Balancing Torvald ( as a point and an off tank)

  • I saw a post from @foulegeek here's the link to it:
    He made a lot of good suggestions about balancing Torvald and the way he put it I believe it would be good to have his Torvald as a mid tank, but I actually have another ideas for his base kit.

    I loved his idea to increase Torvald health from 3000 to 3700, since he would be a point tank, he needs to be able to take a lot of damage, of course, but with the changes I'll suggest I believe 3500 is enough, I don't want to buff Torvald so much that it's impossible to play against him again, just want to make him viable again without destroying the meta.


    Thanks, grandpa: Increase Protection's Shield Health by 500 > 550 -- Since Protection would change, it's necessary to also change this talent. It just means that the target of Protection would get 1000 shield anyway

    OLD: Direct Current: Double the range in which you can use Nulify
    NEW: [insert a name]: Double your passive shield max health and recharge regenerates 800 more shield instantly when used. -- This means his "max health" with the shield would become 7500. Since you can buy wrecker, his shield would be weacker, so in the late game he would have effectively 6000 "max health". I know this sounds like a lot, but he wouldn't be like Raum. His sustain comes only from one ability, recharge, and it has a 14 seconds cd and he can't hide behind a shield, a wall or a siphon like the others point tanks, so he would be subjected to a lot of caut and would take every damage dealt to him.


    Nulify: Increase range from 50 units to 60 units -- His range is really bad and it forces him to get too close to the enemy. I know this is the character design, but 60 units would still force him to get close, but not as close as before.

    Protection: Now doesn't end after 4 seconds, but can be cancelled by activating the ability again. Can only shield one ally at a time. Only start it's cooldown after the shield is destroyed or cancelled (just like Barik's shield). Reduced range from 175 to 140 units. Reduced cooldown from 6 seconds to 5 seconds. Reduced shield hp from 500 to 450 -- I know, a lot would change. This would make it harder to keep track of allied flanks and the shield could be avalliable sooner or later than before, depending on how it would be played. This also means Torvald could sit on point and target a support, to increase his chance of surviving a encounter with a enemy flank, without being too weak or too strong.

    Recharge: Increase movement speed by 10% while recharge is active. -- Just so it's easier to get out of the figth, without being too fast, like Barik.


    Conduction: Reduce the cooldown of Recharge by {0.4|0.4}s > {0.8|0.8}s -- He could have a recharge every 10 seconds with that. Barik has a baricade (his shield) every 9 seconds with his good talent and has a good sustain, so compared to him this wouldn't be broken, also, he would "heal" only 3000 of his shield instead of fully "healling"

    OLD: Infusion: Heal for {50|50} after activating Nullify.
    NEW: Infusion: Increase the range of Nulify by {5|5} units. -- This card on 5 would put the range of Nulify up to 85 units, but I doubt anyone would use it on 5 if it's not a meme build.

    OLD: Winddancer: Increase the Movement Speed of your Protection target by {10|10}% for 2s.
    NEW: Winddancer: Increase the Movement Speed of your Protection target by {5|5}% for the duration of Protection. -- Since there would be no time limit it's better if this card received a small nerf.

    Eldritch Speed: Increase your Movement Speed by {7|7}% for 3 seconds after using Recharge. -- Since recharge would already give 10% movement speed while it's active, it's only fair if this card also receives a ajustment. I would consider {6|6}% but because of dimishing returns I believe 7% is better

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