Provision to kick players in Ranks.

  • So, I was an active Rank player in the past and I always thought how it was very restricted for players to choose a role for the game. It was especially difficult if you solo queued and didnt know players. There was this huge problem of low tier players not selecting the roles that the team needed and just picked Dmg champs even though the team needed a tank or a healer. This was the prime reason that I stopped playing rank as I kept losing matches because of these feeders and trolls and kept myself in the casuals section as I didnt see the point on keeping on losing and raging because of idiots who didnt want to play as a team.
    Now, Because of the whole pandemic thing, I saw a huge surge in people playing the game. It had been some time (almost an year) since I played ranks and I decided to do my placement matches. I have to say, addition of new "noobs" didnt help and made the matches worse. I got players playing 3 dmges with champion levels ranging from 1 to 6 or 7 every match, didnt listen to lvl 200+ player saying them why they should pick Caut, and feeding the complete match and blaming others for the loss. The casual has not been any good either and the degrading servers has been the cherry on the top.
    I know its a long shot to expect Hi-rez or Evil mojo to fix everything and I understand that new players mean more source of income for the game and the company. However, I do propose that Hi-rez can do better one bit at a time and can also learn from the games its been compared to all its time (I wont name it but it rhymes with bomberwatch). One Suggestion I would like to give myself will be the option to actually kick a player from the match before it even begins. There could be an option where After the hero selection is done and all the transfer between champ is over, there maybe a 30 sec time where people can vote to actually kick a player off the team and end the match before it even begins. This I think would be very effective in discouraging troll picking and feeding. Further, If the player is kicked, he should get a, for the lack of words, a deserter or something similar meaning status which doesn't allow him to queue up for a match. The system would work similar to the deserter system currently in place with increasing punishment time each time a player is kicked. This system I think could be really good for the people who seriously want to rank up and get better at the game but are always discouraged by trolls and feeders, which being completely honest this game is submerged up to its neck in. These are my thoughts anyways.

  • @Dyazon I carried most of my ranked matches with dmg Seris. If your system was added I would be banned for 95% of the matches. They flamed me as often with such expressions I won't replay. All the time. Ranked started, I picked Seris, I am harassed by 4 teammates. This is how it goes. This system would make that I can't even play ranked anymore. I totaly don't agree.
    Anyways you can reach diamond for play with players who can pick all of the rules and communicate with others. Ppl literally do not answer to you below plat. Maybe the chat function haven't been added for them coz it's too complicated. Just like item shop. Low elo players do not buy items. Idk why.
    Reaching diamond is simple. Pick your main and carry the match. Don't build onto allies. Never. Go solo, as Rambo. Just don't think to it as a team game. You have random idiots on your side, forget them. You have to deal dmg. You have to kill. You have to heal. You have to capture. You are welcome.

  • @Dyazon Your idea is nice but it has deep flaws. First of all, as stated in the comment above, what if you're really good with a champion but the rest of the team won't listen to any reason and thinks you're throwing ? What if you want to pick an off-meta champion or want to play an off-meta comp, knowing that you're a good player and it can work just like any other, but the rest of the team wants to follow the meta at any cost ? What if your teammates are actually throwing, picking something like 4 flanks, and you want to kick some of them but they turn against you and kick you instead, calling you toxic ? What if they're in a party and, to troll, vote to kick you for no reason ? In all this situation the system you're proposing would actually be broken and unfair. Plus, once you successfully kick someone, both teams would have to wait even more to start another match, after waiting to find a match, waiting to ban, waiting to select characters and now also waiting to kick a player!
    I know ranked right now has problems, but this idea doesn't really solve much.

  • Oh no, Im going against Bity, lets go ahead and kick this person so we can avoid this match. Totally busted idea that would be abused and the solo players would be the ones getting screwed.

    Rank and match making if totally screwed however this would only make it worse. Just stop buying cauterize, you got a whole team of turds that dont buy caut, dont buy it either so they can see how a match goes without it.

    I have come to the conclusion that these people dont learn because i carry the Life Rip victor to a win with all this thinking and cauterize the right person and he gets kills because of it and things its viable.

