* * * Scroll V : Legends of The Realm * * *

  • A new age where the Ska'drin technology bring the Realm to a whole new area , 6 new characters added .


    Category : DPS

    Lore :
    In other things , the Ska'drin technologies made aircraft engineering possible. And soon the conquest of the clouds became an attractive business . So much that a group of dwarves decided to launch a company of zeppelin-like airships capable of service on long-distance routes within the Realm.

    On one shiny day , the press was invited to inaugurated the 1rst flight of "The Emperor of The Skies", with the director of the company , his wives, sons and daughters aboard.

    On one stormy night, the same "Emperor" experienced malfunction , felt from the sky and crashed into a deep and ancient forest. Not a single soul survived ...Except for a baby dwarf girl.

    By chance, an Orc Tribe discovered the wreckage, followed the cries and
    found the baby girl who they raised as one of their own .

    Aspect : "The Little Ash" , as she is sometimes called, is a young female dwarf, something like 23 years old, in mechanics and orc tribal outfits . Has a short hair with rattail. Hold a mini gatling, the ammunition belt as a bandolier around her shoulders.

    LMB : Super Mini
    A dwarf sized six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high, sustained rate of fire.

    RMB : Reworked Orc Totem
    Wara's "welded" metal Totem version of Grohk's. The lower part ending with a rock climbing piton, if she throw it at a surface, it'll stick to it.
    Effect : Absorbs all damage in its radius, up to 3500 dmg.

    Q : Stiking Boots
    A pair of boots that , when activated, can stick to any surface they're in contact with , for a short period of time

    ( actually the same boots the dwarf air engineers used to walk on the top of the aircraft, their boots sticking to the metallic structure under their feet )

    F : Hunt&Stun
    A pair of fangs ( no clue as to which animal they' re from ) interconnected with an elastic near the mini gun's trigger that Wara can shot at an enemy, like a crossbow would do.
    Fangs gravitates around each other, encircling the enemy, getting closer to him with every ellipse.
    One they reach the enemy , both at the same time, they explode, dealing 750 dmg.

    E : War Totem .
    Works line RMB Except that, this time, the totem spins around itself spreading bullets around it ( in its radius) . The amount of damage dealt depends on the quantity of damage absorbed by the Reworked Orc Totem / RMB before pressing of E


    Bolas has a Cripple effect

    2 Totems at disposal

    3 - RAGNAR' ORC
    Can kick enemies from the wall when Boots are activated. Effect: knock enemies back.



    Role : FLANK

    Lore : A silent manor , lost in the moor . A couple of twins, both dressed the same at the window . By the time the mercenary call his teammates, there's nothing left to see. Only darkness, you silly. The unfortunate gains punches and mockeries.
    His companions are more down to earth . Looks like an abandoned place, perfect for the night.
    It's like a hidden treasure ,a paradise forgotten in time, crystal chandeliers at the ceiling and armors on each side of a decorated hallway , a long table near a huge fireplace and dozen of rare and precious bottles taken from the antique wine cave . The night is full of songs and laughters before sinking into a drunk sleep.
    The mercenary wake up from a bad dream . He follows the sound of a wooden rocking horse to the outside where he found a beautiful and welcoming garden under a summer sun . How strange, wasn't it winter when he entered the manor ? And there they are . The twins. The girl on the horse, the boy standing but both perfectly still, looking at the wet, dead dog at their feet. In a flash, he recognize the beloved pet from his childhood, the one he ,by inadvertence, dropped in the well .
    That was years ago, but he never forgot . before a life of robberies and crimes. The missing piece of the puzzle.
    Lifting his head, he met the twins eyes and sunk deep into their irises . And then he knew his fate. The feeling of his pistol, guided by his own hand , the barrel against his teeth, the metallic taste on his tongue. He knew it all.

    LMB : Rosetta

    The Rosetta 9mm is the Realm's version of the german Glock. A series of clean shots . No spread . 9 ammo before reloading .Roses and branches painted on the black metal.

    Note : HP is around 1500 for each

    RMB : Trigger to teleport

    Call the twin back from the phantom zone by teleporting him/her to the aimed direction. The player taking the place of the teleported twin on 1rst view. The longer RM is pushed before release determine the lenght of teleportation.

