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    Screenshot (385).png

    Triple DPS in ranked is pretty awful, just saying.

    But yeah stats definitely make the Io look like absolute trash, as in I thought I was bad at Io, but this makes me look like a skilled Io main bad. Also the Barik is still in Season 2... Tinkerin is his worst talent by a long ways and Healing Station kind of sucks since Field Deploy is just straight-up better in pretty much every situation... Double Time is a good card, but to be fair against Khan it's a stupid idea.

    Talus last picked Talus. We wanted him to either go Ash or Corvus. Instead he went Talus and barely did anything. Barik didn't have a good loadout, but he still did the best he could with a bad loadout while contesting as a solo tank against double tank; take in mind his healer kept dying so he had to sustain himself.

  • @KicsitCsicska Referencing how he did okay, but could've been better with a better loadout and playing a bit safer.

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    Wow how does somebody get to GM without understanding the literal basics of how to play the game... Just had a GM border who played like they're new to the game... 😒 They were playing a support but I was pretty much giving them or somebody free kills...

    And they didn't even get good healing whatsoever...

  • @Dusklicious Being in a rank does not mean your good at all classes or even all champs. Probably a 1 trick.

  • Someone make me an Imani guide, cuz lately I've been sucking ass with her so much. 👿 👿

    The fact that her kit doesn't work as intended 30% of the time doesn't help but still, I feel like I am almost always underperforming in my matches lately unless it's a stomp match....👿

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    @Dusklicious said in June Rage Thread:

    Not Paladins related, but the Pokemon community is getting really, really toxic. I mean calling people names for pointing out flaws that no other game aside from the most recent mainline games have at launch is petty, and then going as far as to actively defend money-grubbing practices that nobody else can get away with but Game Freak can, because... Pokemon...? That just really, really disappoints and kind of angers me. Game Freak is doing EA level stuff here.

    I like the series and all, but Sword/Shield is definitely a new low. X and Y (and the rest of Gen 6 even considering ORAS) kind of sucked, but Gen 8 is actually awful at this point. If they would make a proper Diamond/Pearl remake it may yet be saved, but that doesn't mean I should have to support scummy practices to be a fan of the series like some Gen 8 fans seem to think.

    good old first 4 gens, loved those gens.

  • @Dusklicious said in June Rage Thread:

    Wow how does somebody get to GM without understanding the literal basics of how to play the game... Just had a GM border who played like they're new to the game... 😒 They were playing a support but I was pretty much giving them or somebody free kills...

    And they didn't even get good healing whatsoever...

    I know a GM who got carried by her boyfriend. I know another GM who got carried by his girlfriend. The GM that got carried by her boyfriend only pockets him and can't heal shit. People talk shit about her on Discord like "if you get [boosted girl] on your team, gl as a tank. She only pockets him and can't heal for shit otherwise. I was Inara and only got healed by her twice." I partied with the GM, who got carried by his girlfriend, in a 5-stack to rank up from high Gold to diamond. The man fed on Viktor against Tyra. ... The map was Bazaar.

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    The actual match was 23 minutes. I healed for 8.3k per minute. Yet Androxus literally kept going off on me. "Need healing!" "Where's the pocket you promised me Corvus?" "You're bad Corvus." I just laughed when the stats came up. "I thought I wasn't healing, Androxus."

    Alexa, play "Send in the Clowns" by Barbra Streisand.

    Seriously though, I don't get why I was blamed. Take in mind no one ever went in on Io or called her trash outright, even though she personally could've done more healing. Especially since she got outhealed by a maelstrom Grohk as Io.

  • I'm seeing an increase of Tremors Inara players. Rank is a joke. Casual is the new rank tbh.

    Casual comps: Terminus, Vivian, Strix, Maeve, and Io. Inara, Ying, support Skye, Lian, and Corvus. Raum, half shell Makoa, heal Skye, Corvus, and Viktor. Ying, Ash, Barik, Grover, and Evie. Barik, Khan, Mal'Damba, Lian, and Kinessa. And more examples.

    Ranked comps: solo tank tremors Inara, solo support Jenos, last pick Maeve, Lian, and Tyra. Solo tank Ash, feeding Tyra/last pick Evie, Seris, and Tiberius. Level 0 Koga, tremors Inara, Jenos, maelstrom Grohk, and Lian. Solo tank Khan, triple dps, and Jenos. 4 dps and a solo tank Khan (I was the solo tank Khan) and we were against an afk Strix, Bomb King, Skye, Io, and solo tank Ruckus.

    The point is, people come into rank wanting a proper team comp. lol. If you want a proper team comp, go to casuals. They have better comps there than in rank. The last pick
    "dps or I throw" noobs just haven't caught on yet.

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    I like when I pick one character but the game pretends I locked in another... 😒

    Khan =/= Torvald...

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    I get forced to play OT Terminus with no help on the flank, and then I crash and it won't put me back in the match I was in... Nice combination of things there.

    Then I get two ranked games in a row where literally everyone but me and one other person are throwing INSANELY hard.

