there no other way at all of contacting customer support? The official Discord proved to not be of much help either as I just got redirected back to the support ticket system.

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    Hmm, you can try to contact Romanova on twitter

  • I would do that if they were open to receiving direct messgaes which currently they are not... That goes for both Discord and Twitter. I guess I will just have to tag HiRezStudios in a Tweet then? I apperciate the suggestion though.

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    You'd better tag Romanova 😄

  • So... I'm just providing an update for anyone out there that may still be interested in whether or not I was able to resolve this issue. That answer would be a resounding no. I am no further forward with this than I was just over a month ago at this point.

    I did what was suggested, tagging both HiRezStudios, HiRezSupport as well as Romanova on Twitter linking them to this forum post. No response. About a week after that, I took it a step further and made a post on Reddit outlining the issue as well as providing appropriate links in hopes of reaching out to someone there. Apart from receiving a few upvotes in an attempt to bump the post, I've yet to hear anything back. I finally decided "screw it", I'll just email the company directly which I did in the form of a complaint, yet again outlining the issue I've been having as well as to mention the lack of response I have received from someone that's officially affiliated with HiRezStudios. That was over a week ago now and unsurprisingly, I've yet to receive an email back. I didn't even receive an automatic response email to confirm that it was sent.

    It's been made very clear to me that HiRezStudios are no longer worth my time and money. If they're unable to provide a simple response to an issue I've had ongoing for many months now then why should I continue to financial support them? I have little to no desire to even play the game at this point. If I were to run into another issue I need to report, it's been made apparent that it's just going to go unnoticed/ignored. If by some miracle I do recive a response or email back from someone, I'll be sure to provide an update.

    I thank anyone that took the time to read this post. Thanks again Lukash369 for your help over the past month. It has been much appreciated.

  • Hey, no idea if you still expect some kind of response from them or just didn't bother again since then, but I thought Why not share my amazing story too?

    Usual things, got banned in the middle of the game, no warning or idea why, no timer to show me if I'll ever get it back, was my first time as well, so I was so pleasantly surprised, and of course, no way to contact them.

    I didn't even get the blue screen you had, it was like the SUBMIT button was fake, no reaction or anything loading, just me clicking a random spot on screen. But after a couple of days, I thought Why not try internet edge? And voila, it worked! I even got a half serious captcha test, I just marked me as human (and denying my alien father on the way, sorry pops), and after that I got a message telling me - We appreciate your patience as we are experiencing a higher than usual volume of tickets.

    That was also confirmed by an automated mail I got soon after, so hopefully they will be able to resolve this Nightmare before Christmas.

    Hope I helped.

  • Hi!
    I don't know if you still need help with this but what happens is after you click on submit it takes you directly to the middle of the next page which is empty. You have to scroll up to see the message "We appreciate your patience as we are experiencing a higher than usual volume of tickets". I only discovered this because someone from the official Smite Discord server helped me (thanks Goobsie <3).

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