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  • So as everyone knows, Evie is not as good as she used to be. A lot of people have different opinions on how she should be buffed, and many people think she should have her damage increased. But I disagree. I think she does enough damage already. So instead, I have come up with a new buff that would help her very well while making her extremely fun to play. It's a new passive ability for her.

    • Evie
      Winter Witch: Evie keeps the momentum from her movement abilities even after she stops, causing her to keep moving in the same direction they were used. She can also skate across the ground by landing with momentum. She can also start skating by landing after simply jumping while moving. Additionally, Ice Block keeps her momentum, allowing her to slide across the ground while encased in ice. Moving in the opposite direction quickly halts any current momentum, allowing her to stop skating whenever she chooses.

    So basically, whenever Evie uses Blink or Soar, or even when she just simply jumps while moving in any direction, she keeps the momentum and continues moving in that direction, and when she lands she will also slide in that direction, allowing her to "skate" across the ground even during Ice Block. She can stop on a dime by moving in the opposite direction of her skate. Overall, I think this would be an extremely fun buff to give her, while also drastically increasing her skill ceiling in a similar vein to when they allowed Grohk to fly during his ultimate. Most of all, it would make her Ice Block actually useful. But if all the movement is too much, then I do think her damage should be reduced slightly to compensate. Also, completely rework her Over the Moon talent so it doesn't give a damage buff.

    What do you guys think of this idea?

  • @Vampragon43 so she could soar cancel and slide across the map at hyper speed shooting people..... NO

  • @Shadowpuppy That's why I said, they could reduce her damage to compensate. Evie is meant to be really slippery and hard to kill. Also, "hyper speed" is a stretch because the Evie still has the same falling speed and the momentum would slow down after a second or so, so you would be fast, but not so fast that you could reliably use it as a makeshift Hustle. By all means, soar cancelling would give a speed boost, but it wouldn't last that long before it goes to a slower skate.

  • @Vampragon43 Reduce her damage, lol that would make her a worthless pick. Sorry, but this idea is not good. Sliding would turn into a buggy mess of colision issues on maps that would never be resolved.

  • It would not make her a worthless pick. Having a slight reduction in damage for a character that has so much movement would not make her worthless. It could be something as small as a -50 damage nerf to her attacks, give or take. Enough to make a difference, but not nearly enough to make her "worthless". And I don't see how sliding would be buggy in any way, since it's essentially a faster version of normal walking. There are no special mechanics with walls or terrain collision, it's just her sliding on the floor.

  • @Vampragon43 agree to disagree!

  • Nah, just increase her HP to 2K or 2.3k should be good enough

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    Why make a technical character even more technical to the point of becoming absurdly polarized... No, just no. I don't want Evie to dominate every game past Plat, and that's exactly what will happen if this would go through. And also nerfing her damage too would make more of an effect lower on the ladder where she'll be the worst character in the entire game... Honestly seems even worse.

    Honestly Evie's in an okay state as is in all reality. The people who complain about her at this point are mostly either bad with the character or those salty Evie mains who think their character should be broken. She is the most mobile champion in the entire game, all the while still maintaining fairly decent burst and having decent tools that make her barely kill-able in the right hands. Although those right hands are rare to find because it's hard to get her to that point.

    If anything they need to find a way to keep her identity and fairly decent strength higher on the ladder but also make her more accessible to newer players. I'd say she's overall a mid-tier but that alone could make her into a pretty strong flank pick as she is in Dia+. Of course she's nothing like Maeve or Andro who are both very strong at that level and actually even lower, but both of these are examples of what are generally considered to be characters who need nerfs (quite justifiable, especially for the former considering Maeve can counter some not even remotely weak characters that should counter her on paper...). I have no suggestion for this, because frankly it would be quite the momentous task.

  • She was a top Flanker, and has remained so... On the contrary, I would weaken it. And so same Maeve, adding it 6-8 patrons.

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