    Passive : The twin in the phantom zone is healed HP points/second.

    Q : Side By Side

    Another crosshair appear parallel to the initial one, on the right . Tap F to call the twin from the phantom zone and use the 2nd crosshair. During a short period of time, the player may thus switch from one twin to another .

    F : Sides II
    same but this time, the other crosshair appear on the left

    Note : player can switch between F & Q . Switching Q from F does not put Q on CD if the Q effect duration is still on .

    E : Castel De Sangre
    Damage boost , No CD for 6 s & all aptitudes are reinitialized after Ult.



    Lore : What certainly and definitively changed the course of Realm's history was the discovering and the activation of the Ska'drin portals ,leading to unknown dimensions and places.
    In one of them , the Alco infantry had to fight hostiles creatures at the cost of a terrible loss in lives. And thus, Lieutenant Flynn, General Kahn's master strategist, died of his wounds .
    And once again, the Ska'drin technology accomplished the impossible. The Lieutenant's soul was transferred into the corpse of one of the creatures .
    With this new tanky, armored recruit, The Alco is ow stronger than ever.

    Appearance : Lieutenant's Flynn's new body looks like a giant armored hand. Picture the Thing in the Adams Family ( minus the wrist) with a mecha skin . The thumb being the head, he moves like a spider on 3 fingers, the index being a blaster. A thin red line on the thumb's helmet indicates the visors/eyes. The agility is very high as he can climb pretty much anything

    LMB : Fire Force
    A series of blasts shot from the index

    RMB : Cell Reconstruction
    An energy wave pass through Flynn's body , healing him for 700 HP /s

    Q : Spider Run
    Run on his 3 fingers at full speed

    F : Poke
    (3rd view ) Make a okay sign with the thumb and the index before hitting the enemy with the index. Knock back and damage.


    • On the 1rst Talent F , is by default , Poke
    • 2nd Talent, F is Slap
    • On the 3rd , F is Grab, Crush and Throw

    E : Fist Slam
    (3rd view) Unite his fingers in a fist and slam the ground . Dealing 2800 dmg on the impact point, less around , but with a stun effect


    Role : SUPPORT

    Lore :
    As scientific knowledge increased, so did the rivalry between the Realm's mountebanks . Medecine showmen experimented every possible combination between the crystal and Ska'drin technologies to take advantage on the others.
    Hector Salviani and Ernesto Fantagello were the top entertainers at the time... before Fantagello pushed his experimentations too far, or, according to other versions of the story, before Salviani decided to sabotage Ernesto's work
    The explosion changed Fantagello's body at a molecular level forever and thus his career ended, as a new one appeared , as ... a champion of the Realm!
    A champion with incredible abilities, way above the others !

    Make place for the incredible , the fantastic Fantagello !
    for as he used to say : " The show must go on ! "

    Appearance : A tall bald round man with an incredible long mustache and a big smile , wearing overalls .The player can choose the color of his skin. His gun is a sort of grenade launcher.

    LMB : GumBall launcher
    A shot every 0,45 s or so. GumBalls have a slightly 0,05 s sticking effect

    RMB : Healing Bubble
    Shoot a bubble that wraps the ally , protecting him against damage and healing him over time.

    Q : Slime Form
    Fantagello liquify himself into a slime puddle than can go anywhere and stick to any surface.
    He can fire some shots in this form shortly before getting back in human form

    F: Glue Bomb
    Create a malfunction on the GumBall launcher that turn one Gumball on the cartridge to a semi liquid state . Splats on enemies on the zone, gluing them for 0,75s.

    E: Burst
    Becomes a gigantic bubble that covers a large zone. Allies inside are healed and protected . When the bubble has reached his maximal size, it explode, knocking back enemies in the perimeter.


    • On Healing Bubble , Tap RMB a second time to teleport Fantagello to the bubble. He actually becomes the bubble . Reduce Bubble's CD.

