This game is in dire need of an "Avoid player for 7 days" button

  • Lately I've been in games where teammates just flat out give up on a match if we don't take point first round or people who throw games because they don't like a person's card loadout or legendary. Easily the most common problem out of the bunch is people going AFK because they feel like they're not getting enough attention from the healer yet do not have or even refuse to buy rejuvenate. Even worse is when you've just left a match with a person who INTENTIONALLY decided to throw the game, only to find out that you've been paired up with said person AGAIN a second or third time in a row. If you choose to leave the game because of this kind of person, you're penalized and labeled a deserter in casuals either that or you're de-ranked in competitive AND labeled a deserter. If we could just have that one mechanic of having the ability to avoid certain players for a week or so I'm sure it would make some matches or match ups a slight less painful in the future...

  • Reminds me at the guy who tried to derank to play with his low level friend and therefor threw every match (what he explained when someone asked why he is throwing). Many players already knew him: "Oh, it's him again. He will throw." I had a few match against and with him - so stupid. 😁

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    Keep seeing this Damba player on PS4, he'll die twice, never heal, dive into a 5v1 and try to stun before being bursted, then sit in spawn, coming out only to shoot and make the game think he's not AFK.
    I'd like a feature like this. Reporting doesn't seem to work as quick as we'd like, even when the whole team reports a player every time.

  • I deal with this every day always a troll, or a bot like serious Hi-Rez step it up and add a avoid system or a vote kick in rank it would help so much.

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