There is no incentive to play as a team nor is there a penalty for not playing as a team

  • We forget all about the fact that games like this are ultimately all about TEAMWORK which we forget almost immediately the moment a match starts. I was just thinking about this because of the constant bickering and diffusion of responsibility between players in casuals and sometimes ranked in choosing champions and building a proper team. People are ALWAYS in this constant, constant, constant race to insta-lock DPS characters discarding and leaving everyone else the responsibility of healer, tank and some occasions flank. I was thinking of just a couple of suggestions to maybe both incentivize TEAMWORK and discourage and penalize players who deviate away from helping the team as a whole:

    1. Reduce gold, character exp and account exp in increments of 25%, 50% and 75%.

    Reason: The ideal behind this would be if everyone on the team choose DPS thinking everyone else would tank and heal so that they wouldn't have to do it, you basically pop up a notification window similar to the "No healer" or "No Frontline" window prompts that simply states "All DPS team -75% gold and exp" or "No healer -25% gold and exp" or "No Frontline -50% gold and exp". You would still get gold and exp but at a reduced rate and MUCH slower than usual for not playing or simply ignoring a position the TEAM needs.

    1. Have a small prompt to the top right or left of the player character as to how many times a player has played a certain class of character consecutively between their last 4 or 5 matches.

    Reason: Having this pop up on a player if they're constantly choosing the same class over and over again to show which people are simply one-trick pony players. Players who ONLY know how to play one position and ONE position only. (These kind of people are a real hazard to bump into in a competitive match. If they can't play their usual class, they're no good to anyone!) Just a small symbol of the repeated class and number from 1-5 to how many games back to back they play the same position. This particular feature would not penalize anyone but would debunk the tired story of players insta-locking DPS and then complaining they only play healer and tank every game.

    1. Ensure players who jump into competitive matches to at least have at the MINIMUM 3 characters from EACH class above level 15 and disable buying champion levels to ensure people actually have experience in playing that character. All characters a player has under 15 are locked and grayed out in competitive ONLY.

    Reason: Got into a game where a player stated to the rest of the team that they had very few champions unlocked so when the bans came, they were unable to play a position we needed and the available choices they had left were characters they never touched. Which means they had zero experience playing them.

    1. IF by chance the same class is chosen more than once, have a small prompt to the bottom right or left of the player character to indicate who chose damage first, second, third, fourth, etc...

    Reason: This feature would work in parallel to suggestion #1 to indicate who is deviating away from what the team needs with excessive picks into a certain class. (Example: 1st DPS pick, 2nd DPS pick, 3rd DPS pick, etc...)

    1. Healer deaths vs healing and assist should be calculated in final exp rewards at the end of a match ranging from -1% to -50%.

    Reason: Most matches have people complain that their healer is not healing enough yet they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to protect them and watch them get stomped by flanks or damage. (Not counting healer environmental deaths)

    1. Assist and combining ults should be rewarded much more in calculating one's end rewards in a match. Solo kills would remain untouched but actually teaming up with teammates to take down enemy opponents that are on high kill streaks should be rewarded.

    Not suggesting anything I've said is perfect but good gosh it's at least a step in the right direction at the very lease. But anything to incentivize team work would be greatly appreciated in the future...

  • Most of your suggestions wouldn't help fix anything I'm afraid, it'll just add more unnecessary clutter/bugs to the game.

    One thing I do agree with is the character requirements for ranked. Did my placements recently and on one match we had a player pick Seris after I had already taken Ying and we needed a second tank to complete with the enemies 2 tank comp, and he only told us he didn't have any tanks unlocked AFTER picking Seris even though the team were discussing our comp and roles long before his turn. I played a damage role mostly but we couldn't compete with them on point and lost that game which might have been avoided had that one guy not messed up.

  • The solution is to make tanks and supports more attractive so not everyone wants to play dps. The solution is not to force players to play the unattractive classes.

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    No incentive? I thought winning was the incentive. My Bad.

    1. Once all the champions are L8+ why would anyone care about exp other than a brag factor? I want an option to level down champions - I'm insane I guess.
    2. Could be a source of flaming. Not a good way to start a match.
    3. Perpetual argument that has gone nowhere.
      Previously, I suggested 3 champions per role with a minimum of 4 hours hours played per champion requirement just to be able to get into ranked. There are other ideas as well - all falling on deaf ears.
    4. Roles overlap - damage Grohk, etc. It's not unusual to have 2 of any class. Having a pissing contest over who clicked first won't help anything.
    5. If they want to increase their chances of winning they will help their support.
    6. I don't see a dire need for this but maybe it's because I like to win - that is my incentive.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 sadly FL & Supp are being nerfed so they can't be played outside of their roles

  • My incentives are winning, accomplishing a goal, advancing, working with a team, game rewards, improving one's self, teaching, learning, reputation and good sportsmanship.

  • @Gao-Shun said in There is no incentive to play as a team nor is there a penalty for not playing as a team:

    @M3RC3N4RI0 sadly FL & Supp are being nerfed so they can't be played outside of their roles

    A wrong decision in my opinion.

  • The uploader got 3 negatives down, proving how toxic people are, this is why overwatch removed the thumbs down option in the forums. You people create negativity merely because you disagree? and 90% of the time you disagree because you're the group creating the problem in the first place. If you think its ok and just "MUTE" people then enjoy your mass shootings muting condones toxic behaviour, lets not forget the madden football game competition shooting (LIVE)

    what we need

    what we need is a kick person option like counterstrike, i had a fernando that emoted through the whole game and was throwing, then got bored to the point he just stay in spawn, in overwatch he would've been eventually booted out of the team by the system automatically for inactivity. How old is paladins with such poor mechanics that even microphones don't even work (don't say they do, they don't i've reported it to support and they even admitted it)

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    Pls don't necro.


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