    • Glue Bomb spread on a wider scale

    • Primary fire 's gluing effect is stronger



    Disclaimer : The original Elisia Hertrich character is a creation of :

    Role : Tank

    Pre-Lore :

    Lore : Eli, ex-Elisia Hertrich was discovered by the Goblins when the later dug deeper into the ground within the splitstone quarry's perimeter , her body miraculously preserved in a gold crystal .
    Having lost all memories from her previous life but not her intelligence, she developed an intuitive understanding of the science revolving around the solar energy to the point of she was capable of conceiving solar alimented spaceships.
    The Ska'drin people saw in her the messiah who would guide them to their native land and prepared for The Great Exodus , a role she later declined, creating another wave of dissensions into The Realm.

    Aspect : A young blonde woman with an artificial floating arm and a complex psyche . She's connected to Phoenia , an auto-piloted solar winged spaceship with an artificial conscience who provide weaponry and assistance.

    LMB : Flame

    Her hand ignite in a red flame, a fire ray she can shoot at her enemies

    RMB : Assemblage

    Shoot from the palm of her hand a beam of golden crystals with which she can form a wall or whatever structure she can think of.

    • Crystals have the property of absorbing damage

    Q : Disintegration
    Command Phoenia to disintegrate herself to teleport herself elsewhere .

    F : Dead Zone
    Order Phoenia to put a mark in the targeted area . During its duration, any enemy who step on the mark experiment a sudden HP drop that can be recovered when stepping outside the mark .

    E : Icarus Ray
    Phoenia shoot a large light column in the targeted area . Wrap all the allies with a golden skin that has the effect of a bonus in armor and more specifically give Eli the ability to fly as long as the Ult 's duration


    Solar Grace

    Assemblage has more crystal at disposal

    Light Zone
    Do not deal damage to enemies anymore but heal any ally who step into instead

    Disintegrate Us
    Has now a radius and can TP allies nearby . Up to 2 times


    Role : OFF HEALER

    Lore: Jezirah , from the Empire of the oriental elves , was born obsessed with the desire of flying .* Not a common passion for a noble born princess.
    In secret, she put the best engineers at work for designing various flying prototypes.

    By coincidence , The Empire went into conflict with a dark elves military dictatorship, in which Jezirah's aerial troops had a decisive impact. Now the Captain of the Orient Dragonflies, she provide support to whoever is under threat. She is notable known for her aerial cover on the Ascension Mount battle.

    Appearance : An arab girl, short black hair ,almond shaped eyes with pointed ears wearing a Elfic armored suit & jetpack. Her weapon is a disc shooter

    LMB : Energy Discs
    A series of 9 discs flying at full speed to hit the enemy , dealing damage in a explosion of sparks

    RMB : JetPack
    Boost herself into the air at full speed . Press Tab and direction to spin. Tab again to end the spinning.

    Passive : Has skate wheels on her Jetpack . Can glide on surfaces ( wall/ground) after the boost.

    Q : TP Disc

    • Shoot a purple disc to an ally . The ally is swallowed into the disc .
      Shoot a 2nd to another direction. The ally will teleport where the 2nd disc is shot at.

    F : Tinkerbell
    Shoot a green disc that disintegrate in the air into healing powder particles which covers a large area.

    E : Wild Fly
    No CD on her abilities and no cost on fuel for 6 seconds.


    • 1/ Healing TP Disc . Right after the 1rst TP disc , shoot the Tinkerbell disc . Ally is TP and health restored in an instant . Shorter CD for Tinkerbell.
    • 2/ TP Disc can TP enemies
    • 3/ Can eject from JetPack . JetPack explode when hitting a surface or an enemy .





    • Talent Selection between each round

    • Allies and enemy picks no longer hidden to each other in casual

    MODE :

    • The long awaited Story Mode


    • Can choose a champion to fight against with the possibility of setting his reactions .


    Some have grow older . Lex have not a beard


    In depths analysis of Champions frequency of use & win rate ratio


    • TA'LIA / Of The Ska'drin / Catapult Slingshot

    Lore : Talus sister . The Free The Ska'drin movement 's mascot.

    LMB : Regular Elastic Ball
    Has a bouncing effect but does not go back automatically in hand like Tib's Chakras. The player has to position himself in the trajectory of the returning ball . Advantage : the 2nd shot is faster & deal more dmg.

