June Rage Thread

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    When I said bot I meant a literal bot due to crash/afk.

    From the stats it isn't exactly clear as to why you lost. The BK only did 38k dmg in 20m? Even I could do better and I suck with BK so bad it's not even funny - he was likely a bot. Possible your IO and/or Androxus were bots for some portion. Sure your team was a little low in heals compared to enemy but not so much so that blame could be placed directly there. They had Willo which of course doesn't help.

    Dmg: 537,474 vs their 338,022‬ - Total damage wasn't the problem.

    A lot of people tend to focus too much on killing the Raum. Big easy target to shoot at with no real benefit outside of stats. Sometimes I fall into this trap myself. Considering that the Raum took 235,464 damage I'd say that's what happened. Sometimes all it takes is a comment in the chat "leave Raum for last". Teammates will hopefully start to focus who they should and the Raum dies easily afterwards.

    This is what I'm talking about... Moji was obviously a bot. Skye and Ash also suspect. Not much you can do here except move on and forget about it. If you want to minimize this find some good players to party with.

  • It was a little different there. In the first round, I focused on helping the tank and fending off attacks from willo, but Raum went for the sniper, who couldn't do anything with him, and BC at this time smashed the tank's face, which made Him very nervous. Foxy IO always stood next to the tank, because they were destroyed together, and IO herself was a target for Willo and Corvus, because Strix was at war with Raum, and he had no time for enemies. In the first round, they almost drove the cart. Then I took steps to change the course of the game. I warned everyone that I am now a Dmg and a Flanker. From that moment on, I killed the bomb king, Willo, Corvus . This means that there were rarely more than 1-3 people on the point. But Raum was still there, and Strix was really distracted by Him. But I still do not understand how it was possible to merge the point, when most of the enemy team is oppressed by Seris and is mainly looking for it (And, as you can see, without much success). The problem here is what. If I play solo, there are a lot of bots.
    If I play with a friend, we are thrown to other groups, often with diamond or platinum. And then it turns out that any person in their team who does not play well or does not fulfill their role = defeat. For example, I take off the tank and a friend of the main tank, we have a normal support, but Vivian or Strix can not kill Drogoz. Or our Flanker always loses to the enemy Flanker, but refuses to go along with the off tank. And here is the difference in one, two people always in the group mode leads to defeat=)Or it's completely the opposite. We just carry enemies where 1/2 person is very poorly played. I think this is a matchmaker problem.

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    Even for a bot match this is a bit much. Do we need match making in training too?


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    We had a Corvus who went Spreading Influence and didn't heal a lick. Buck kept feeding. Raum was an actual bot for a chunk of the game, and still managed to do more than Corvus and Barik that were there the entire game. Yet I was the useless one.

    sure jan.jpg

    This was a 12 minute game, and Corvus healed for less than 30k. Yet Crovus and Barik were complaining about me being useless. It's funny how they left quick after the stats showed.

    Also... Gotta love Jenos cheeky "gg" and the enemy Khan saying "trash Ying" because last game I was on his team and lost. So I had a last pick Tyra when we needed another tank "I dOn'T hAvE kHaN" Literally any tank would've worked love. Another bad Tyra and Zhin the next game. Then this Ying game. Those were the biggest signs that I needed to log tf off.

  • @HeartQueen Hence, people opting to trow and screw ranked matches out of spite without any care for the consequences and proceeding to rage post in the sub just to expand the constant toxicity

  • @Dusklicious In a personal point of view from someone with 1200 hours in TF2, this game is like TF2 on his "Toxic Glory" days, the difference is that people here realized they can unleash a fuckfest of toxicity without much consequences while in TF2 all people needed to do (Reddit mods, players, community celebrities, devs, etc) is to just close the pc, take a break, and keep doing their usual job/daily life ignoring "theese people".

  • I'm just absolutely enraged and disappointed in the changed Hirez has made this year and some of last.

    • Removal of 3rd person in quick play
      First of all, why? It was a huge deal to me as I much prefer playing in 3rd person and actually seeing the skins I buy, and the gameplay just felt a whole lot better to me.
    • Removal of play of the game
      Really? So instead of fixing bugs, just remove an entire feature from the game. What a cop out. Play of the game was fun to watch and to try for.
    • Removal of the ability to buy champion levels for gold
      The damage is already done, so if the reasoning was to stop people from buying champion levels without having even played the champion, who cares? People kept the levels they already bought anyway. Gold is basically worthless now.
    • Removal of kill cam
      Just why?
      I'm sure that I'm forgetting some things but it's just wildly disappointing to see Paladins become so much less interesting and so much more one dimensional. Oh, and why hasn't Imani gotten a skin in like ever? I mean really. And every skin she DOES have is exclusive with no way to obtain. so...

