The little jingle sound effect telling you you're about to die while playing is gone

  • I personally loved the little jingle sound effect you always get telling you you're life bar is very low, and about to die while in a match. It is now gone as of today. Consequently, it is really affecting my gameplay after having relied on it for so long. What happened to this? Did they take it out? I can't find anything on it being removed? Im also having other issues with sound effects in game for sprays, and some characters abilities.

  • little jingle sound effect

    I'm not sure what that sound is supposed to be, I guess I never noticed it. I can't hear sprays either. Something is wrong about sound as a whole, but I can't put my finger on it. I just can't hear things that I want to hear, everything is too loud and noisy. I was always playing at the exact same sound setting, but after the latest patch I noticed that it offends my ears. Turning it down doesn't hlep with discerning sounds.

  • Yeah something went boom boom with sound. Can't hear steps, people shotting at me, barely heard Sha Lin's ult too. This can't be my headphones right

  • PC

    @TTraw It's not you. I use a 4 speaker setup and I have the same issues. The spray sound went away on the "mid" update but the latest updates killed the last of the damage feedback. Only chance is to look at the health bar which just doesn't work for me.

    Edit: I tried setting to stereo and other settings. Spray sound will not work. No damage feedback. It's toasted.

  • Alright, so, on top of having trouble with discerning sounds, there also seems to be a problem with sound channels. Go to shooting range, stand on one side of one of the Cassies, with the other one being directly opposite to you on the other side (both of them are on your left or right side). Face the same direction as Cassies, so that they're both as close as possible to one "ear" and as far as possible form the other one.
    Listen only to the "furthest" speaker of your headphones, remove the other one from your head. You'll barely even hear Cassie shot sounds, even though she's right next to you, while the other speaker is obnoxiously loud, creating a jarring difference. I'm about 100% sure this isn't how sound is supposed to work. I'm on "headphone" sound setting, by the way.

    Hell, is there even a "getting shot" sound? I don't hear anything at all when I'm being shot by that Cassie bot, other than an occasional grunt of my champ.

  • Did anyone at HiRez at least acknowledge the issue yet?

  • A-and sound positioning is still #$%&ed. Headphones speaker on the other side of two Cassies plays her shot sounds at the same volume as facing them with that speaker from where the Pips are running around. That's not how sound works, okay? There's less than a hundred meters distance between two ears, last time I checked.

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