    RMB : Quick Teleport

    Q : 6 In A Row
    Shoot a series of 6 balls , pretty much like Sha Lin's Rapid

    F : Magnetic Fingerless Gloves
    To attract ball in a radius / some stones in some maps

    E : Whirligig
    Shot a whirligig that expands in size when hitting the ground. Spins on itself so fast it deals huge damage when in contact with an opponent.
    Pro Tips :

    1/ Combine Whirligig 's spinning effect with 6 for a devastator combo
    2/ Shot at a angle of a wall nearby followed by Magnet , then aim at the enemy the moment you know the ball is in your hands for a tremendous 800 dmg fast hit
    3 / Shot at a angle of a wall nearby so that the ball return in your hand, re-shot again at the same angle and use magnet asap , 3rd shot is a direct 1600 hit
    4/ best pairing with Inara as her wall is a free ammo pool for Ta'lia

    • SILVA / The Unredeemable / Violin rearranged into an automatic rifle

    Lore : Silva is to Viktor what Bucky is to Steve Rogers. They know each other since childhood . Tough kids . Violin lessons to calm Silva's short temper...in vain , even if learning music ultimately may have touched something in his heart. Then, call it bad luck, but things turned really bad for Silva . And years in prison certainly does change a man, if not his soul . So much that he and Viktor now walks opposite ways. Even a mercenary like Kinessa wouldn't accept money from the Ska'drin Hunters . Is Silva beyond redemption ?

    Aspect : A tall Albino guy with a half bald half mid long hair separated by a tall punk crest holding a red cremona violin .

    LMB : Death Notes
    When Silva runs his violin bow down to the chords he delivers a series of shots from his violin .

    RMB : Healing Melody
    Same process but this time, melody changes and it produces heal for his allies very much like Series does.

    Q : Staccato
    Plays faster, which has the effect of increasing his fire rate on LMB & RMB

    F : Fugue
    A speed increase on his movements . Appear blurry to his enemies. Layers of violins playing triplets in echo .

    E : Dissonance
    Produce a strident, dissonant sound with his violin. Enemies in a radius before him see their fire rate being 50% slower as long as the echo goes on before fading away . As for the affected allies, they benefit for a blurry effect affecting their movements.

    Passive : Resonance Chamber
    H M ( RMB) is amplified when performed next a wall

    Melee : Has a lot of thug like combat moves, all accessible via emote panel. uses his violin bow to slash like a saber or to cut the enemy's throat from behind.

    SAGGA / From The Aqua Planet / Hydro gun

    Lore : The astronomers of The Realm were at first sceptic when The Ska'drin claimed to have established a contact with a creature from another planet. That this stellar navigator would guide them to their native land .
    Their jaws surely dropped hard the night The Navigator ( as sometimes Sagga is called ) landed on the Realm .

    Torwald found out that usually, the inhabitants of The Aqua Planet have a collective consciousness and therefore does not leave their homeland , but this one is unique and followed the call of adventure .

    Aspect : An humanoid Manta Ray with 4 arms , 4 eyes ...a sympathetic face with a large smile. Wears a semi armor .

    LMB : Fire from Hydro a high velocity continuous stream of water

    RMB : Launch from Hydro a slime grenade that inflates into a transparent bubble
    1/ * Bubble absorb damage
    2/ * Can be inflated a little more if Sagga uses LMB inside it
    3/ * Sagga can swim inside , providing him a speed boost which decrease when off the bubble , note that Sagga cannot shoot enemies from inside ( see 2 )
    4 / Bubble slow enemies who pass through

    Q : Becomes a super flat disc that can reposition elsewhere quickly before retransformation.

    F : Levitate briefly . Open his swings to spread a carpet of water bombs / explosive drops .

    • Bombs detonate when an enemy step in .
    • If no detonation occurs, over time they tend to assemble into a single bomb .

    E : Call of the allies

    Can TP each allies to where he stands.

    • Allies can choose to step into the TP portal which appears next to them
    • Allies can drop off at any time when TP

    JOZEF / The Protege Of Wekono / Shield & machine pistol

    Lore : Jozef 's a war victim . A orphan , who , as a child was trained to be a soldier . A soldier so good that at only 14 he had a whole mercenary unit under his command . But every human being has his limits , and , at some point , his mind couldn't stand the harsh realities of war . Being an orphan himself , the evidence that widows and orphans were created by his own actions struck him with a clarity he never experienced before .
    But you don't just leave the Warlords like that . How did he manage to escape his jail ? how long did he run from his prosecutors ? no one knows .

