Can someone explain me this?

  • What is this circus?


    It seems our supports have completely different definitions of 120 units. I added Grover's 80 u circle for comparison.

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    I have a few possible explanations:

    • It could depend on where the healing comes from... arz or extending hand
    • Some supports were created using common core math. I.E. 2+4=8.
    • They are using a system called PalaUnits. From wiki - PalaUnit: A pseudo random unit of measure.

  • @Vaporized It seems the only support who got 120 units right is Seris, you know, the blind one.

    Io is 125 like in her description. But rest?

    Furia seems to have 105, Corvus 100 and Jenos 95. That is very far from intended 120...

    I hope people who defended Jenos range nerf will understand why it was 10%/lvl in the first place. With this card maxed it is still currently less range than the intended 120 at base. LOL

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    @TTraw Makes sense the blind one would get it right 🙂

    I looked at Jenos' range after the nerf in the shooting range. I ended up taking away the range card completely. IMO, it's a joke card now.

  • It's either a shooting range bug or HiRez coding.

  • I tried reproducing this and got the exact same result.

  • Yes, I also tried it. In the shooting range it looks like this.

  • Ok....
    All I can think of.
    And its a bit of a stretch.

    This could somehow related to each players move speed being marginally different, thus throwing off their relative perception of environmental measurement from champion to champion. Giving their auto aim abilities misconception about how far a 120 units radius is relative to how fast the base player can travel that distance.

    So when they go to rework these values they may have some issues in getting them exact reletv

    From a quick glance, Io is only 5 units faster then Seris but seems to have 5 units more range on the heal, that said pretty sure there is a 5 unit value difference for no reason anyway.
    Jenos Furia and corvus on the other hand have variable range, and different base speeds then the first two, thus the supposed relation of the value.

    But if that's the case then + move speed should effect this value, unless it is only tied to base player speed and not any other scaling value that alters it.
    From experience I have not seen + move speed influence player area effects such as these so I could be wrong and it could just be the devs scaled the values wrong.

    This is just a quick ponder, I only stomach playing Grover and Seris so I have no real trail and error exp here.
    I'll sus if nimble and speed amps effect their application range it but I am pretty sure it won't, it would be tied to base move if anything.

  • @AYYDIMITRI I think you think too complicated. Judged by the wiki Furia and Io have a healing rang of 125 units while the others only have 120 units. The easiest explanation would be that the data at the wiki is wrong.

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