    I have started just saving my credits asking them to buy caut and if they do i do as well if not, i just sit back and enjoy the toxic fest of complaining.

  • At least the picking phase would be more interesting. 🙂

  • @KicsitCsicska First of all, Thank you for the reply and communicating your thoughts. Appreciate it. Also, I understand where you are coming from. Low elo players do not usually use the VC or even Chat functions and are always off doing there own thing rather than playing as a team. However, I have few problem with what you said about yourself.
    If you are picking a Damage seris in a rank when there is a need for an actual healer or even a more competent dmg champ, You are not really trying to play with the team. If I am playing with a guy who picks seris when we need a second tank, or even a good healer, ofcourse he will be throwing the game in my mind. The games a 5vs5 team against team. If I pick my main no matter what the team needs and then get flamed by them at the end, tbh that would completely my fault and dont deserve a Diamond or even a masters rank.
    These are exactly the players I intend to ban using the new system as they keep trash talking the whole game after picking a role that they want to play selfishly and not for the team. Dont know how much you agree with this but that's my opinion.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere Hi. I get what you are coming from and Hopefully I address all your issues with this comment.
    First off, Its a basic requirement that you be good with atleast 3 champions in each category if you truly want to play and level up in ranks. This accounts for all the bans, the pick orders and the meta as well. If you get first pick and pick a dmg , thats upto you, you have the top elo, but if you are last or even second last pick, which most of the new players are, and you say I am only good with say a flank or a dmg champ even though the team needs a second tank or even a healer; I would call that trolling or even feeding. If you want to pick an off-meta champ, given you pick the required role, I would say 8/10 people would just go with it. of course there would be some overzealous people commenting on your picks but I highly doubt you will have that problem each and every rank match that you play. But going for lvl 5 buck when you already have a lvl 50 maeve selected just to play "OFF-META" champs would definitely earn you some scorn from the team you play and I think you deserve to be kicked for that.
    Also, I Have to agree i didnt think of the opposite side where the trolls are in a group and actually try to ban you. To be honest, no system is a 100% foolproof and there is a chance that you will encounter them. But I will still argue that there isnt a system in any platform or a game that efficiently deals with similar types of trollers. Once again, I would refer back to the game that rhymes with bomberwatch and look at the systems it has to deal with the situation. I mean the most you could do in that game is to press "Avoid as teammate" option , but the game still goes on with the trolls doesnt it. There could again be a system to challenge the kick and report this to the devs so that they can check the logs and see if the "player Kick" was viable or no and if there was a misuse of the system which in turn can be used to ban the trolls instead. But again, encountering these type of trolls would be a limited incident and again you could use some time to get away from the MM if there are trolls playing at the same time you are.
    Also waiting 30 additional seconds, which I truly think is not that much of a big time, is better than wasting 20 mins playing with feeders and losing SR.
    Finallly, Once again, I do acknowledge that this idea is not a complete solution and does need some fin-tuning but it is a real good step to start on improving the current devastating state of ranks for players in Diamond and even below ranks.

  • @Shadowpuppy Thank you for the reply. I get what you are trying to say and I understand that for solo players, Including me, This can get a little complicate. But there can be provisions where you can only get a limited number of times that you individually can get to vote out players. On average if you play 5-8 matches daily, you can get 3 votes or so daily to actually vote out the players that you think are feeding. This might deal with the problem of players trying to avoid playing by just indiscriminately kicking players off but also give you the chance to actually play ranks without any trolls with them.
    As in the case for the players not picking Caut, These are the same low ranks and last pick players that choose cardio viktor or even street justice maeve even thought he team needs a second tank or even a healer. For these players, they have a very predictable tell where they would either type in "I am dmg" as soon as the round begins or start being toxic if the higher rank player picks dmg. You can easily kick these players off and avoid getting in a feeding match with them. But even if a player doesnt buy what you want him to buy and you start throwing for that same reason also kind of show that you have no regards for the team or trying to win. These are also the type of players that I am aiming to deal with using this system.
    Hope this answer your questions.