    What we know is that Mal'damba found his unconscious , bruised body on the Wekono's temple steps .
    With forgiveness and patience he taught Jozef the art of healing . The boy was so dedicated that , when he found out that his mentor was taking part in battles within the Realm, he was at first devastated .
    But at the same time, he realized that War was everywhere and that if he cannot run from it , at least he can help reducing the pain, and win the battles that counts, those which could make the Realm a better place . This is why Jozef ultimately chose to follow Mal'damba's path.

    Appearance : A 24 years old young black man with dreadlocks . One eye green, the other brown. Metallic prothesis here and there. He holds a machine pistol and a round shield made of snakes spiraling around each others.

    LMB : Fires from his machine pistol .

    RMB : Hold his round shield to protect his upper body

    Q : Transform briefly into a transparent giant snake .

    • Gain a increase in agility in the process
    • If Snake goes through an ally ,gives the ally a short immunity to GC

    F : Snakes at the surface of the shield unravels and travel to the targeted zone.
    Snakes wraps automatically around allies nearby , their bites having the effect of restoring Health

    E : Jozef's shield start to shine , projecting a ray of light the diameter of the shield . Jozef need to face the enemy to immobilize the later and transform him into a breakable stone statue .


    • When holding shield heal in a radius like Grover
    • Snakes Give ally a 15% damage boost
    • Snake Form charges faster & apply a fear effect on enemies

    QUEEN AMARANTE / The Undefeated / Fist & Gauntlet Missiles

    Lore : With the Ska'drin departure the Realm turned slowly into into a wasteland . A harsh world where tribes rules . Fighters prove their force in cages or arenas .

    LMB : Shoot every second a mini missile from her gauntlet's knuckles

    RMB : Hold for Punch Charge . Release to land the push . Can be used as a dash.

    Q : Cast a transparent box that can roll like a dice.

    • Box offer protection to allies thanks to its damage absorption ability
    • Enemies hit inside the box cannot escape it and bounce on its surface ( for a amount of time depending on how many damage they get )

    F : Clench her fist to the sky and roar . As the head of a green lion appear in the sky, her body gains a deflecting damage ability for a few secs.

    E : ( 10' ) Add a stun ability to her 2 fires . Pressing E when the enemy is stunned ( need to be close ) will make The Queen perform a Muscle Buster . Basically she TP into the air with the enemy on her back before landing , breaking his back.


    Lore : OZ is considered inapt & stupid by the Troll standards . And this is the sole reason why his clan got him banned from the caves.

    Luckily the Troll's standards aren't those of the humans .

    One cleric found out that OZ , even if he acts like a simpleton, has an intuitive comprehension of physics and maths . At 1rst mentored by Torwud & Torhald, Torwald's nephews working at the Realm's University For Science , OZ ended as one of its most renowned teachers. A teacher who secretly sometimes engage as a mercenary to raise founds for the University

    Aspect : Tall , grey skin & very long hair . Hold a Troll cudgel . Has around his head a hand made primitive device which amplifies his mental grip over physical matter.

    LMB : From his left hand , materialize a series of rocks which travel in a streak to the right where they're hit by his cudgel in a swinging movement.

    RMB : Megalith

    • Up to 3 Megalith materialize mid air before landing on the ground.
    • Each Megalith works like Inara's wall and land hard like Victor's barrage ( with less dmg inflicted )

    Q : Disappear into the ground to reposition himself by surging elsewhere. Strangely he can surges from walls (? ). The direction taking is showed by a ground hole on the ground which disappear some meters before OZ surges from the ground.

    F : Swing his cudgel for a giant smash

    E : Avalanche
    Materialize and roll a rock in the direction of his the enemies . Each time the player tap E he is taking control of the rolling rock meanwhile OZ continue to run in the direction he was heading to.

    • Each time the rock hit an enemy it grows ( how big he grows depends on dmg dealt ) and gain time of rolling .


