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  • This game is a great game and I will continue to support it as long as the devs are active and listening.

    Things I would like to see added/changed.

    1. Minor but higher resolution buttons in the menus would be nice, I play 1440p and the buttons look blurry. Specifically the back and x buttons, and the Paladins logo at the top of screen.
    2. Play of the game clips after each round/game to come back.
    3. Please, please for the love of Christ add a "new" icon to all new skins emotes etc when we are awarded them!
    4. The ability to bind communications directly to a key.
    5. The ability to see how much damage/healing done when pressing tab.
    6. The ability to make custom game modes, like 1v1 friends or 1v5 bots etc.
    7. 1st person spectating while dead.


    Matchmaking seems to be a little messy, sometimes I get trash players and other times some pretty good ones.

    I had a few crashes to desktop and white screen crashes in just 2 days. I also noticed after so long in training range and switching champions, the sound bugs out. All sound but ambient will eventually disappear. This bug has remained in the game for a few year now.

    That's all that comes to mind right now, I will continue to update this post as I play more and more, but Devs! Please listen to your audience, for without us, you would have no business.

  • @Ruthless2kxx How long have you been playing Paladins ? Top Plays (Paladins' PotG) have always been in the game, they were removed just a couple of updates ago to be reprogrammed on a later date, since they did not function properly.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere said in Ideas & Feedback:

    be reprogrammed on a later date

    This here is the complete definition of wishful thinking

  • @TTraw What do you mean ? I'm literally just quoting the devs, they said Killcam and Top Play won't be rebuilt in the near future because their manpower is currently focused on other parts of the game. They never said those features won't ever come back, did they ?

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere They have never, ever mentioned about these features guaranteed to be coming back in any of their post. Would love to be proven wrong there, though.

  • @TTraw As far as I remember yes, they indeed didn't ever explicitly say "They'll be back". What they did say tho was "This year, we feel our time is better spent polishing the core gameplay experience and fixing bugs that hold Paladins back as a game" and things like that, which I assumed it implicitly meant "We'll work on it in the future, not now". Of course, I agree with you it might be a wrong assumption and to that extent yes, it would be just wishful thinking.

  • @SomeGuySomeWhere awesome! Let's hope to see them come back then.

  • How do you not know of the play of the game clips if you play for a few years already? 🙂

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