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    I don't know what is going on right now but I'm losing one match after another. My whole history is a red wall of blood, frustration and broken keyboards.

    The reason for this is always the same one: Snipers or two or more healer in my team.
    I don't know what someone is thinking when he picks a second healer when there is already one - but that's a whole other story.

    My point is: Let us leave casual matches. Let us leave them so we can search for another. I already give up the moment I see a second healer or a sniper in my team bc of those bad statistics (yes, I made a statistic about how often I lose with a sniper / more than one healer in my team. And it does NOT look good for both!)

    I'm pretty sure noone will agree with me here, but at this point I'm abysmally frustrated. Losing over and over for the same reason is not fun.

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    Still the same problem.
    After I decided to not play any matches anymore with two or more healers in my team - for this reason - Paladins mutated to an high performance screensaver.

    This would all be solved with the simple possibilty to leave casual matches.

  • I even get double-support in ranked matches all the time and it's a loss almost every time. I dunno who brought this nonsense up.

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    For posts like this, please use the rage thread -> https://forums.hirezstudios.com/paladins/topic/4290/august-rage-thread


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