    Lore & Aspect : One of Dr Clock's creation. An ultra skinny bald female humanoid . her quest is to kill the two babies who would save the Realm in the incoming years . Legend says they would be born from a female dragon. Which makes Imani her priority target.

    LMB : Transform her right arm into a sawed off shotgun from which she fires every 0,3 s

    RMB : A vortex appear in the center of her body . 25 units ahead the enemy is attracted to the vortex and violently rejected behind The Void . The closer to the vortex the more the attraction

    Q : Her right foot transforms into another sawed off shotgun. Has a recoil effect and can be used for repositioning.

    F : ( 3rd view )Put the barrel of her arm/shotgun on her shoulder to shoot behind her . 850 dmg .

    E : Reconfigure her flesh , muscles and bones to become a giant mantis for 6''

    • On Mantis form : NO CD
      LMB : Slash
      RMB : Jump
      Q : Fear of The Mantis Run on any surface, ignoring gravity
      F : Acid Salivae . AOE spread . Poison enemy , put out fire, decrease frozen effect
      E : Devour ( works like Zhin's ult . Ultimate charges faster on Mantis Form)


    Deft Hands now applies to Transition & Fireball Charge time

    SIMON / THE DREAM HARLEQUIN / Toy Projectiles

    Lore :

    Another of Dr Clock's creature . His maker, The Dr Clock , considered Simon as a failed creation and rejected him into the wasteland

    Ironically , of all the champions, he will prove to be the most powerful.

    In the end, when all battles would about to be lost , he would put the entire Realm into sleep .
    For he knew , as he saw it in a dream , that in a distant future, the Realm will live again, that "smarter hands would take control of the champions, and lead them to victory" as cryptic as it sounds.

    Aspect : A 24 years old hot boy in pyjamas , short blonde hair covering his eyes , wears silver earrings ,rings & necklaces. A pillow is strapped on his back.

    LMB : Dream Sequence

    3 plushies/ toys levitate above his left palm.
    Each being a projectile with special effect

    • Bear will grow big , absorbing damage and hitting enemy in its radius.
    • Penguin will fly toward the enemy and explode. 5 ammo penguin
    • Hamster will round his back , form a ball & and hit the enemy . 5

    RMB : Switch between toys

    Q : Bed Ride

    Fly away on his bed . Wood absorbs damage up to 2000 hp

    F : Sandman Toys

    Turns plushies into sand toys . RMB to switch between each . LMB back into damage.

    • Bear will hit an ally to increase his damage
    • Penguin will increase the ally's speed
    • Hamster will restore hp

    E : Pillow Master Fighter

    Speed & Agility Increase .
    Each pillow hit spread swan feathers that have the effect of slowing enemies & eventually putting them into sleep if they stay too long within the feathers or if they're hit several times.

    Like Tiberius, Simon has 3 different attacks on LMB/RMB & F. Q or E again to cancel the Pillow stance.

    • Note that Atlas cannot put into sleep and that Pillow has a stun effect on him with each hit increasing the duration of the stun



    • Female Link from the Nitendo Zelda series
    • Female Cloud from Square's Final Fantasy series
    • Arthur / Saber from Type Moon 's Fate series
    • Ryuko Matoi from Trigger's Kill La Kill animated series
    • Howard's Red Sonja or DC's Queen Mera
    • 小龙女 from The Condor Heroes series
    • Modern area The Old Guard or The Matrix type swordfighter
      w/ short hair, tuxedo, high heels, gloves & sunglasses
    • Uma Thurman's Kill Bill wedding dress & Bruce Lee's suit


    • Marvel's Mysterio
    • Male Marvel's Storm version
    • Death Metal w/ electric guitar strapped on back
      or 2000 AD's Black & White Judge Death
    • Slender Man
    • Snoke's Red Guard
    • Zion Rebel . Lion headed african man with green lightning
    • 80's Ghosbuster's Gozan the Gozerian
    • Mortal Kombat's Thunder God Raiden


    • 1900 Londonian Baker street boy
    • Attack on Titan battleroof suit
    • Marvel's Hell Cat
    • Female gargoyle
    • Black & White Atsushi Kaneko's Deathco