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 Thank you for your reply. It would be but what I want to actually achieve is a good communication, even a bad one, between players before they go in ranks as opposed to the current situation where everyone is a mute and select any champion with no regards to the team or even the enemy team comp.

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    Unless the "kickers" have something to lose (more than time wasted) then kicking will be done for no good reason. I can't agree with this idea at all.

    • Kick players because a noob.
    • Kick player because you thought it was some troll player you recognized from a few matches ago. Oops, he just had a similar name.
    • Kick players because a champion level is not to your liking.
    • Kick players because stats aren't to your liking.
    • Kick a player because he doesn't want to be a meta slave.
    • Trolls will Q and kick just for the sake of kicking.

    You will be wasting 9 other player's time for reason's that may or may not be legit.

    Most of your issues have to do with the rank requirements being too low. Why not push that issue instead.

    PS: "Me Tarzan".. Damn you kicked me for that too.

  • @Dyazon 30 seconds to find another match ? Dude, you've got way better connection than me 😅

  • @Vaporized said in Provision to kick players in Ranks.:

    You will be wasting 9 other player's time for reason's that may or may not be legit.

    Well, a single player cannot kick I'd assume. You need 3-4 votes for kicking. If you take the idea serious it would reduce you options massively. There is only 2-3 champs one can pick for every role without getting kicked. Not even the good ones but the popular ones. You could play Seris but not Grohk, despite his higher winrate. You could play mother's grace but not crippling warder, thought he latter has the higher winrate. If you want to reach Diamond this would force you to kick every bad champion, like Ruckus or Torvald, perma-kick.

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    @SomeGuySomeWhere I think it was meant extra 30 seconds to do the kicking vote. If the match doesn't take place then we're talking about Q time, ban, picking - all wasted.

    @M3RC3N4RI0 Does it matter how many people it takes? 10 people will have to start all over if the kick takes place. Anyway, just the act of initiating a kick against someone would cause toxicity. I know if I was on the the receiving side I'd be pissed. I mean why should I try for people who didn't want me in the first place?

  • @M3RC3N4RI0 i agree, it would kill rank... Someone new to rank would show up and be kicked out of every ranked match they tried and just quit the game all together.

  • @Dyazon said in Provision to kick players in Ranks.:

    If you are picking a Damage seris in a rank when there is a need for an actual healer or even a more competent dmg champ, You are not really trying to play with the team.

    Actually I play with the team, coz I need their cover, and my heals need to apply to the ally who needs it the most. I always say that im hybrid/dmg Seris, so we need double support comp. If they don't pick an other it's not my problem. There are no more competent dmg champion, Seris often has top damage in the match, meanwhile she also heals, this is why she is better. Dealing the most dmg and heal a lot means I reach diamond easily, if I play enaugh ranked.
    If you want to help your team the most you need Seris.
    This statistic shows how it works. I'm still harassed 95% of the matches, so I don't want to be able to banned all the time. I don't need advices how help my team better.

  • @Dyazon I agree with others. I am a Resonance Ying main, and it hurts to see people quickly assume i am "dps". Just because my talent doesnt directly boost healing doesnt mean im going full dps (Resonance boosts not only dps but also healing. It is a very complex talent. It brings Ying's skill ceiling way too high.). But because i didnt pick LE that would literally do nothing mid-end game (srsly 175 - 300 burst healing wont save anyone) and be irrelevant, people complain. But of course, at the end, i almost always have top healing (if not its something very close to the one who got top) and im mostly third at dps.

    So what you suggest would take away players that are creative and can make/find new strategies. People always complain to me "no healing", but they cant say anything when the match ends because i clearly healed. Not every Resonance player is doing the same mistake on shattering illusions you know. Nvm, this was my rant. It would also take away Dambas and Serises who pick talents that dont boost their heal directly. Seriously, Mortal Reach is very bad imo, Soul Collector is way better in every way. More survivability for the healer so she cant get flanked easily, more dps so she can protect herself better and help with dps end-game when her healing is weaker. She still gets her healing very quickly and does heal a lot, but becomes less healbotty and requires to multi-task.

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