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    So we are pushing the invisible payload.... WTF. Had an issue in a live match where someone was on point but invisible. WTF. Still having problems on Frog Isle - getting stuck on a rock - Tiberius doesn't leap sometimes.


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    Qualifiers are wacky... Lost 3 out 5 as usual.

    One of them had two bronze on my team, TBH they were better than in most of the other matches. Easy win. One match had two people on voice comms - as I always say, high chance of a loss - No shocker it was an epic loss. Last two I was against the same 5 stack. Lost to them both times. There aren't enough ranked players to give more variety?

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    That's not f***ing funny


  • @schachmaty no lag for me

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    @schachmaty said in June Rage Thread:


    I have had way less issues with lag than I've had with throwers.

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    Imagine queuing in a ranked Plat level game with a Silver player and they do better than everyone else on your team except yourself even when they're overextending most of the f***ing game. Also 16k damage Vik in RANKED. Nice.

    Also the menu music has been bugged since the mid-season update and it still hasn't been fixed. Please fix it EM.

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    Last night I'm playing Imani, I switch to ice stance and Frost Bolt had super high fire rate. It did actually dealt some damage too. I switched back to fire stance and it returned to normal the next time I switched to ice. Must be 3P, kill cam, POTG that caused this... not.

    @Dusklicious I was happy with the performance of two bronzes I had in a match. Displayed rank means not so much.

  • @Vaporized I had that same bug too. It's just really disappointing them removing so many features from the game instead of buckling down and really ironing out the major bugs from them. Especially when so many bugs are still around despite the removal, it just makes it even more frustrating that many fun parts of the game are gone for basically no reason.

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    Not Paladins related, but the Pokemon community is getting really, really toxic. I mean calling people names for pointing out flaws that no other game aside from the most recent mainline games have at launch is petty, and then going as far as to actively defend money-grubbing practices that nobody else can get away with but Game Freak can, because... Pokemon...? That just really, really disappoints and kind of angers me. Game Freak is doing EA level stuff here.

    I like the series and all, but Sword/Shield is definitely a new low. X and Y (and the rest of Gen 6 even considering ORAS) kind of sucked, but Gen 8 is actually awful at this point. If they would make a proper Diamond/Pearl remake it may yet be saved, but that doesn't mean I should have to support scummy practices to be a fan of the series like some Gen 8 fans seem to think.

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    @Dusklicious said in June Rage Thread:

    Sword/Shield is definitely a new low.

    Good that I didn't buy it then. Anyway have you bought the game? if so tell me does it really worth a 60$?

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    @NoMemeNoLife said in June Rage Thread:

    @Dusklicious said in June Rage Thread:

    Sword/Shield is definitely a new low.

    Good that I didn't buy it then. Anyway have you bought the game? if so tell me does it really worth a 60$?

    I haven't but I can already say it isn't considering it lacks content that every other game in the series came with, and they then expect you to pay for DLC to get only SOME of it... Just the practice alone makes me upset. I'm definitely not buying it if I get a Switch.

    I would say also what's worse is that I remember Diamond being $40 when I bought it a month or two after it released back in 2006, but of course inflation is a thing and it sucks. Still doesn't excuse greed and an incomplete game.

  • @NoMemeNoLife That meme is so funny and true!

    This 1v5 game means that it was obviously my fault at well. Totally not the fault of bad match-making and shitty teammates who can't draft.

    Screenshot (383).png

    I won't be delusional. I'm not a godtier Viktor at all. I don't even main dps. But when I'm better than the proposed dps mains on my team as a support main, then you see the problem? Androxus was not afk at first by the way, he was just bad and then rage quit. Buck was always a bot. Ying went Resonance as a solo support. Fernando went Scorch as a solo tank (though to be fair to him somewhat, he DID announce that he was off tank, so the last pick Buck does share some of the blame, but still...)

    Screenshot (385).png

    I was Viktor again here. Me and Imani had to kill Skye, Tyra, and the tanks on point. Talus was too busy chasing and failing to kill a Seris, while Skye kept murdering our Io with shit positioning. A 2.5v5 game (Barik counts as half a person). "The damage just shoot at tanks, of course your damage was high!" Umm... Imani was killing Tyra and Khan, I was killing Seris and Skye. Me and Imani were also killing Raum. You're the one that didn't do your job, so the tanks had more point control because we had to spend time cleaning up Skye and Tyra because you weren't doing anything! You also fucked us by last picking Talus instead of another support or tank. Like imagine if you had been Ash. Imagine if you had been Corvus, damage Ying, or Jenos.

    Shout out to the bad support with bad positioning. 45k heals in a 14 minute game compared to Seris's 127k heals. People, I know Io is meta, but if you can't play them, please leave them alone. It's okay to play Furia or Jenos when you can't aim for shit, or play Corvus and Jenos so your able to be more forgiving in your bad positioning.

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