    • Gladiator Android of the 31 Century
    • Female version of Marvel's Black Panther
    • 70's Blaxploitation w/ sunglasses , afro cut & leg pants
    • Black Amerindian battle squaw
    • 50's classic american housewife w/pan instead of a shield
    • Daywalker / Modern Vampire Hunter w/ sunglasses , leather suited


    • United Nations Peacekeeping army suit
    • Dark Elf
    • modern cyberpunk hacker-hunter
    • 1776 Patriot suit
    • Zebra skin


    • Female version of Black Butler's Sebastian
    • Buccaneer / Woman w/ beard
    • Clive Barker's Hellraiser's female Nailhead
    • Banshee DC's Lady Death
    • DC's Zantanna
    • Venetian Masquerade / Masked French Duchess / Chevalier d' Eon


    • Tolkien's Sauron from The Lord Of The Ring Series
    • Remix / Master of holograms w/ power lines , plugs & VR glasses
    • Aztec Sun God
    • Tengu Nô
    • Square's Sephiroth From The Final fantasy series
    • Warrant White smoking suit, tie & a battle fan made of dollars
    • Shūichi Asō's Saiki K
    • Saint Seiya 's Shaka of the Virgo


    • Full Metal jacket Army Suit w/ a too-big-for-her army helmet
    • DC's Parademonette
    • DJ ( Remix )
    • Marie Antoinette Cosplay
    • DC's Harley Queen like
    • Anonymous or Salvador Dali Mask w/ red uniform
    • Orange Prison suit w/ more tattoos
    • Rehabilitation suit ( Realm Air Postal Service )
    • Rehabilitation suit II ( Agricultural Air Worker Service )
    • Boom Boom suit w/ explosive belt, tousled hair / burn marks
    • Absynthe Fairy
    • Nitendo's Luigi Mansion 's suit

    ST JON

    • Modern Bollywood
    • Honeymoon 's Texan Cowboy suit
    • Honeymoon's sahara desert tuareg suit
    • Simbad
    • Prince ( Royal ) outfit
    • Tactical Army suit desert / ice / jungle / night camouflage


    • DC's Brainiac / Half mechanic half pure energy wings
    • Galadhrim Warrior / Golden wings
    • Sumerian Epic's Gilgamesh / Panzuzu demon
    • Rapa Nui / indonesian / amazonian bowman / jade wings
    • Saint Seiya 's Aiolos Gold Cloth
    • Light Yagami / Shinigami Ryuk
    • Shadowrun's elfic hacker night hunter


    • Weapon X Cyborg Rat
    • Prince Skel w/cape
    • Japan's mastermind urban hooded outfit & big sneakers
    • A la playa (The Richest ship-owner) w/ sunglasses & bathrobe
    • Last refuge / Arctic
    • Italian Cooker Chef
    • Indian Demonic Cult Priest


    • Optimus Prime
    • Cartoon gloves
    • Alien's facehugger
    • Dragon


    • Steampunk / Rocketeer girl
    • Female Hermes , The messenger of the gods
    • Digital / Tron 2.0 Disc Thrower
    • Pokemon Hunter
    • Planet of The Apes Chimpanzee Zirah
    • Tezuka's Astrogirl


    • Female Green Arrow
    • Female Predator
    • Urban Blackblock
    • female Super Saiyen
    • Female Cupid


    • Russ Meyer 's Vixxen / Faster Pussycat series female badass
    • Mario Gully's The Ant


    • Mike Mignola style Hellgirl

    Silva The Unredeemable

    • Eisenstein 's Ivan The Terrible
    • Carlo Collodi 's Talking Grasshopper
    • Angel Lucifer The Beloved

    Wara Orc is Strong

    • Ewok costume from the Star Wars series

    Queen Amarante The Undefeated

    • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's Drag Queen
    • Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie Wrestler Version
    • Female version of Namco's Tekken Armor King

    Salvaje J&P

    • Power Rangers


    • K-Pop blonde singer
    • Visual Kei or Neil Gaiman's Dream
    • Mc Kay's Little Nemo in Slumberland

    Max & Maxx

    • Sam Kieth's Jungle Queen & The Maxx