  • Someone please tell me why Corvus is supposed to be a good champion? I've been playing him lately after a longish break and I don't understand in what state of mind I was to say that he landed in the middle of the roster. He's weak af lmao. There's a possibility I was high, drunk, or both.

    Like, people really try to convice me he is good and Seris is trash? lel

  • @TTraw Use double mark and heal only people you have a mark on. 4 second cool down is just to high. If you dont play for the 3 second cool down he blows pretty hard.

    But his heal mechanic is funky since the big heal comes after you click them so you have to heal a second before you normally would. This is the main reason i dont like him. Its to hard to time caut drop heals.

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    Corvus can pocket heal allies out of normal heal range and with the mark staying on as long as you want that is a huge advantage especially with flankers.

    Corvus can heal for sure ... check out this ranked match by a high level player (level 999): https://paladins.guru/match/censored/xvHoqWznl

    Corvus did a very respectable 11,900 heals per minute - above average IMO. Obviously heals didn't give them the win though.

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    @TTraw said in June Rage Thread:

    Someone please tell me why Corvus is supposed to be a good champion?

    He's not necessarily good, granted, but he's better than you seem to think he is.

    Double Mark builds can put out pretty solid healing, I've gotten as high as 9k-9.5k or so per minute rather consistently and I'm not really all that great with him. These builds are actually really good with a comp that has one (yes, specifically ONE) flanker, as you can keep a mark on the flank and change who the other is on to consistently keep the flanker up so they can do flank things without dying half the time. But you still can heal two other people quite consistently at the same time.

    However this does generally come at the cost of not really utilizing his damage output because his healing requires a LOT of micromanagement to use with such efficacy, very much subtracting the time you get to do actual damage, or even use his ult, though his ult is rather weak for supports anyways, at the moment (thought I heard they were going to buff it in an AoC video or something, though). This makes him actually significantly better when there's a second support on his team as well, as he can also utilize his rather high damage close range damage output (for a support) more.

    Also, Corvus combos REALLY well with certain characters, Koga/Talus/Vivian especially.

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    DO NOT RUN SHIELD KOA OFF WHEN YOU HAVE A BARIK POINT. ~ This has been a Public Service Announcement.

    Also, if you avoid your healer it's not the healer's fault when you die.

    (Seriously, is this forum this dead that I have to resort to this to not triple post in this thread?)

    I love having throwers in every one of my games... Even if I won the last one, still had a BK VHS spamming when I had him marked almost the entire game... All the other matches, I reported at least 2 of my teammates for blatantly throwing. Like that Ruckus KotH game? We barely had 100 points... Viktor game had a Reso Ying running Wrecker against literally no shields, Term game was on Brightmarsh but we had to have a Nessa anyways along with the most toxic Evie I've ever seen and a new Damba... Frankly the Corvus game was MUCH closer than it should have been. Between the BK and the Skye, they had 23 f---ing deaths... And I was marking them almost the entire game.

    Fing Wow.jpg

    It's fun when half of your teammates over the course of 6 games are throwing... Even when you by some feat of magic actually WIN one with throwing teammates.

    I had the most toxic Kinessa known to man last game whining about healing when I was pretty much healing every single time my heal was up (and she CONSTANTLY ignored flanks, and placed a grand total of 0 mines). Also a Lv0, horrible Talus that claimed not to pick him... Yeah, so my eyes deceived me then. Also a VGS spamming Atlas solo running f***ing Unstable Fissure with the most ridiculously bad card loadout I've ever seen. All on the same f---ing team. That is the sixth time today throwing teammates have caused me to lose, and a game that tells me I'd never want to be a support main because they have to deal with this nonsense.

  • How much IQ does one need to use Koga's ult talent against team of 5 squishies?

    I usually don't bother when peope pick off meta talents, but this... this literally made Koga a worse champion in that scenario than his base kit. I am speechless.

  • Hey!
    I haven't play Paladins for a month, coz my gamer computer was in service. I returned and play this evening. My experiances was:
    -balance was good
    -servers worked fine
    -mm also
    -toxic players harassed me on every matches... 😡

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    These are the kinds of teams I get when I say half my team is throwing if any of you are wondering. 1/19/7 Strix, 9/20/8 Zhin, and Io was AFK for the entirety of the first cap but to their credit didn't do TOO bad afterwards... Though 83k heals is kind of yikes considering this was a fairly long game (16 minutes or so)... This game ended up almost being a win with me and the Tiberius carrying the rest of the team, but we couldn't really win when Andro was getting this fed.

    You see a problem here.jpg

    But nothing beats lying objective ignoring heal-spamming DPS players... Ranked is a f***ing joke. I get worse teammates there than in casuals... And it's even worse because they're toxic liars with massive egos. Like, I had a Moji in my last match that was avoiding heals, spamming VHS almost the entire game, and then lies about totally ignoring a payload push just to chase a Zhin that was clearly baiting them away from the push. I mean it got so bad the healer screamed bloody murder telling them to stop, and frankly I don't blame him.

  • Today I learned that sequence of Fire LMB -> Fire RMB -> Stance Switch will prevent Imani from activating clearcast even if her Mana is at 100% for the rest of the match. 👏 👏 👏 👏

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