AFK vs Disconnected

  • How many times have you seen a player not moving and rest of the team immediately goes "Afk, report", "Report X for afking", "F-ing afker", "report", "please, everybody report" and any other variation of these messages ? We're all aware of the state of the servers in Paladins, especially in the past few months, do people not realize how many players get disconnected ? Be honest, of the many players that you've probably met not moving/replaced by bots, how many do you think were genuinely "afk" ? Do people not know anymore the difference between being afk and being disconnected ? Do people think that every player that doesn't appear to be playing is doing that on purpouse ? Or do they they think that "report for leaving the game" is the exact same thing as "report for being disconnected from the game" ? Don't they realize how ridiculous it sounds ? "Oh, you've been disconnected because the servers are performing poorly ? Enjoy your report, sickening criminal !". It annoys me so, so much when at the end of the game players fill the chat with messages to report a player for "being afk" when they clearly had been disconnected instead ! Do they think it's their fault ? What do they want to accomplish ? Ban every single player who ever gets the slightest connection problem as if they were intentionally not playing to ruin others' experience ? Seriously, how much of the playerbase would remain if we did so ? I really don't understand why people can't put two and two together and realize that being disconnected is NOT the same thing as being Away From Keyboard. By reporting diconnected players for being afk (which, again, they're NOT) you damage them with a false report and damage the game as a whole by making impossible to distinguish actual afkers (and properly ban them) from people who simply had a bad time connecting to the servers ! Either the developers add a "report for having a bad connection" option or they add an in-game UI feature that marks players who have been disconnected and are not actually in the match, so that their teammates know they're not afk, and make so that those players cannot be reported for being afk: you cannot leave the game if you're not in the game in the first place !

  • Whenever I've been disconnected, I immediately file a report and as quickly as I am able, I log back into the game and continue the match that I had been forced to leave. During my minutes away, a bot had stepped in and continued playing for me. During the time away, no one noticed that I was gone. In fact, a few mornings ago, when I had been disconnected, the bot did a better job than I would have.

    What I'm saying is, if we are disconnected, we are than often replaced by a bot. If we ard AFK, we will most likely just stand there doing nothing. Sometimes, that AFKer will return to playing, which could be evidence that they were, indeed, AFK.

    And if a report is submitted, I am sure that Hi-Rez Support will take the time to examine the report(s) to see if there is a pattern and if action is warranted. We can contact Support if we have an issue with an action taken against our account(s).

    When I've contacted Support (three times), they have always been quick to respond and resolve my issue.

  • @Conrad_Max No matter how much evidence there is that a person is genuinely disconnected, there's always someone who treats them as if they are afk instead. That is what I'm complaining about, this kind of behaviour is toxic. Plus, yes, Hi-Rez examines the reports so people who were wrongfuly reported do not end up being penalized, but if 3 out of 4 reports for "leaving game" they examine are false it means they waste most of their time and resources over wrong reports ! That's why I'm proposing to implement measures to avoid this situation.

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